Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013


What a fantastic week as always! I love missionary work and I love the people of West Virginia! (Most of the time haha)

This week has been busy with meetings, teaching, finding, and more meetings, but I'm learning so much each time and I love it!

On Monday after I wrote, we got to go bowling with the zone and although I didn't do so well, it was a blast! We then went to Taco Bell after and then ran like crazy to get everything else we needed to finished. I didn't get to write any handwritten letters, but they are coming! That night we went over to teach Lisa about the Plan of Salvation, but oddly enough our conversation turned to the Word of Wisdom when she said, "I hate coffee and tea." What?! For those of you who don't know, coffee and tea are a southern/eastern thing. Everyone we teach has to overcome their addiction to these things! So when she told us this news, we were elated!!! In fact, she only struggles with smoking and so as we began teaching her about the Word of Wisdom, she said to us, "I'm going to give up smoking huh?" We didn't even have to ask! On our way out we took her cigarettes so she could start fresh. We were so excited!

Tuesday I had the opportunity to go to MLC the Mission Leader Council and it was amazing! There are now 10 Sister Training Leaders across the mission and it was nice to get to talk with each of them and discuss concerns and solutions for the sisters. President Pitt taught us about Being "Born Again" and how that means our hearts are changed. It is not simply a baptism, but a lifetime commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I invite each of you to watch David A. Bednar's talk on the Parable of the Pickle. It was amazing! I learn so much from each meeting and I also got to teach a little of what I learned at the zone conferences on Thursday and Friday. Not only did I hear it, but I had to repeat it, so I got to really study out and learn the things that were taught by President Pitt.

Wednesday was a bit slower, but we got to teach a man named Philip Clark who is interested in finding the truth. I love when people are searching. They are so willing to act upon what they receive and are childlike. They are searching similar to Joseph Smith and we know that Joseph Smith received an answer which means each of us can too! Heavenly Father knows our concerns and questions, we simply need to ask Him! Pray, read the scriptures, and keep the commandments and you will know the truth! This church is true! President Pitt said, "If we could get people to live the gospel of Jesus Christ or live as a member of the church for 1 month, we wouldn't need missionaries." The gospel is true! As people live what is taught, they know it for themselves and want to share it!

Thursday was the beginning of Zone Conferences. The north and south were split so that there would be smaller groups and I got to teach about what the West Virginia Charleston Mission is and what does it mean to be a part of this mission. If there is anything holding us back from being instruments in the Lord's hands, we need to tweak those and those boil down to things found in Chapter 6 of PMG. We need to continue to develop Christlike attributes and those will solve many of the concerns each of has as missionaries. I learned so much from teaching. We also had another Thanksgiving with Mandy. She and her fiancĂ©, Brad, fed us and were so nice to go all out again! I love having 3 Thanksgivings! :)

Friday we drove to Beckley for the South part of the zone's zone conference and then we did an exchange with the Beckley sisters. Sister Scarff (from Alberta Canada) came with me back to South Hills and on the way back it was raining so hard we almost died! haha jk, we were fine, but it pretty much rained all day. I kept wishing there was a way to send it to Arizona. Friday night we got to wish Sister Pitt a happy birthday, then we drove to Angela Dorsey's house (She's been investigating the church for 15 years!) and we put her on date for baptism on January 5th! Yay!

Saturday we exchanged back, then went to visit a less-active lady who introduced us to her friend Karen. We are going to start teaching her. We also went to contact all of our referrals and found another investigator! Her name is Pam! It was a great day! We ended the night at the Ward Christmas Party which had great food, but was hilarious! The music program was a bit long and at one point Sister Kitto looked at Brother Cotrell and they both started laughing! What a fun night!

Sunday was a crazy day! We woke up and found out that church had been cancelled because of the snow and ice. There was about an inch of ice beneath about 3 inches of snow. We were confined to the apartment and so we couldn't go out until about 1. We went to see Lisa and taught her more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and keeping commitments. We have to move her date to be baptized back to December 29th. We are hoping she will completely quit smoking. We then had an amazing experience when we got to have a small Sacrament meeting in the mission president's office with 4 other sets of elders and the office staff. President Pitt began a discussion about the atonement and the life of Christ. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong! We then had the APs follow us to give Lisa a blessing. The spirit was once again so strong. I'm grateful for the priesthood upon the Earth. We ended the day doing some tracting for the last hour. After many closed doors, we decided to say a prayer to find someone prepared to hear our message and at 8:50, we knocked on a lady's door and she said that she had met with the missionaries about 5 years before and her son had died 3 years before and she was just starting to become religious again. She was looking for a church and wanted to meet with us for answers and peace. Oh my goodness I get goosebumps even writing about it! I hope you all know that this is the Lord's church upon the Earth today! Prayers are answered and Heavenly Father is aware of each of His children. We were on a spiritual high as we walked home (we were still unable to drive due to the ice) It turned out to be a fantastic day!

I want you all to know I have a testimony of this great work! I have a testimony of this gospel! I know prayers are answered and that our family will be together forever! I know that the scriptures are for our day and I'm grateful to read them daily. I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Herring

Our computers don't attach pictures very well, so I'm attaching a document with some pictures in it. I love you! Oh and Sister Kitto and I made up a referrals song to the tune of "How Do You Know" from Enchanted. Instead it goes, "Who do you know, who needs this. Who do you know next door?" hahaha fun times being a missionary! I love it!

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