Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hello you good-looking people!
Yes you! :) I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy! I pray for each of you daily and know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I am realizing more and more each day just how blessed I've been to have grown up with such an awesome family and the gospel in my life. I wish each person knew and felt what I've experienced! I know I must have a great responsibility to share this with others!
This week has been one with some amazing moments and some not-so amazing moments. :) Just like life. :) It is pushing through those difficult moments with faith that shapes our character. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and trials and become who our Heavenly Father wants me to be.
On Monday, I know I told you we were going to go bowling, but on our way, we got a call from one of my favorite inactive members and he told us he needed us. Of course we dropped everything to go to him, considering he never asks us for help. He is in his 70s and when we drove up he told us that he had an alcohol problem and knew he needed to stop. He wanted it! He said he's tried everything except God. He didn't know who to turn to, so he called us. We were ecstatic! Not about the addiction, but about the repentance! He was worried that we would look down on him, but we assured him that we respected him even more because he was trying to be better. We told him about the program that the church has set up for those with addictions and got a member who had a similar experience to agree to drive him there and to give him a blessing. We were so grateful that he thought of us and decided to make that change! He is one man I plan to come back and visit after my mission. Such a great man!
On Tuesday we went to go visit a lady that we'd decided to only see once a transfer because she's a bit crazy, but she loves missionaries. When we got there she began telling us about how she wanted to kill her husband and even rationalized how she could claim insanity because of the medication she was on....ya...a bit crazy, but then somehow we got into a discussion about the atonement and how Jesus Christ is aware of us and then again the words, "What do I have to do to join your church?" Came out of her mouth...We were stunned. We began telling her and we invited her to be baptized on November 23rd...She accepted and we are going to begin seeing her about 2x's a week. It hit me that it is not up to me to judge who will or will not accept the gospel. I must share it with everyone!!! Wow! Amazing!
On Wednesday, we got a call from our friend on Monday and he told us that he wasn't ready to make the change and that he needed some time to think. We told him that we knew God would help him and that we were here when he was ready. We then have kept in contact expressing encouraging words of love and support. He knows what he needs to do, he just needs the desire now. We are praying for him and know that when he is ready, Heavenly Father will support him. It was a bit disheartening, but then we got to go to interviews with our dear mission president and he gave me some comforting words. I asked him for a blessing for direction on how to best help the sisters in this zone and to know that the Heavenly Father would support me and he gave me a wonderful blessing. He said things that only my Heavenly Father would know were on my mind and I know that with His support, I can do all things. I have such love for my mission president and such gratitude for the priesthood upon the Earth today. I am so grateful for righteous priesthood holders who bless me by being worthy to hold the priesthood. I've heard a little about the issue with some women in the church who desire to have the priesthood, but that just tells me that they truly don't understand the priesthood. They think of it as giving the man more power and authority over women, but it is the opposite of that, it gives them greater responibility to love and serve the women. They can't use it for power or for prestige, but must use it to bless the lives of others. The priesthood is not something that came about in these Latter-Days, but existed before the world was. Our God is the Same yesterday, today, and forever. Thank goodness! In this world of changing values and ideals, it is nice to know that there is something constant in our lives and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm just so grateful to know that the men in my life are worthy to hold the priesthood and to give me blessings from our Heavenly Father.
After our interviews, the sisters went out to Olive Garden! Yum! Then Sister Nisse and I decided to contact this family who had a cute scarecrow in their yard. We drove up and started talking to the wife who had recently left the Baptist faith because of an offense and was looking to know if God truly existed. We spoke to her about the Book of Mormon and she seemed very interested in learning more. We are going back this week to begin teaching her and hopefully to help her regain her faith in God. We then had a night of double dinners...or in other words death. haha I'm learning to eat slower and to grab smaller portions the first time. Hopefully this will help. :)
Thursday was an off day because our brakes were going out, so we had to go get those fixed. We then went to help with a blood drive and those were pretty much the highlights of the day. Nothing too eventful.
Friday, we got to help out at the animal shelter. If you know anyone wanting a ferret, chinchillas, kittens, birds, or rabbits, we've know the place! haha We then went on our exchange with the Bedford sisters. I stayed in Bedford with Sister Morgan, from Morgan, Utah haha. We were busy contacting potential investigators and former investigators and were able to find 1 new investigator and a bunch of potentials. It was a great day and great things are happening in Bedford. Sister Morgan is an awesome missionary!
Saturday morning, we exchanged back and then went to the library to help them with their book sale. We were able to help people carry their boxes of books to their cars and the ladies were very impressed that some young girls would be so willing to help them. We then went out with the Relief Society president, and we visited the Beardsleys who recently moved into the area. We are going to go back on Thursday this week to help them rake up leaves and clean their yard. I'm excited to get to know them better! We ended the night be stopping by the Cave Spring Ward Trunk-or-Treat. We found out that Cave Spring is going to be getting sisters. I would love to serve there! They share a building with my current ward and have a great family community! I'd be close enough to Back Creek, but still get to have a little change. I love Back Creek and don't want to get transferred too far. :)
Sunday we got to watch our wonderful primary program with the cute kids! The spirit was so strong and we had 3 investigators come! We then had about 4-5 non-members there which was wonderful! Hopefully we will get to teach them! One of them is Ed Huntley. He owns a plane and really wants to take the missionaries up...We have to explain that we aren't allowed, but we would love to teach him! haha Hopefully someday.
So that was our week, again, some major miracles! Some down points, but as always, a great week! I'm learning so much and I hope to continue learning and growing throughout my mission. We are so blessed to be a part of this great missionary effort at this time. Our mission president said that by the end of next year, each missionary would have an iPad and an iPhone. Crazy! I've seen how it would be very helpful and I look forward to seeing the progress of the church with this press on missionary work.
Thank you for being such a wonderful support system. Thank you Rindy for that beautiful package. Seriously...I cried. :) Just so you all know, I am now the proud owner of a shirt that says, "I'm 99.9% sure, I'm a Disney Princess" For those of you that know know why I loved this! haha So awesome! All the other sisters are jealous...or at least they pretend to be when I tell them how amazing it is. :) Each girl should have one!
I want you all to know that I have a testimony of this gospel. I know that it unites families and provides strength through each day. I know that our Heavenly Father wants each of His children to return to live with Him again and that He has provided a way. This restored gospel is the way! Have faith in Christ, Repent, Be Baptized, Live worthy of the Holy Ghose and Endure to the End! Most importantly, endure to the end! Go to church every Sunday and renew your covenants. You will experience greater peace and direction in your life and will know complete joy! I have felt it, and I want each person to know that they are capable of it, no matter where they are in life! Pray to your Heavenly Father, feast upon the words of Christ. Something hit me today as I read that scripture in 2 Nephi 32: 3. It says to "feast upon the words of Christ" meaning we should come to the scriptures hungry to learn! I can't remember which restaurant has the slogan of "Come hungry, leave happy." But that is my new motto for scripture study. :) I love you all! I love being a missionary and plan to do this for the rest of my life! Every member a missionary. :)
Remember you are loved! Happy Birthday to Chandon, you are 18! I loved the video and pics! Happy Birthday Kortlynn! Happy Birthday Steven! Happy Halloween everyone! Have a great week!
Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Jacket weather!
Picture 2- In our awesome shirts. Sister Nisse's says, "Sorry Mister, I'm a sister" and you already know what mine says. :)

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