Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Anna Herring
11:21 AM (7 hours ago)
to me
Dearest Family,
Another week?! Wow! We have had some great experiences this week and we feel like we are on the 
verge of some great miracles because of some of the appointments that have fallen through :). Ether 12:6
 - "You receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."
On Monday, we got to eat dinner at the Jones' home. They are an awesome family who are very involved
with the missionary work in this area. Their children are always bringing people to church and their son is 
about to leave on his mission to Texas.
Tuesday we had some neat experiences when our plans fell through...we went looking for one house but 
ended up running into a former investigator. His name is Khan and he is a Muslim. We happened to knock 
on his door as he was driving up and I didn't realize this was his house. He got out and said that he would 
still like to learn more! This will be an experience. He works as a judge in the city and he has 2 children. 
We will be visiting him this week (as it was a bad time when we ran into him). I'm excited to see what 
happens and I knew there was a reason we didn't find that other house.
Wednesday we got to visit Jimmy and Rose and they said they are going to feed us Squirrel this Thursday
I will let you know how that goes. They also gave us a jar of deer meat and a jar of blackberry jam 
Awesome! The blackberry jam is mine because Rose felt sorry for my no sugar thing so she gave that to 
me to have the day I can eat sugar again. :) I'm pumped! Jimmy and Rose are the cutest couple. Jimmy 
is always in his overalls (he's recently gotten camoflouge ones) and Rose is just as amazing. I love them! 
We also got to go see the Beardsley family. They recently moved to our ward and we hadn't met the mom.
She speaks fluent Spanish and joined the church later in life. She then never received any fellowshipping 
or after baptism lessons so she stopped going. Her husband and son want to see her come to church 
again, so we are going to start bringing Sister Alarcon with us to meet her and to fellowship her. We are 
also going to help her paint her house while we teach her the lessons again. We want to see this family 
go to the temple!
On Thursday we visited this family whose son has Autism. He is deathly afraid of being baptized because 
of the water. He gets nervous even thinking about it . He also hates the sound of the organ so they have 
to drag him to Sacrament meeting. We are going to begin teaching him the lessons and the parents are 
working with him to get him comfortable with the idea. He is warming up to it and only said he was 
"nervous" this time. He is also saying that he plans to be baptized "if it is quick". His father could baptize 
him, so we are hoping that helps. He and his brother are the cutest things ever! His younger brother is 
ready to be baptized now, but he is only 4...Only 4 more years!
Friday was one of those days where everything seemed a bit off, but it was still a great day! We had our 
district meeting and learned about prayer and sabbath day observance, and then we got to teach a lesson 
at the Averys about the Resurrection. The Averys are wonderful and Brother Avery makes the best 
cornbread! I don't know what his secret is, but I love it!
Saturday was the day of tender mercies. We were planning a huge service project, but it decided to rain....
ALL we had to find new plans. We had a Relief Society luncheon and one of the women gave us 
this leftover cake. Which I can't eat! So we said a prayer and both felt that we should take this cake to 
the women we had invited who hadn't made it to the event. We cut up pieces and wrote out cards with 
scriptures attached and went to visit each woman. We were at the Light's house when their neighbor, a 
nine year old girl, walked in. She has been dying to come to church and we are working with her mom, 
and we taught her about prayer. She then said the closing prayer! Awesome! We didn't get to see her 
Sunday, but hopefully this next Sunday! We had so many teaching opportunities because of the cake. 
Heavenly Father definitely had greater plans for us than we did.
Sunday, we got to teach Josie the infamous Chastity lesson, but she is one that we aren't worried about. 
She already has higher standards than most of her LDS friends. She is one amazing 17 year old..I know a 
few of those! :) We also got to teach a primary class about missionary work and I learned how to make 
missionary shirts out of paper. One of the elders showed me! I'll have to teach you guys when I get home 
;). After church we got to eat at the Christley's house (Virginia's version of our family). They have 7 
children and remind me so much of our family! I love it! We then ended the night by teaching a Jehovah 
Witness couple who had welcomed us in. It was awesome! The husband was definitely interested in 
learning more. Who knows what will happen! We had tracted into them and they understood how it felt 
and had some questions about the church, so they let us in. I love moments like this. :)
Some fun thoughts...the best place to eat out here is called "Panera" It is similar to Paradise Bakery, but 
10xs better. :) Conference is in 2 weeks! Be excited! I am talking in church this Sunday...yikes! Sister 
Nisse said the funniest thing as we walked out of the Jones' home. It was super hot inside and as we 
walked out she said, "Do I look like a thermometer?" I laughed so hard I cried! We have definitely had 
some funny moments. Those tender mercies are what makes missionary work even better! Maybe it is 
because we appreciate them more :)
As you can see, there were moments of hardship, but when each thing fell through, something amazing 
came up! Heavenly Father has greater plans for us than we could even plan out! As we align our wills with 
His, everything works out! I can't wait to see what this week holds. I love this gospel. I love missionary 
work! Each person can be a missionary! Never be afraid to stand up for your beliefs or to share your 
beliefs with others. It is scary, but Heavenly Father will support you. What's the worse that can happen, 
they can think you are a funny Mormon...that's probably already happened. :)
I testify that this is the Lord's church on the Earth today. He is hastening His work and we all get to be a 
part of it. I know that Book of Mormon is the Word of God and has been restored through a living prophet 
holding the priesthood authority. We are so blessed to live during this time!
I love you all so much!
Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!
Have the best week ever!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - My favorite sandwich from Panera. (Turkey Bacon on Tomato Basil bread .... Sister Alarcon 
spoils us. ;)
Picture 2 - The rainbow after the storm
Picture 3 - The amazing sunset we had
Picture 4 - A few of my favorite things - Brother Avery's cornbread and watching the District :)

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