Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anna Herring
10:24 AM (6 hours ago)
to me
How is my beautiful and amazing family? I'm so grateful for all the emails this week. I am truly blessed to know each of you! This has been an amazing week once again and I can't believe the experiences I'm having.
As you may is Wednesday...Transfer week :). Transfers happen each 6 weeks and sometimes you go somewhere and sometimes you stay. This time I happen to be staying in my area of Back Creek but my companion, Sister Tuckett is getting transferred to Salem. I will be training a brand new missionary! Scary but true! If anyone has tips, advice, or concerns please let me know...okay maybe not the concerns. :) I know that the Lord will bless me and I know that I'm going to learn so much from this experience and for those reasons, I'm excited. I have complete faith that He will help me in this assignment. I will let you know who my new companion is next week.
Monday was a regular P-Day and I got to eat at a delicious Chinese Buffet. Yum!
Tuesday morning we went to volunteer at the RAM house and as we were leaving, we had a major flat tire...of course my loving father taught me how to change a tire (thanks Dad) and so I had no fear and immediately began to get to work. A nice young man came out and I decided to let him help (considering I was in a white blouse and skirt). We then went to the tire shop where we had to get 3 new tires. Living on a mountain does terrible things to our tires so now we feel safer having those fixed. We then were able to teach the rest of the day. The Lord certainly made up for that lost time.
Wednesday we had our last district meeting with my first district before transfers. My district leader, Elder Makemson is heading home tomorrow which is so sad! He was an amazing missionary. He will be missed! We then went to a family in the ward and helped them begin moving. It was so stinking hot! Of course it was raining, but it just added to the humidity. I'm so grateful to have naturally curly hair. :) We then went and visited a less-active lady and it was so funny because she had her shirt rolled up a bit to get some air and her stomach was slightly hanging out...I almost could not talk...Sister Tuckett and I got a good little giggle after we left. She is in her 70s and is a crazy lady and that was just the cherry on top :). We ended the night teaching a very active family about the Holy Ghost over some pizza. What a great day!
I called today, Tender Mercy Thursday :) It seemed that all of our lessons went better than planned and we found a new investigator! Our recent convert, has a son that is not a member. He came to our after-baptism lesson and said that he would like to hear more. Yay! He is such a great guy and will be such a blessing for his family. We also had a great discussion with this lady who left the church. She expressed to me all of her concerns and as I listened, I then testified of what I knew to be true and she seemed to be softened. She was not as short with us and almost seemed open to learning more. I know that the Lord is softening hearts and that the spirit is truly the one doing the teaching. I didn't know what she needed, but the Lord did. What a miracle!
Today we got to teach many lessons compared to our normal day. We were busy teaching less-actives (which is a lot of our work in this area) and it was neat to see their growth. I have now been here long enough that I know the people and can better understand their concerns and how to help them. Even when I don't know what to teach or say, as I follow the promptings I receive the Lord is able to work and their hearts are softened. It is amazing to see the gospel and its influence in the lives of the members. We ended the day by visiting one of the family cemeteries. That is one unique thing about this area is the fact that there are about 6 major family names and they all have their own family cemeteries. It is a southern thing.
Saturday we got to go on a hike with one of our less-active families and then we went to help our dear friend set up for her party. Okay, I just have to tell you about Sister Lavender or Bobbie. She is one of my favorite investigators. She is about 76 and is hilarious! She's read the entire Book of Mormon and goes to church each Sunday, she just hasn't made the decision to be baptized yet. We are working with her and I hope she knows that we love her! She is one amazing lady! She'p been preparing for her "mormon party" so we went to help her put fall decorations all over her house. Good times!
On Sunday we had stake conference which was all about missionary work. Our mission president spoke and it was so powerful. He is truly inspired when he speaks and I love getting to visit with him, even though it doesn't happen often. We then went to a baptism of a little girl in our ward and the sweet mother gave us journals for helping her with the music. The people are so giving and generous. We ended the night by eating at the Bishop's house for dinner and he said that he knows the Schaubs in Gilbert! Crazy! Our Bishop's name is Bennett McGraw (Welch family) :)
Monday was a crazy day. Sister Tuckett had to go to the Missionary Leadership Conference so I spent the day in Bluefield with Sister Morgan. She and I didn't have too productive of a day, but I know these days will happen. You just have to press on and be faithfilled!
Tuesday I went on an exchange with Vinton and got to be with Sister Curtis. She is fabulous! We got to teach many people and one main lesson I learned is that the gospel brings us peace during times when normally we would find sadness. We visited two different women who had recently lost their husbands. One was an active member of the church, the other hadn't been since she was 12. The active woman was hopeful, and happy. The other woman was depressed, and in despair. We tried to help both, but the gospel lifts people in ways they can't even imagine! I wish the world new the truthfulness and happiness of this great message!
Well, that was my week :) Exciting right?! Oh and many people here call me Sister Fish :) funny! I love you all so much! I hope you have the most wonderful week. Remember the gospel and its principles can help you through any trial. The Lord wants to bless us and will when we ask. I've seen so many examples in my mission and throughout the scriptures that prove the point of "ask and ye shall receive, Knock and it shall be opened unto you." It is truly amazing to see the blessings that come from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have to second "Sister Herring-the-First's" remarks of Feast upon the words of Christ! The Book of Mormon has answers to all of life's questions. Read and ponder the words and then pray with faith. I promise and testify that the Lord will answer you. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for each of  your examples to me.
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - My 1st District. (Sorry about the nasty hair, I didn't realize we were going to take pictures!) Left to Right: Back Row -Elder Hansen, Makemson, Garrett, Tebbs, Ostler, Combe, Cameron, Boggus. Front Row - Sister Tuckett, Herring, Pierson, Simmons
Picture 2 - The awesome turtle we found on the way to an appointment
Picture 3 - Here is one of the family cemeteries
Picture 4 - Sister Curtis and I eating some pasta that fell in the sink (we only ate the safe pieces I promise!)

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