Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hello you good-looking people!
Yes you! :) I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! I pray for each of you daily and know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I am realizing more and more each day just how blessed I've been to have grown up with such an awesome family and the gospel in my life. I wish each person knew and felt what I've experienced! I know I must have a great responsibility to share this with others!
This week has been one with some amazing moments and some not-so amazing moments. :) Just like life. :) It is pushing through those difficult moments with faith that shapes our character. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and trials and become who our Heavenly Father wants me to be.
On Monday, I know I told you we were going to go bowling, but on our way, we got a call from one of my favorite inactive members and he told us he needed us. Of course we dropped everything to go to him, considering he never asks us for help. He is in his 70s and when we drove up he told us that he had an alcohol problem and knew he needed to stop. He wanted it! He said he's tried everything except God. He didn't know who to turn to, so he called us. We were ecstatic! Not about the addiction, but about the repentance! He was worried that we would look down on him, but we assured him that we respected him even more because he was trying to be better. We told him about the program that the church has set up for those with addictions and got a member who had a similar experience to agree to drive him there and to give him a blessing. We were so grateful that he thought of us and decided to make that change! He is one man I plan to come back and visit after my mission. Such a great man!
On Tuesday we went to go visit a lady that we'd decided to only see once a transfer because she's a bit crazy, but she loves missionaries. When we got there she began telling us about how she wanted to kill her husband and even rationalized how she could claim insanity because of the medication she was on....ya...a bit crazy, but then somehow we got into a discussion about the atonement and how Jesus Christ is aware of us and then again the words, "What do I have to do to join your church?" Came out of her mouth...We were stunned. We began telling her and we invited her to be baptized on November 23rd...She accepted and we are going to begin seeing her about 2x's a week. It hit me that it is not up to me to judge who will or will not accept the gospel. I must share it with everyone!!! Wow! Amazing!
On Wednesday, we got a call from our friend on Monday and he told us that he wasn't ready to make the change and that he needed some time to think. We told him that we knew God would help him and that we were here when he was ready. We then have kept in contact expressing encouraging words of love and support. He knows what he needs to do, he just needs the desire now. We are praying for him and know that when he is ready, Heavenly Father will support him. It was a bit disheartening, but then we got to go to interviews with our dear mission president and he gave me some comforting words. I asked him for a blessing for direction on how to best help the sisters in this zone and to know that the Heavenly Father would support me and he gave me a wonderful blessing. He said things that only my Heavenly Father would know were on my mind and I know that with His support, I can do all things. I have such love for my mission president and such gratitude for the priesthood upon the Earth today. I am so grateful for righteous priesthood holders who bless me by being worthy to hold the priesthood. I've heard a little about the issue with some women in the church who desire to have the priesthood, but that just tells me that they truly don't understand the priesthood. They think of it as giving the man more power and authority over women, but it is the opposite of that, it gives them greater responibility to love and serve the women. They can't use it for power or for prestige, but must use it to bless the lives of others. The priesthood is not something that came about in these Latter-Days, but existed before the world was. Our God is the Same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank goodness! In this world of changing values and ideals, it is nice to know that there is something constant in our lives and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm just so grateful to know that the men in my life are worthy to hold the priesthood and to give me blessings from our Heavenly Father.
After our interviews, the sisters went out to Olive Garden! Yum! Then Sister Nisse and I decided to contact this family who had a cute scarecrow in their yard. We drove up and started talking to the wife who had recently left the Baptist faith because of an offense and was looking to know if God truly existed. We spoke to her about the Book of Mormon and she seemed very interested in learning more. We are going back this week to begin teaching her and hopefully to help her regain her faith in God. We then had a night of double dinners...or in other words death. haha I'm learning to eat slower and to grab smaller portions the first time. Hopefully this will help. :)
Thursday was an off day because our brakes were going out, so we had to go get those fixed. We then went to help with a blood drive and those were pretty much the highlights of the day. Nothing too eventful.
Friday, we got to help out at the animal shelter. If you know anyone wanting a ferret, chinchillas, kittens, birds, or rabbits, we've know the place! haha We then went on our exchange with the Bedford sisters. I stayed in Bedford with Sister Morgan, from Morgan, Utah haha. We were busy contacting potential investigators and former investigators and were able to find 1 new investigator and a bunch of potentials. It was a great day and great things are happening in Bedford. Sister Morgan is an awesome missionary!
Saturday morning, we exchanged back and then went to the library to help them with their book sale. We were able to help people carry their boxes of books to their cars and the ladies were very impressed that some young girls would be so willing to help them. We then went out with the Relief Society president, and we visited the Beardsleys who recently moved into the area. We are going to go back on Thursday this week to help them rake up leaves and clean their yard. I'm excited to get to know them better! We ended the night be stopping by the Cave Spring Ward Trunk-or-Treat. We found out that Cave Spring is going to be getting sisters. I would love to serve there! They share a building with my current ward and have a great family community! I'd be close enough to Back Creek, but still get to have a little change. I love Back Creek and don't want to get transferred too far. :)
Sunday we got to watch our wonderful primary program with the cute kids! The spirit was so strong and we had 3 investigators come! We then had about 4-5 non-members there which was wonderful! Hopefully we will get to teach them! One of them is Ed Huntley. He owns a plane and really wants to take the missionaries up...We have to explain that we aren't allowed, but we would love to teach him! haha Hopefully someday.
So that was our week, again, some major miracles! Some down points, but as always, a great week! I'm learning so much and I hope to continue learning and growing throughout my mission. We are so blessed to be a part of this great missionary effort at this time. Our mission president said that by the end of next year, each missionary would have an iPad and an iPhone. Crazy! I've seen how it would be very helpful and I look forward to seeing the progress of the church with this press on missionary work.
Thank you for being such a wonderful support system. Thank you Rindy for that beautiful package. Seriously...I cried. :) Just so you all know, I am now the proud owner of a shirt that says, "I'm 99.9% sure, I'm a Disney Princess" For those of you that know know why I loved this! haha So awesome! All the other sisters are jealous...or at least they pretend to be when I tell them how amazing it is. :) Each girl should have one!
I want you all to know that I have a testimony of this gospel. I know that it unites families and provides strength through each day. I know that our Heavenly Father wants each of His children to return to live with Him again and that He has provided a way. This restored gospel is the way! Have faith in Christ, Repent, Be Baptized, Live worthy of the Holy Ghose and Endure to the End! Most importantly, endure to the end! Go to church every Sunday and renew your covenants. You will experience greater peace and direction in your life and will know complete joy! I have felt it, and I want each person to know that they are capable of it, no matter where they are in life! Pray to your Heavenly Father, feast upon the words of Christ. Something hit me today as I read that scripture in 2 Nephi 32: 3. It says to "feast upon the words of Christ" meaning we should come to the scriptures hungry to learn! I can't remember which restaurant has the slogan of "Come hungry, leave happy." But that is my new motto for scripture study. :) I love you all! I love being a missionary and plan to do this for the rest of my life! Every member a missionary. :)
Remember you are loved! Happy Birthday to Chandon, you are 18! I loved the video and pics! Happy Birthday Kortlynn! Happy Birthday Steven! Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great week!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Jacket weather!
Picture 2- In our awesome shirts. Sister Nisse's says, "Sorry Mister, I'm a sister" and you already know what mine says. :)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Anna Herring
11:59 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
Bonjour! heehee
I don't know why, but right now I've got major chills! It is not as cold as Russia at all! But I'm freezing! Ahh! So this letter might seem a little spacey with where my mind is.
Rex and Kortlynn sound like Rockstars as I already knew they were. Seriously amazing! Tammy! It's your birthday this week! Sweet! I hope it is a happy one!
Well, Monday I got this super cute skirt from Goodwill for $3 and I already love it! Future missionaries, shop at Goodwill! It will change your life! haha After P-Day was over, we went and visited this lady who is recently divorced and is struggling, but she loves the missionaries and members of the church, so we are hoping to help her love the gospel as well. We then rushed over to Empty Nesters which is the best thing ever! I'm totally starting one in Arizona when I get home. :) I got to visit with a bunch of people which is one of my favorite activities and eat food and listen/sing along with Bluegrass! I can't wait to show you the videos! The people here are salt of the Earth (I'm talking Clint and Cherie Wiltbank status or Rick and Melinda!) How are you guys?! Come to think of it, I know a lot of salt of the Earth good people! My fam (of course and anyone related by marriage, oh wait, that's everyone!), the Hansens, Whitings, Robertsons, Rabans, Nielsens, Udalls, Pattersons, Platts, Broadbents, Crosbys, Lindseys, Petersons, Proctors, Ashtons, Eisleys, Andersons, Lees, Burdicks, Mangums, Oversons, Heaps, Bradshaws, and every other family in St. Johns! You are all loved! Truly! Amazing! I am blessed to say I've come from St. Johns!
Tuesday we had a District Leader Conference, so it was me, Sister Nisse, the zone leaders, and a bunch of District Leaders trying to figure out how to inspire this zone. We decided to focus our efforts on finding 3 new investigators and setting 2 people on date. Sister Nisse and I then went to lunch with a bunch of women from the ward and area at Annie Moore's Pub (no worries, we abstained from alcohol) haha I got some amazing Irish Nachos. So good! So unhealthy! We then got a call from this inactive lady in our ward that she had made a cake and wanted us to finish it off! Thanks for choosing us! This is possibly the best cake I've ever had in my life! Orange Creamcicle! We are eating dinner at her house on Tuesday and yes I will be getting the recipe and posting it on my next letter. They should call it Orange Dreamcicle! Okay, maybe that is already its name. haha We then went and made a wreath at the Shillenger home which we were planning to give to Sister Alarcon because of her kindness to us. We put ladybugs on it and it turned out so cute!
Wednesday we at our District Meeting where we began the zone goal officially and we were all pumped! We found a new investigator and met with her this morning! She is elect by far! Amazing! We called her because she was a former and she said she wants to learn more and set up an appointment with us today. In the evening we went to Sister Alarcon for dinner and she made us a huge meal! Chips and guacamole, broccoli and cheese soup, then for our main course Chilean spaghetti! Holy cow! I was so full! She is too good to us! (And no Kortlynn and Rex, mine was all cooked and very normal! haha I can't believe what you guys are eating and liking! Yikes!
On Wednesday, we went to contact some referrals and I've decided that the family that gave us our first referral is fired. haha We went up on this backwoods road for about 20 minutes to find a man named Pete Bell. He had the most amazing view from his cabin and there were two women in the home with him, so we went in and he began talking about how he felt he was already a Mormon and had read the entire Book of Mormon! Golden right? Wrong! His language was interspersed with every word in the book and he had no shirt on, long hair, and a beard. He also told dirty jokes, and was not small. Yikes! But it was amazing to me to feel my Heavenly Father's love for this man. I saw him as our Savior sees us. Clean cut, white shirt and tie, potential beyond belief, and amazing! He told us that we could come back anytime, but I don't think we'll be coming back until a member comes with us. Yikes! It was a bit sketch and felt gross when we left. Someday he will come around, I just think it should be with a member the next time. We then contacted a guy who had helped with the D.C. temple and he had some amazing stories! Not interested, but amazing stories! I was so confused as I think he is. We then went to contact a sweet old widow who turned out to be a basher and not interested whatsoever! We left on good terms though and she wished us luck. Nice lady in the end! I like the prickly kind, it makes me feel like Pollyanna :). We ended the night at dinner with some members who are a great help to our missionary force and came home a bit tired...Long day for sure!
Friday though brought our first exchange and I had Sister Stone come to Back Creek with me and Sister Nisse went to Botetourt (Bought-eh-tot) with Sister Stringham. Sister Stone and I went to the Fergusons to help out making Apple Butter and then went to see an inactive lady who said she'd come to the Primary program! A step! Then dinner with the Sheldons who are from Massachusetts and have the best accents ever! We ended the night with Alan and Benita looking at the Lunar Eclipse and talking about charity. I felt like I was home watching the stars with my awesome parents on our trampoline minus the trampoline, and Josh Groban :) haha
Saturday we worked at the Animal Shelter by surprise (we were planning on contacting people, but the animal shelter lady was stressed and just about cried when we said we could stay.) We then went to stir the apple butter and then that night we went to Bellacino's, a pizza place, with Alan and Benita. We taught them a little bit about the temple which they will be going to soon to do baptisms and in August of next year to be sealed! So awesome! I got to try a cheeseburger pizza! You read right, a cheeseburger pizza! Exotic yes? haha
Sunday was beautiful...We were hoping for a few investigators at church and knew which ones would come for sure, but as church started and their normal seats were empty...we started losing faith. Just then, Billy Ferguson, a member, opened the door and with him was Nancy Knowles!!! Our friend that works at Country Way!!! I think I've already had Christmas this year, don't worry about getting me anything haha. She came and sat by me and said, "See, I told you somebody was listening." Holy cow! I love her and our ward! She is so kind and genuine! She's being added to the list of Salt of the Earth good people. We then had plans to go tracting because we were still lacking two investigators for the week and 2 dates. The District Leaders came to help while we went to dinner at the Richardson's and during dinner they found one new, one potential, and one less-active member! Sweet! I love our elders! They are awesome! We then looked at the clock and it was 7:40 and we needed one more. We were driving to an area to tract and I told sister Nisse to pull over at this random house on the side of the road that had its lights on. This mother opened the door and her two kids and she is from Thailand! She took a Book of Mormon and asked us to come back! We taught her a bit about what we believe considering she is Buddhist, we couldn't go into great depth (I could use some tips, Kortlynn). We are going to get her a Thai Book of Mormon and I'm excited and amazed that Heavenly Father helped us! We didn't get our 2 dates, but we will this week!
Today we taught Cherice Webb and her husband Mitchell and they are so elect! We have a return appointment with them next week and that is with their 3 year old running around like a wild woman! The spirit was still there and we are going to invite them to be baptized next week! Yay! We then get to go bowling with the sisters this afternoon as a pick-me-up because a few are a bit frustrated from an off week. I'm having them text me their miracles/tender mercies each day to help them focus on the good they are doing. I know this will help them see more and they will have a better mission because of this. Keeping a journal is essential! Some of them aren't, so I'm becoming their journal! haha
Well, that was my week. Sorry for the detail. I bet I'll be writing you another letter by the time you finish reading this one! haha I love this work and I love my companion! We love Back Creek and the gospel! Thank you for all your support and love. I feel it every day! Keep on being member missionaries wherever you are! You will see miracles!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Leaves on our drive!
Picture 2 - Stirring apple butter...don't laugh too hard at my concentration face or no hair haha I slicked it back and regret it. :



Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Anna Herring
10:21 AM (44 minutes ago)
to me
Hello my wonderful family!
The last time I wrote I had recently found out about my new calling and was feeling a bit overwhelmed. It was amazing to me that Wednesday night, after I wrote you, we went to a member's house for dinner and they shared something that I believe was necessary for me at that time. They said, "What I am to be, I am now becoming." When I heard this I realized that Heavenly Father wanted me to know that I don't have to be just like the other Sister Training Leaders, I don't have to be perfect (thank goodness), but Heavenly Father is giving me these experiences in order to become the person and missionary that I'm supposed to be. Me! Each of us has unique talents and abilities. Heavenly Father doesn't want us to become something different or something that we're not, but he wants us to reach our potential! He gives us challenges and trials to stretch and to become what He sees in us. I know this may sound a little strange, but I'm grateful for challenges! Why? Because that means Heavenly Father sees us becoming something even greater! Not different, or worse, but greater! He knows what our spirits were like in the premortal life and each of us has the potential for greatness. Trials help us see how we can turn our weaknesses into strengths. We have to stay close to Him during our challenges/trials and then we become what He needs for the future, who we've become! Throughout life we will always experience challenges, but with our Heavnely Father, we will become something even greater! I don't know why this hit me so hard, but I got excited thinking about it. :) I'm a nerd, I know.
Thursday was Transfer day. Transfers are always a bit crazy with new missionaries coming in and old ones leaving. We got a phone call at 5:40 am from the zone leaders that they needed this pass to get through the toll booths to Charleston for transfers. Sister Nisse and I were out the door by 5:50 and were able to drive through the rain to get it to them in time for transfers. We then came home and later on were able to welcome the new sisters with little treat bags we had made. I hope they are excited to finally be here! We also got to try this cute little cupcake shop called Bubblecake and the girl at the counter lives in our area. Potential investigator! Woowoo! We talked to her a little about our beliefs and she seemed very interested. We plan to go back and possibly teach her. We then ended the night by eating at Gary and Jackie Ferguson's house where we were invited to come back next week to make Apple Butter! Yay!
Friday was kind of the trial before the witness of faith. :) It was a little rough with nobody being home, people avoiding us, and feeling a little off. Still a good day, just not what we'd expected at all! Happy thought for the day was when we were visiting the Avery family. The little boy got off the bus and Allie, his sister, gave him a Snickers bar. He said, "No thank you, grandpa, can I have a carrot?" You can imagine my astonishment! Refusing a Snickers for a carrot? Crazy! hahaha
Saturday was the beginning of our miracles. Or witness after the trial of our faith. We started off the day by helping a family move into the area which was good. In the evening we went to a "Mormon" party at Bobbie's house. She loves the ward and is so close to baptism it is crazy! She does everything a Mormon does, but she refuses to be baptized yet. So strange! The ward loves her and she fed us some delicious shrimp gumbo. First time for everything right? We left the party early to go see Nancy who works at Country Way. This is where the miracle took place. We went in and we've been wanting to teach her for months. She is a sweetheart. Well, we started talking to her and she began telling us that she has had a few trials lately and that she thinks that God had sent us to her! We gave her a Book of Mormon and testified that it would bring her peace and answers to life's questions. We then scheduled a time to meet with her this coming week to discuss it. She is so elect! I can't wait to teach her and help her come closer to our Savior. It was a huge tender mercy for us!
Sunday continued to bring miracles. First of all, Nancy Moorhead (different Nancy than before) came to church, Josie's sister came to church. I'm not sure if you remember these two women, but Nancy's sister is a member and Nancy has been meeting with us for awhile, but her sister is in town, so Nancy has agreed to go to church with her. This is a small step and we are hoping it will spur Nancy to continue coming even after her sister leaves. Josie is 17 and is ready for baptism now. She is absolutely amazing! She loves the gospel and is just waiting for parent permission. Her family has been against her associations with the church, so for her sister to come, it was a wonderful step in the right direction!
After church we got to eat dinner at the Bishop's house before heading to our huge miracle! We were planning on visiting Khan because its been a while since we saw him last. When we drove up, we immediately felt that it was not the right time. We didn't know what to do, so we were going to see the Light family, but on the way, we drove by this cute home decorated with Halloween and Christmas lights. I was drawn to it! We had stopped once before, but no one had answered, this time as we drove by it, Sister Nisse pulled over and we went up to see if anyone was home. A beautiful African American woman answered the door and welcomed us in. Her husband was sitting at the table and he asked us if we had come by before. We sheepishly said yes and then he told us that he had been home before but that he never opens the door. He said the fact that we came back when his wife was home was a sign that he needed to listen to our message. :) We began sharing the message of the Book of Mormon with them and he and his wife were completely engaged. He said that the gospel is exactly what he was looking for in his baptist faith. He had been meeting with some Jehovah Witnesses, but was not convinced of that religion. He and his wife said they would love for us to come back and that until then, they would begin reading the Book of Mormon! Don and Gayle are amazing! We asked if we could leave with a prayer and holding hands, Sister Nisse said the closing prayer along with their chorus of "Amen"s and "Thank you Jesus". Good times :) We then ran out to our car (pretty much it felt like we floated out), and realized that we had forgotten to give them our phone number. We ran back up and Gayle was waiting. We walked in to get their phone number and Don was sitting at the table already reading. I love this mission! We aren't scheduled to come back until November 6th, but I feel like something will happen before then. :)
That was pretty much our awesome week! A few trials, but again, those trials made us lean more upon our Savior and prayer. We were able to witness miracles and we look forward to seeing even more.
I love serving in Back Creek and I'm grateful I get to be here for Apple Butter! :) The people are so loving and willing to help. Missions are amazing! I want each of my nephews and if it is right, nieces, to serve missions! They are only 2 years or 18 months long and completely worth every minute! (Especially the hard ones). I love this gospel and the light that comes when we study it. I love my wonderful family, every single one of you! I pray for you daily and I know the Lord hears and answers our prayers! I've seen it and I've seen His hand in my life. We are so blessed to have this restored gospel today! Study the scriptures! Invite non-members and the missionaries into your homes! Pray! Go to church! Have faith!
I love you all again!
Sister Herring

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 9, 2013  

Anna Herring
Oct 9 (4 days ago)
to me
Dear Family!
First off, Kortlynn, you don't need to do your letters like me. Your letters are amazing! I'm just a nerd! 
Rex you sound and look fantastic! My companion says you look like the guy from Glee! ;) 
Happy Birthday yesterday to Mason you are a stud! All of you family, I love you bucket loads!
This past week and a half have been fabulous! Sadly, I left my journal and old planner at home so I'm 
going to be a bit scatter-brained in this letter. I am now in my new planner with a new transfer. Exciting! 
I'm sticking with Sister Nisse for the next 6 weeks which I'm grateful for. We know how each other works 
and with the coming transfer I need that to stay the same. I just got called to be the new Sister Training 
Leader...this means I will be responsible for the 6 sets of sisters in my zone. We will go on weekly 
exchanges, do training, and help assist them in ways that might be difficult for the zone leaders. I also 
get to go to all the meetings for the leaders in the mission. I'm so excited for that part! I'm going to learn 
so much! There are 5 other Sister Training Leaders in the mission and they've all been out much longer 
than me, so I'm hoping they will help me understand what's expected and also how I can train the sisters 
in my zone to be more obedient, focused, and energized. I'm excited for this experience and nervous as 
well. I know the Lord will sustain me through this and I know He doesn't make mistakes. My conversation 
with the mission president on the calling went like this, "Sister Herring, the Lord has called you to be the 
new Sister Training Leader." I all of a sudden felt a little heavier, but ready to serve at the same time. I'm 
excited to see the miracles from this experience!
We went this past week to visit Jessica. She is from Mexico and the last time we visited her, we taught 
her about the restoration of the gospel and she said she was interested in learning more, but would have 
to ask her husband. Well, when we went to visit her, who should answer the door, but her husband! He 
welcomed us in and she was putting the baby to bed so we got to teach him about the restoration and he 
said he would like to learn more but would have to ask his wife! Oh my goodness! They are amazing 
people and we gave him a Spanish Book of Mormon. He said he would read and pray about it and he has 
great friends in the ward. We are excited to see what happens with him! I've also decided that I'm going 
to begin reading the Spanish Book of Mormon during lunch with the English Book of Mormon to see if I 
can improve my Spanish ability. I know that Miracles come from this and I know if it is needed, that 
Heavenly Father will help me learn. It is not needed at this time, but I feel like it would be a neat thing to 
do with my lunch hour. Why not?! If I have time. I don't know what kind of time I'll have with my new 
responsibility, but I would like to try.
We had a great lesson with Bobbie this week, but she is not ready to commit. It is heartbreaking because 
she's read the Book of Mormon, she watched conference, she comes to church, she prays. She does 
everything we ask and knows this is true except she won't agree to be baptized. She doesn't want to be a 
member of the church because of a few concerns with family and the Word of Wisdom. She said, she 
wants to be fully committed and to "know" from God that this is true. She said she pretty much needs a 
sign at this point, so there is not much more we can do until she wants it. She has her agency still and 
we can't force her to do anything. We can only testify and promise her the blessings of keeping the 
commandments. It is sad, but it has made me grateful to "know" and to have the support of my family. 
I know that this church is true! I know the Book of Mormon is evidence of this! I know that it was 
translated by the Power of God through the prophet Joseph Smith and that we have a prophet upon the 
Earth today! I pray for Bobbie daily and I am grateful that each of us has our agency. Our Heavenly 
Father loves us and trusts us so much! We need to show our love for Him by keeping the 
commandments and following His son's example and be baptized and endure to the end. Our Savior 
didn't give up when it was hard or when He felt completely alone, He endured every trial! So can we! 
Our Heavenly Father will support us and is aware of us. We are never alone.
Conference was a breath of fresh air! I think it felt more like Christmas than anything else. I couldn't write 
fast enough and I never wanted it to end! Those men are truly called of God and know exactly what 
needs to be said by revelation from God! We have a prophet today! We are so blessed! I loved Elder 
Dube's talk and also Elder Ochoa's. They were all amazing though and I loved President Uchtdorf's talk 
on why people join the church. Amazing! I hope you all enjoyed it and have a new energy to do 
missionary work! All of us our called of God! Woohoo!
We also got a chance to teach Donna Tucker. I can't remember if I told you about her, but we had tracted 

into her while contacting a referral and she told us to come back. When we came back she welcomed us 
in and told us that her sister-in-law is a member, she knows many amazing Mormons and that she is 
looking for a church that fits.She already has a copy of the Book of Mormon and everything she said 
pointed to the fact that Heavenly Father has prepared her. She said she's a mess right now and used to 
be Southern Baptist. Exciting! She even said she believes that there could be prophets today. Wow! 
Elect! She told us to come back and we both felt that she is already a Mormon. We are so excited to 
officially teach her. We gave a run-down version of the Restoration and it was such a great experience! 
She is awesome! I should have invited her to be baptized right then, but her husband was coming home 
and we caught her at not the best time, but she is anxious to learn more! I will let you know how it goes.
Another day this week, we attempted to contact a member who hasn't been to church for over 40 years. 
Apparently there was a serious offense to the church and he's been angry and bitter towards the people. 
We went to contact him and he let us in! (Of course, we did have a plate of brownies), but it was amazing!
He said he didn't want any religion, but Sister Nisse was sharing an experience from her life and tied in a 
gospel principle. Amazing! He said we could come back anytime! Miracle!
Well, that was our last little week, I promise to have my notes next time to better information about the 
day to day stuff, but those are the highlights. :) The rest of the week was great, just regular days in the 
life of a missionary in Roanoke, Virginia. :)
One last funny story, Sister Tuckett and I went on an exchange on Monday and we got to go serve at the 
animal shelter. While we were there, one of the rabbits had been knocked on its back and couldn't get up! 
We were laughing so hard! (Mean, but true!) We thought it was having a baby! We then turned it back 
over and it was fine! Sister Tuckett videotaped it and goes home at the end of November. She told me 
she would put it on Facebook when she got home haha prepare to laugh. So funny!
Well, I'd better head off, just know that I love each of you! All is well in Roanoke and I love being a 
missionary! I love this gospel and I'm so grateful that our family is eternal! I know that the temple is 
where we all should strive to be and each of us is now a missionary! Get involved! Love the gospel! 
Share it with friends and don't worry, the worst that could happen is they will think you are a weird 
Mormon. (They probably already do) :)
Have the best week ever!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Sister Nisse's legs. Each of those bandaids are covering a mosquito bite. I want you to know, 
I have none...:)
Picture 2 - Sister Nisse and I after I got to play doctor.
Picture 3 - It's officially scarf season! Woohoo!