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Anna Herring
10:36 AM (4 hours ago)
to me
Hello Mi Familia!
You probably all just thought I had been transferred to a Spanish speaking mission! Nope! Just 
practicing :). This week has been wonderful! I'm going to break it down by day as I look through my 
journal. It is hard to remember everything, the days seem to blur together.
Tuesday - 23rd
Sister Tucket and I got to go to the RAM House which stands for Roanoke Area Ministries. It is Day 
Shelter and we were in charge of checking people in and getting them soap/toothpaste/deodorant when
 needed. It was neat to work with other religions to help the people in this area. Roanoke doesn't have
 any laws against loitering so people come from far and wide to be in the Homeless Shelters in the town. 
There are several. We then went and taught a less active man and ended up getting permission to teach
 his granddaughter! It was a great day! 1 New investigator! We then ended the night by having dinner at
 Rancho Viejo with some members. It felt so good to have chips and salsa! I didn't realize how much 
I would miss Mexican food! Mom, remember how I'd beg for roast beef and mashed potatoes every 
Sunday? I don't think I'll be wanting that for a while when I get home. :) Of course we did a few other 
lessons throughout the day, but these were definitely the highlights.
Wednesday - 24th
Today we went to our district meeting and had interviews with the Mission President. I love President 
Pitt and I'm trying to be the best missionary I can be so that he doesn't have to worry about me. We 
then went out to lunch with the district at Cheddars where Sister Tucket and I split a Chicken Pot Pie. 
During our district meeting, we got to practice role plays by doing Know/Feel/Do's. It is where we think 
of one of our investigators then make goals for what we want them to know, feel and do. We then act 
out a lesson and try to accomplish these goals. It was so helpful and the spirit was able to bless us with 
ideas for an actual situation. After lunch we went and visited this adorable couple in their cottage on the 
mountain. Picture the cutest cottage you can think of, and you just described this home. The couple 
was adorable and fed us a little bowl of ice cream. We shared a lesson with them and they talked about 
how they were making progress with the BOM. My companion said this was a miracle. They even came 
to church on Sunday! We then ended the night with a lesson at our investigator who is planning on being
 baptized on August 17th. They fed us (beef and potatoes) and then we gave a lesson on tithing. They 
both committed to pay tithing once the wife is baptized (the husband was a less active).
Thursday - 25th
We got to help out with the blood drive in the morning and made a few contacts/referrals. It was a great 
success and it was nice to bring non-members into the church building so they could feel the spirit there.
 Later we went and taugth a lesson to this spicy old woman in the area. She is awesome! She is coming
 to dinner with us tonight and loves us! We laughed so hard when she told us that the other night she 
chased a bear off while holding her phone ready to dial *911. haha She is 70 or 80 and so funny! We
 then went to dinner with a lady in our ward and her mentally handicapped son. He is about 50 and was 
just naming 80s bands until his mom said, "I like to make spaghetti". He turned to her and said, "I don't 
like psaghetti." We giggled when she very sarcastically said back, "psaghetti?" hahaha The women 
here certainly speak their minds!
Friday - 26th
Today we got to go tracting in the morning which made me feel like a real missionary. We then stopped
 by this less active man's house where he began to compare science fiction with scripture. (some people
 are a little crazy) For example he said, "How could Noah fit two of each kind of animal on the ark, I'm
 thinking DNA!" hahaha What do you say? I guess he tries to prove everything in the scriptures with
 science and doesn't practice a little faith. We'll work on that. We then went to another woman's house
 and she had been having a rough week, but she seemed really interested in our message on prayer and 
family. I have a really good feeling about her! I then got to go on an exchange to Bluefield which is a 
little sketchy area, but I was Sister Morgan. She is a great missionary! We went out visiting former
 investigators before coming home for the night.
Saturday - 27th
Today Sister Morgan and I got to visit a less active family and they are really interested in getting 
reactivated. We then went an taught the Restoration to this man in a very scary part of town. We had 
the Senior Couple with us just to be safe and during the lesson he mentioned he had felony. His process 
of conversion might take a little more time, but I know that he felt something and I even had enough 
courage to invite him to be baptized! He said he would if he could get everything worked out and in order.
 His friend from Brooklyn, New York then came in and talked for a second and asked for a Book of 
Mormon! Yay! It was awesome! We then exchanged back and Sister Tuckett and I went to a dinner and 
retirement party for a lady in the ward. Many members of her family are less active or non-members so 
it was a great chance to do a little missionary work while eating. We then ended the night be meeting the
 elders at Sonic. I guess they go every night on their way home. Strange...But we happened to feel the 
need to stop tonight. Best part happened as I was backing Sister Tuckett out of the parking spot. This 
man had been staring at us we backed out so I waved and said "Hi." He then proceeds to walk toward 
me saying "It's so good to see you!" (I have no idea who this man is p.s.) He then gives me a side hug 
before seeing my nametag and realizing that I probably wasn't who he was expecting. hahaha He said, 
"You all have a great night!" It was so awkward considering it's been a long time since a guy has hugged
 me and especially unexpectedly! We laughed the whole way home!
Sunday - 28th
Today after church (which was wonderful) we got to go to a member home for dinner. The dad shared 
mission stories with us which was fun and we got to eat deer burgers! The mom said I would have to 
tweet this home, so I'll email it instead. :) We then headed to a baptism. It was a wonderful Sunday and 
I wish I could include each and every lesson we teach, but I figure everyone has lives and they don't 
need to hear about each thing that happens :).
This morning we helped a lady move and she seemed very interested in the church. We are going back 
tomorrow to finish up the move and hopefully we can begin teaching her or send her as a referral to her 
next area. I love this mission life so much! I learn and experience so much and I know the things I'm 
learning at this time will affect my entire life. I hope you all know that I have a testimony of this great
 gospel. I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and that he loves each of us enough 
that He sent His son to Earth to provide a way for us to live with Him again. I know the atonement is 
available for all people and that as we have faith in Jesus Christ, Repent, Are baptized, and endure to
 the end we can live with Him again and with our families. I know that there is a living prophet on the 
Earth today and that the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion. I know that each of us can 
gain our own testimonies by practicing faith, praying, and studying the Word of God. I love this work 
and I love you all!
Have the most wonderful day/week ever! Keep up the good work at home and remember how much I 
admire each of you for all you do and for all you have done for me.
The church is true!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Our home
Picture 2 - Our normal drive through town
Picture 3 - Sign on one of my favorite less active member's home.
I'll send more pics with the next email.

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