Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

Hello my lovely family!

Again, this week might be a bit of a shorter letter. Yesterday, as you know was Martin Luther King day and so the library was closed, so we get to write today! Before I forget, thank you for all the pics and emails this week! I loved hearing about the baptism, family life, and all the exciting things that are happening in Arizona and Nevada. :) Oh and Russia! haha It is all so exciting!

This week has been another miraculous week! People seem to be coming out of places we didn't know existed! I love it!

Monday, Sister Kitto and I felt like we should go to a place in our area that we rarely get to visit called Alum Creek. There is a Part-Member family that lives there and we've never been able to contact them. So today was the day! We drove down and as soon as we got there, the lights were all off and we felt like we weren't in the right place. We decided to pray to know where we should be and began driving. We decided to go visit a less-active lady down the road and on the way we stopped at a gas station to ask for directions. The lady at the cash register had a fantastic name! Anna! :) We talked to her about who we are and who we represent as missionaries and she said that she currently doesn't go to a church. She also knew exactly where our ward member lived! We gave her a pass-along card and plan to go back and see if we can teach her. We then found the woman's home and plan to go back tomorrow! So neat! Prayers are answered in ways we can't even imagine!

Tuesday, we had a district meeting, I got to teach a little bit about teaching simply. (They said because I'd taught 4th grade, I must know how) What the?! Teaching 4th grade is much different than teaching the gospel, but I did my best. We then got to go to dinner with our wonderful Baptist friends. David and Barbara Bryant are amazing! They are in their 70s and are very interested in the gospel! They took us to dinner at a place called Fat Patty's. Doesn't that sound delightful? I got a pretzel burger. It was amazing! We then returned to their home and taught them the restoration lesson. The wife is very interested in learning more and we will be most likely going out to dinner again with them this week. They love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and what our church stands for (even though the husband always teases that he wants a couple sister wives, we keep reminding him that this is not the church for him then) haha.

Wednesday, we did an exchange with the sisters in Ripley and a few miracles happened! One of our investigators during the lesson, said, "I know this is true! I'm ready to be baptized!" It was so random but awesome! When we asked her how she knew, she said she felt like Joseph Smith and that this is what God wants her to do. Now all we have to do is get her married to her fiancé or have him move out! Fun times! We ended the night at Lisa's helping her with her dishes (she's been very sick) as she watched a conference talk by President Uchtdorf, the one about the Forget-Me-Not flowers. I love that one!

Thursday, we did some weekly planning, helped a ward member move, got to eat dinner at the Cotrell's home, and made a few other visits.

Friday, we had our apartment inspected by the mission office, we passed! haha Not that I was worried, then we did another exchange with the Teay's Valley sisters. I got to go to Teay's Valley with Sister Kimber and she and I got to work! We found a new investigator, got to teach a few other people, and ended the night with pizza at a member's home. It was a blast! I love the miracles that happen on exchanges. We always learn so much and I'm grateful I get to serve with these sisters.

Saturday, we got to teach a lesson to a lady named Janetta. Her daughter had joined the church while living in Ohio and she became interested in what her daughter believed. Her daughter drove down to sit in on the lesson and to help her mom feel comfortable. We answered the mother's questions and taught her the restoration and at the end she said, "Out of all the churches my daughter's attended and all the studying I've done, this feels right!" She then came to churchon Sunday and said that she plans on coming back in 2 weeks! We are praying for her to continue to act on the promptings she's received and that all went well. It feels like it did, but I will keep you updated!

Sunday, Lisa and Janetta came to church, and Lisa is so ready for baptism. She hasn't smoked all week and doesn't seem to ever want to again! She has a light in her eyes and has such a desire to do whatever God asks of her. She is such a great example to me! Even when her family teases her about her beliefs, or gives her a hard time, she simply says, "I'm getting baptized on February 2nd, I'd love to see you there, and if you have any questions, please ask my sisters!" I can't believe I got to be a part of her conversion process. She is going to do so many great things! Wow! I'm so grateful I've had this opportunity to teach her, she is such a blessing!

We also had another miracle happen Sunday night. There is a 16 year old girl that joined the church against her family's wishes. Her mom gave her permission, but her father told us that we were devils. Well, Sunday night we got a text from the mom saying that her husband wanted to learn about God and wanted a Book of Mormon and a Bible! We went and brought those and now the whole family is wanting to come to church! Hearts are truly being softened and last night we got to talk to the dad to hear it from him and he said, "Yes, I need to learn more." Wow! He also really wants to quit smoking and the whole family is amazed! This is such a drastic change! I'm so excited to see what will happen! We are going to teach them on Wednesday night! The examples we set are not only seen by others, but by our families! Amazing!

Our water situation has been fixed, the only thing we don't do now is drink it. :) It snowed about 6 inches last night which makes everything beautiful! I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to reply to any emails this week! I want you all to know I love you! I have no doubt in my mind that this church is true! the gospel has been restored to the Earth today through a living prophet! We have so many blessings because of this knowledge and now we get to share it! I invite each of you to pray for missionary opportunities and when they come, simply open your mouth! The Lord will help you to know what to say. I promise you will see miracles! I love this work and I'm so grateful for amazing family and all your support! Have the best day ever!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Driving in the car! Fun times!

Picture 2 - Our cute Baptist friends, the Bryant's, :) with Sister Kitto. 
Picture 3 - It's snowing! Yay!

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