Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anna Herring
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to me

December 31, 2013
Dear family!
Sorry today is going to be a super short letter. We are at a different library and we only have 30 minutes. We have had a crazy week!

First of all, it was so amazing to get to see every single family member!!! What a huge blessing! I couldn't believe how lucky I was! Best family reunion ever! ;) I love technology :). Also, sorry about the pictures on the Word Document. Our new library is very old in the way of technology and so we are barely able to upload the word document. Hopefully I'll be able to send a few more pictures this week.
And! Happy Birthday Matthew!!! I actually get to write on your birthday. So cool!
Okay, now on to the juicy stuff. Christmas Eve was amazing. We got to have a district meeting in the morning, first dinner with the Payne family (they fed us Mexican food and had a White Elephant Gift Exchange) then our second dinner was with the Young Family. We then ended the night by caroling with the APs and the Zone Leaders to various investigators and members. I loved it! It was a fantastic day!
Christmas was a fantastic experience. We started off the day at the Rhodes' home and they fed us breakfast, gave us the cutest gifts including journals, notepads, picture frames, and more! Such a great family! We then went home for lunch and then headed over to the Cotrells to Skype and eat dinner! Again, I couldn't believe I got to see all 6 siblings and their families! Kortlynn and Rex you were there in spirit! :) I cried a bit saying goodbye, but then had a returned energy to get to work and I am so excited to start the year off right! It was the boost I needed! :)
Thursday and Friday we got to work and Friday we went on an exchange with the Parkersburg sisters. While I was there, we found out that Sister Kitto and I were getting a new companion for the next week. Sister Shumway from Oregon! Sadly her companion went home and even though that was the hardest thing to see, she is such a blessing! Sister Shumway is the hardest working missionary and is on fire!

On Saturday we got to go to lunch with the mission president and his wife to pick her up which was a blast and then we went to work! We had a miracle night and found an elect family that had been praying for the missionaries! So cool! There are people everywhere being prepared for this message and having Sister Shumway here for the week has brought even more miracles! We normally can't go into houses when there is only a guy, but with 3 sisters we are allowed and we are now teaching another man named Bryan who lives alone! Huge miracle!
Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church and that was amazing! We then had a great lesson with one of our neighbors who has recently become more interested in the gospel.
Yesterday we went to visit a less-active lady who Sister Kitto had visited while I was in Parkersburg and the last time Sister Kitto was there, she had a stroke! During the lesson! Crazy! Sister Kitto and Sister Whitaker drove her to the hospital and so we went to check on her last night and she is doing much better. They were definitely there for a reason. Goodness! It has been an exciting week, and I think I covered the major events, but just know that things are wonderful! I'm staying in Charleston for another transfer! Sister Kitto and I get to be companions for the next 6 weeks. I'm pumped! Great things are happening.
Fun stories that I'm going to mention so that I'll remember to write them next week include me walking into wet cement on the way to a lesson, today is Sister Shumway's 20th birthday so her uncle came and surprised her (totally not allowed), Elder Williams had to get his lip stitched up by President Pitt during our lunch because the elders had been playing basketball and he'd taken an elbow to the face haha. Such a fun and exciting week! Truly! I love being a missionary, and I'll talk to you next year! ;) The church is true! Don't forget it! Thank you for all the emails and letters! Sorry I'm not going to be able to respond personally this week. Rindy, Mom, Dad, Aunt Diane, and everyone else! I love you! Thank you for the letters and support! I couldn't do this without your prayers and love.

Sister Herring
Picture 1 - Sister Kitto and Shumway with our mess from decorating our new planners!
Picture 2 - The three amigos!

Picture 3 - I'm in love with my new PJs!
Picture 4 - The APs (Elder Hansen and Hess) contemplating drinking the drink at the Christmas eve party haha

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