Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My wonderful family!
Oh what a beautiful week! My new companion is named Sister Nisse! She is from Prescott, AZ! Two AZ girls. Isn't Virginia lucky? haha She has a super strong testimony and has made being a trainer not as intimidating.
On Transfer Thursday, we had to wake up super early to go pick up two other sisters who were waiting for their companions. We then came home and relaxed a bit before going out and doing some last goodbyes for Sister Tuckett. We then went and stopped at one our member's homes and they made us dinner! It was delicious! You wouldn't believe what I eat now! I will eat tomatoes (when forced), cabbage, coleslaw, cantelope, and many other things that I used to despise. The Lord truly helps when we are praying as we eat haha. We then drove to the church and I got to meet my new companion! We then drove another dinner appointment and I got a delicious steak, broccoli, mashed potatoes and rolls! Yum! We ended the night by letting Sister Nisse unpack.
Friday, we went to visit Bobbie. She was preparing for her "Mormon party" and was in a panic! She is one of our investigators and is hilarious! I learn so much each time we visit. She said we were a blessing and that God must have heard her prayers. We helped her cook and clean for the party hopefully helped her in some way. We also got to teach our Ward Mission Leader's family (who is less active) and even though it was our actual first lesson, it wasn't horrible! It went much better than planned. The Holy Ghost is truly the teacher!
Saturday, we got to go help out with this young man's Eagle Project and then as we went to help mow Brother Avery's yard, it started raining...That always puts a damper on things. I wish there was some way to send the West some of this rain! In the evening we got to go to Bobbie's party and it was amazing! When she throws a party, she throws a party! There was gobs and gobs of food and even two non-membes there! Way to go Bobbie! She is going to be a great blessing to our missionary efforts even before becoming a member! :)
Our Stake President has challenged each of us to contact the active members in our wards and to ask them "Who Do They Know" that we could teach. They are really putting a stress on members doing their part of missionary work. It is amazing how much more open people are when they know a Mormon or have been invited to learn by a friend. We have been striving to be obedient to our leaders and in this effort we have seen huge blessings! We were at first concerned about the best use of our time, but by following the instructions given by stake president, we have seen great blessings.
For example, On Saturday and Sunday we'd been spending much of our time contacting members in the area and so far we've gotten 10 names! One of those we stopped by and they weren't home, so we decided to tract or contact the surrounding houses. There was nobody home at any of these, but as we were began walking away, a car drove up and she stopped and said that she was interested in learning more! As we went to hand her a Book of Mormon we looked at it and it was a misprint! The pages were all skewed and it looked terrible! We asked her if we could run to our car and grab another copy and as we did this it began to rain. This caused her to let us into her house when we got back and were able to better explain our purpose and shared a message about the Book of Mormon. She kept on saying, "Wow, this is not what I thought Mormons believed!" She had heard so much wrong information and so we are excited to share more with her. It stopped raining as soon as we walked out. Amazing!
On Labor Day, (yesterday) we had our normal P-Day but there has been something on my mind since I've gotten to this area and that was to make a list of names of people who lived on certain streets. I took the ward directory and finally finished yesterday making a map of families who lived in the same area so that when we go tracting or contacting, we can use our time and miles more efficiently. This turned out to be truly inspiration because we used it last night and went to contact a member family in one area. We asked them for referrals and they told us to try two families in their area. We decided to try the whole neighborhood that included those two families and we were able to get 2 return appointments with those families! We reported immediately back to that family of the success of these names and they then gave us one more referral! The Lord is truly hastening His work and I know that as we act on the referrals we receive, more names will come to the mind of these members and they will be able to receive further inspiration. Tracting is a thing of the past, member referrals and member fellowshipping is the better way! I'm so grateful to have listened and acted on the promptings and guidance from our stake president and mission president. It is the reason why we have 1 new investigator and 2 families that are interested in learning about the church. Wow! This work is amazing!
We ended last night by visiting a less-active lady in the ward from Chile. She invited us back today for lunch and she is a sweetheart! I'm thinking we could have a family history night and have her talk about her heritage to the ward and the importance of family history! Wouldn't that be cool? Hmm....so many different ideas, so many ways to help share this gospel! We are so blessed!
I invite each of you to pray for a name to share with the missionaries in your area! They don't have to be ready to be baptized, they just need to be someone you know! Will you do this? I expect to hear back on you keeping your committment! :) Each of us has miracles happening all around us. Each of us truly is the missionary!
I love you all so much! I love this gospel! I know it is true! I know we have a loving Father in Heaven who is aware of us and our needs. As we use the atonement we will come closer to our Heavenly Father. Our families can be together forever! We are so blessed to know this. I hope you continue to feast upon the scriptures because they truly are the iron rod! They help lead us to feel of that Love of God! I know that prayers are answered.
I hope you all have the best week ever!
Sister Herring
Funny story for you...I showed a picture of my family to this amazing girl in my ward who is 14 and she said, "You have a good looking family! Bring them back with you!" She is gorgeous and has beautiful red hair. There you go Brigham, Seth, Chandon, Mason, and someday Rex. hahaha I had to laugh and I agree! I have a good looking family!
Sorry I've been slacking on pictures this week. I will do better next time!
Here is my one picture with Sister Nisse so far. I took it as I wrote this haha Wow! I need to remember to pull out my camera more! There is another goal for this week ;)

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