Monday, August 5, 2013

Love this work!

Anna Herring
8:01 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
Dear Family!
I truly am in the best area right now! It has been an amazing week! I don't have as much time 
to write today, because some of our lessons got scheduled for today. :) It is a blessing though, 
I can't complain. I have seen so many miracles this week and had so many prayers answered. 
First of all, I'm so glad Dad is doing better. That was a little scary to read about, but I know that 
I have an amazing family back at home and I am so grateful that you all take care of each other! 
I look up to your examples in everything!
Monday of this week we got to go to dinner at a member's home and our "mom" in the mission, 
a non-member lady, came. We taught about prayer and that the Holy Ghost helps us find truth and 
answers to prayers. The member family are converts and bore amazing testimonies about the Book 
of Mormon and how they felt the Holy Ghost testify of the truthfulness as they read and prayed. 
Later this week we had another lesson with our "mom" and she brought up this testimony when 
we invited her to read. The funny thing was, her sister is a member and has been trying to get her 
to read the Book of Mormon for years and finally she agreed to do it! Miracle 1 of many ;)
Tuesday, Happy Birthday Jack! We started off the day at the RAM House and while we were there 
I was reading in the book of Matthew about the poor and it hit me that the people in the shelter are 
exactly who we are here for. Christ blessed them and served them and we are representatives of 
Christ. Wow! What a responsibility. We later on went to teach this less-active family the Plan of 
Salvation and they repaid us by giving us cucumbers. They told us how to fry them and said that 
we had to give it a try. This is the same couple that is going to cook us squirrel when squirrel
 season comes in September. Sweet!
Wednesday we did an exchange with Buena Vista. I stayed this time in Back Creek and got to drive 
the car! Scary! Usually missionaries have to wait 6 weeks to drive the car, but because Sister 
Tuckett is the Sister Training Leader, I get to start early. I don't know if it is a good thing yet haha. 
Sister Isobe from Orem, Utah came with me for the exchange and we got to work! We got to schedule 
3 return appointments with people who are usually less-active and we also ate dinner with a member
 family whose son just returned home from his mission. Funny story...the 14 year old daughter who 
I've decided Brigham must marry haha came up to me and said, "Hey, are you related to anyone on 
the Liken the Scriptures DVDs? The David and Goliath one? Mainly David?" I told her I had had a 
crush on him growing up, but then she said, "You look just like him!" hahaha awesome. I look just 
like David from the Liken the Scriptures DVD...:) The best part of Wednesday though was the end. 
It was 8:30 and we had run out of ideas for people to visit. We can't tract this late and I suddenly had 
the thought to stop by the only gas station and visit the lady who worked there. She is someon the 
missionaries have been trying to build a relationship with so that they can begin teaching her. Well, 
I put a pass-along card in my wallet (the one of Christ) and we went in and starting talking to her. 
When I opened my wallet to pay, she saw the picture and said that she wanted a copy of that picture. 
I gave her that copy and told her that our purpose was to invite others to learn about Christ and to 
teach people. She seemed really interested in getting a copy of the movie of Christ and the next 
time we went back she said that the picture of Christ is now on her fridge....small miracle but baby 
steps :)
On Thursday, we had a slower day, we got to go to a 90th birthday party in our house for the McBride 
family. Funny story, for those of you who watch "Growing Pains". There is an old family picture at the 
beginning of each show in the musical intro of a family in this area! So cool! Also, the McBride family 
here is from Pima. Their great grandfather was Don Carlos McBride and James Andrew of Mac McBride. 
I don't know if anyone in Pima remembers them or is related, but they are a huge family out here now.
Friday was our miracle day. We went on exchanges with Bedford and Sister Simmons from Seattle, 
Washington, came to Back Creek with me. I really wanted to catch up for the slow week and it truly 
happened. Every house we visited, welcomed us in and listened to our message and set up return 
appointments. We are going to begin teaching this part member family officially. We got two 
non-members to commit to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. It was crazy because 
I kept on going to wrong house or taking longer to get somewhere and when we'd knock the family 
would say, "You came at just the right time." I love seeing the hand of the Lord in missionary work. 
So many hearts were softened and so much progress was made. We got 3 new investigators! Holy 
cow! It was a great day.
Saturday was my Click Day or 1 month birthday on the mission. Cool huh? We had to exchange back 
and got to teach a few lessons and then Saturday night went to the huge Ferguson reunion. I even got 
a cool t-shirt! We met with a lot of less-actives and one of the members gave me a great compliment. 
He said, "You are the perfect missionary for this area. Your personality is very friendly and warm and 
you talk easily with people. That is what is needed here." Wow! Who knew that being a talker was a 
good thing! :) We ended the night at Sonic with the Elders to review the week and to celebrate my 
Click Day (I don't know why it is called that yet).
Sunday brought a wonderful Fast and Testimony meeting and I got to bare my testimony on member 
missionary work, something our stake president encouraged us to do. I love my ward and the people
are so humble. We then got to teach the less-active couple (I think I will call them the Overall couple 
because the husband is the one that only wears overalls) haha We then taught a Pre-missionary a 
lesson on Preach My Gospel. He is the first of his family to go and his mom is struggling. He is going 
to Provo, Utah, but it was helpful for us to share our testimonies that he was going to be in the right 
Well, I'd better get going, but I want you all to know that miracles are still taking place today. Our 
Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. The work is amazing and members are essential to 
missionary work. Look for chances to share! The Lord will help you. The Book of Mormon is truly the 
word of God and has been restored to the Earth once again. Wow! We are so blessed to have it in our
 lives. I love you all and feel your prayers daily. I am so proud of my family and friends. I know that you 
are all doing great things. Keep it up! I love D&C 123:17 So true!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista - For Candace!
Picture 2 - Sister Isobe and I ready to do service!
Picture 3 - Sister Simmons and I driving on our day of miracles!
I promise I'm going to take pictures this week! Love you all!

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