Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Anna Herring
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Hello Hello!!!

It's a beautiful life! Since I last wrote great things have been happening! Here we go!

Tuesday, after I wrote you, we had to do area reports FOREVER which was a bummer, but we ended the night at the 
Cotrells which was a fun part to our day.

Wednesday came with some freshly fallen snow. We went and taught the Plan of Salvation to Nancy Fox who crazily 
enough had lost her husband 4 years prior. She was struggling a bit with it being the anniversary of his death, but how
appropriate that we had planned this lesson that answered her questions and brought peace for her concerns. Heavenly
Father was truly aware of her needs and helped us throughout the lesson. We then went and dropped Mandy and Brad.
They aren't quite ready to get married which means they won't be able to get baptized. It was heartbreaking to see that
they weren't willing to make this step in order to come closer to our Heavenly Father, but we will send missionaries 
back in the future and see if they are ready. If only people would see the importance of eternal families! We are so 
blessed to have the restored gospel upon the earth and to have a knowledge that if we make and keep our covenants 
with our Heavenly Father, we will be together forever! 

Thursday, we made cake during lunch and brought it over to a less-active lady's house for her birthday. We got to sing
to her and wore cute birthday hats which we took pictures of, no worries! We also got to eat dinner at the Thorpes' 
house, got free hot chocolate from the local gas station (the nice young man behind the counter bought it for us!), and 
ended the night with a meeting with President Pitt, the zone leaders, and the assistants. This meeting was a mini 
mission leader council and was so helpful! It got Sister Kitto and I excited to further help the sisters and the work in 
this mission! I love my mission president. He is one of the most amazing and inspired men! Wow! I am so blessed to 
get to serve around him and his sweet wife. Love them!

Friday, we drove to Beckley for interviews and on the way had ourselves a little adventure! The snow and ice were 
pretty thick on the road and the GPS took us on this back back road. We were in a 15 passenger van with 2 other sets 
of elders, (the driver being from Las Vegas and had never driven in snow before) driving on a one way road in ice and
snow. One of the sides was a rock wall, an the other was a drop-off into the river. Let's just say, many prayers were 
said, many angels assisted, and we made it safely. I will also include some pictures from that experience. I wish I 
could attach videos! Fun times! No worries, we will never do that again. We made it to Beckley and began our district
meeting and during the meeting had interviews. During my interview President Pitt asked what I thought the number 
one concern of the sisters was at this time. I talked about how some sisters are rationalizing not doing their best. For 
example. "It's too cold, we don't have to go out," or, "We need to become more united in order to work, let's go get a 
frosty." What we need them to do is get excited and "bond" over doing missionary work! Go tracting! That is always 
a bonding experience! Do some service! Forget yourself! All of these things help with missionary work along with 
helping us become strengthened. We are hoping to restore the excitement to the work! President Pitt ended the 
interview by saying, "The Lord is making you into something, specialer." haha He then realized that that probably 
wasn't a word, but I said, "It is now!" haha I love it! We then got special permission to go to the Tamarack (a West 
Virginian cultural experience) and while we were there I bought some coal that had been shaped into a lighthouse. I 
guess it is something President Pitt said we all needed to experience. The Tamarack is a huge store that is filled with 
everything made in West Virginia, about West Virginia, and by West Virginians. It was pretty pricey, but fun! They 
had a glass-blower there who was fun to watch and other fun things. Again, I would have bought way more if I was 
not on a budget. They had gorgeous quilts for thousands of dollars. Fun times! We then went on an exchange with 
Beckley sisters. Sister Davis came with me back to Charleston. We then got to work. We went tracting and a nice lady
(who was not interested) gave us hot chocolate. She doesn't know that she is going to be getting baptized yet. ;) We 
then taught a few other people and had a great exchange!

Saturday, we drove back to Beckley to exchange back and Sister Kitto and Scarff both had a wonderful experience as 
well! Exchanges help us know how to best help the sisters move forward and become better missionaries. We always 
learn so much! Saturday night, we were driving to contact a former investigator and when we drove up, they clearly 
weren't home. Right then...a blizzard hit!!!! Within 2 minutes the roads were covered and we began inching our way 
home. It was crazy! I've never seen anything like it! We were then stuck inside for the remainder of the night, so we 
did some training and dinner. They wouldn't even let the snow plows on the road or ambulances. 

One thing I've failed to mention is that every day this week it has snowed! Also every day this week we've seen Lisa! 
She is progressing so well and is completely ready for baptism! We are so excited for her! She will be our newest 
member on Sunday, the 2nd of February (which I've also been told is Super Bowl Sunday) haha 

Sunday was our miracle day for the week. We woke up and were so worried church would be cancelled. Sunday was 
going to be Lisa's baptismal interview and we were really wanting to get this done. Amazingly enough, our ward was 
the only one not cancelled in the entire stake! Lisa drove us to church and passed her interview with flying colors! 
She is one elect lady! This is not all...I don't remember if you remember, but a couple weeks back, 4 to be exact, we 
dropped a lady named Angela Dorsey because she wasn't wanting to give up coffee. She was the one that had been 
meeting with the missionaries for 18 years and had never truly been dropped. The mission president was so proud of 
us for dropping her. He said that there are miracles with drops. Well, we saw one today! As we were waiting for 
church to start, Angela walked in and said that she hadn't drunk coffee in 1 month and that she was going to talk to 
the bishop about getting baptized! I just about passed out! Holy moly! Miracles truly do happen! She is going to be 
baptized on February 9th! We were in shock and were so extremely happy!!! Life is amazing! We then ended the 
night by finding a guy named Shane who is very interested in learning more and he is going to have his whole family 
in on the lesson when we meet on Wednesday. What an amazing week!

I love being a missionary and I love this gospel! I'm so grateful to get to serve right now and I know that miracles 
truly are still happening today! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is another witness of our Savior 
Jesus Christ. If you have any struggles, questions, fears, worries, or concerns. Read the Book of Mormon along with 
prayer and you will receive your answer! Our Heavenly Father loves all of His children and wants to communicate 
with us! Prayers truly are answered!

I love you all so much and just know I pray for each family member by name! Dad, Mom, Grandma, Mike, Kim, 
Kortlynn, Chandon, Madisen, Alexa, Trace, Cody, Rhett, Alysia, Rex, Hannah, Seth, Jack, Sam, Grace, Jared, 
Bridget, Mason, Brigham, Steven, Kortney, Dallin, Adam, Stephanie, Adysen, Hollen, Lane, Orinda, Matt, Tammy, 
Gideon, Oliver, and little baby girl (Margaret possibly?). :) I'm so stinking proud of each of you! I know that we will 
be an eternal family! I pray that each of you stays strong in your testimonies of this gospel, safe, and healthy! I hope 
you have the best day ever! Keep up the good work!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Me and Mandy
Picture 2 - Here are our cute birthday hats!
Picture 3 - The ride to Beckley..we didn't die!

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