Monday, February 24, 2014

Anna Herring

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February 24, 2014

What a beautiful week!

Sorry this truly is going to be a short email, but just know that things are sunny and wonderful here in South Charleston! Other than the random snowstorm last night, things have been great!

Here is a quick recap of the week:

Monday - We went to dinner with the Cotrells, and had a great P-Day! Love Mondays!

Tuesday - We met Donna and Keith and have started teaching both of them! Donna's sister is a member of the church and so she has recently become interested. Keith has met with missionaries before and is ready to change! (He's an interesting fella, but we hope we can help him!) He kind of reminds me of Jim Carrey on A Series of Unfortunate Events minus the evil villain part. :) Oh! And we went to go visit a cute lady and her crazy tiny dogs bit me! My whole hand went numb, but it is a good memory. :) Fun times! I'm okay, luckily they were tiny!

Wednesday - Is Walk and Talk Wednesday and so we did a lot of walking and talking! (I think of Brian Regan every time they say the phrase) haha But NO ONE was out! It was a beautiful day and no one was walking! Crazy! So we decided to pick up trash as we went and were able to hopefully help some people see some good service. We also had a dinner appointment have to cancel, so we decided to try and find a cute place to eat. One man in Rite Aid said to try his little bistro across the street. It is called the Bridge Road Bistro. Doesn't that sound quaint? Well, we decided to check it out and as soon as they seated us, we realized this was not some little place to eat, but a 5-Star Restaurant! The meals on the menu were at least $20 each!!! Yikes! We quickly went to the appetizer page as they were bringing us bread and butter shaped like flowers and found a cheap answer to our problem. We both got a cup of soup for $4 each and then split a meal. It was again a fun memory! :)

Thursday - We had the most amazing zone conference! President Pitt talked about becoming the 4th type of missionary. There was a talk given about 4 different types of missionaries and how we want to be the 4th. I will have to look up the talk to tell you who gave it, but it was awesome! Sister Pitt also talked about prayer. She said that when we pray, it is as if our Savior was praying for us. Prayer is a way to align our will with our Heavenly Father's. She is amazing and I learned so much from this meeting! The assistants also talked about connecting with people and not planning what we have to say while they are talking, but instead listening to them and praying for the Holy Ghost to help us know what to say. I've tried that this week and miracles have happened! We also got a new set of goals for 2014 which focus on obedience and getting back to the fundamentals of missionary work. Again, we've been applying all that we learned and have already seen miracles! 

Friday - We began teaching Bill and Mary Wagoner. They are a Presbyterian couple in their 70s and like to discuss the gospel with the missionaries. We might even have a lesson with their Pastor some day. Doesn't that sound exciting? Serving this mission has truly shown me how much the gospel of Jesus Christ just makes sense! It is true! We have the full gospel on the Earth today! We are so blessed! I'm learning so much each day and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm grateful I've been called to the Bible Belt. It is a blessing for me! We also did some service for a family in the ward and got to teach Mandy and Brad. We are focusing on helping Brad know that there is a God and that he does have a purpose in this life. They are preparing to be baptized on April 13th when Brad comes to know that this is the restored gospel! 

Saturday - We got to go teach Keith again with Sidney (a girl in the ward). We aren't allowed to teach in a man's home unless a woman is there, so we always bring another woman. We also got to teach Donna again and we set up some service with one of our investigators named Jesse. He is one of my favorite men! He reminds me of Mickey Rooney! So fun! He lives up in a holler and we found him one day while walking to Family Dollar. We had a miraculous day though, because on our way to each lesson, we made it a goal to pull over and talk to every person that we saw! It was a blast! Ooh! Especially the lady who thought that Sister Larrabee was my daughter...what the?! She is only 3 years younger than me! haha I had a good laugh from it though. It was a great day! Oh and we had correlation in the morning at Brother Cotrell's house with a beautiful breakfast of biscuits and gravy, sausage, and eggs. (Doesn't that sound wonderful mom?) ;) I'm so much my mother's daughter! I love Frosted Flakes and pretty much any cereal! It was a great breakfast though. 

Sunday - We got to go to church and 2 of our investigators, John and Gloria, came! John is 23 and recently got out of the army and so he is living with his 87 year old grandma, Gloria. He has such potential! He is very open to learning and knows his Bible! We are excited to see what happens there! Lisa wasn't able to come because she had her tooth pulled and her medication knocked her out until noon, so we went by to see her after church and she said that she had read her Book of Mormon and highlighted a bunch! haha She is so cute! We then went to the new member fireside at the Bishop's house that they have once a month. We have a great bishop and he tries to do as much missionary work as possible. We ended the night by visiting the Scragg family who live up in a holler. That's when the snow hit. We got home safely though and just laughed how the weather can go from 70s to 30s within hours. So weird! We love it though! I can hardly wait for spring!

Today we got to go bowling with the assistants, the zone leaders, and the district leader. It was a blast! Note: I'm a terrible bowler! I kept on having the movie "Return to Me" play in my mind when they are cheering, "68! 68! 68! ....66! 66! 66!" Oh and yes I did make friends with the cute old men in the next lane. That is my favorite thing to do! The elders just laugh that I always make friends with old men when we bowl. They said I should use it as a finding activity. haha Good times!

Well, those were the highlights! Oh funny story, a lady in our ward went to get ice cream and ran into Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. She got a picture with them and showed it to us...Ever since then my dream is to give them a Book of Mormon and I totally dreamed about it a couple nights ago! It's going to happen, I just know it! haha 

I'm so grateful to be serving this mission! Each day it continually surprises me that I'm on a mission! I love it! I get to talk about the gospel all day! I get to serve people all day! I get to share my testimony and pray all day! Even on the hard moments, I get to be a missionary! Wow! 

Sister Larrabee and I are going to continue working our tails off. Thank you for all the prayers and support! I love each of you! I know this gospel is true! I know when we feel as if we can't take a step further and when it seems like it is time to give up, is when our Savior truly carries us. I have seen our Heavenly Father's hand in this work and I know that He is with me every step of the way. I love this gospel! I love the Book of Mormon! It is true!

Have the best week ever!


Sister Herring 

P.S. Sorry for no pictures this week! Next week for sure! Again, Happy Birthday Rhett!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Anna Herring

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to meErin
Pictures 1 and 2  - Snow

Picture 3 - Cleaning off our neighbor's car. (Yes, I made Sister Kitto do all the work!) haha jk

Picture 4 - More snow!

Anna Herring

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Picture 1 - Love the trees!

Picture 2 - A car 

Picture 3 - The view from our apartment

Anna Herring

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Picture 1- The Dorseys and their humanlike dog, Magnum haha this dog is 160 pounds!

Picture 2 - My new companion! Sister Larrabee!

Picture 3 - My posterity! Sister Kitto and she is now training Sister Combs! Sister Pitt is sneaking up in the background :)

February 17, 2014

Hello family!

How are things out in the warm states? Guess what...It's supposed to get warm this week here! Yay! Oh 
and I hear that the Olympics are on, how are those?! Is it true they are in Russia? I wonder if Rex has 
heard much about them! :) 

So! Sister Kitto is now in Teays Valley and my new companion is Sister Larrabee! She is amazing! I'm so 
excited for this transfer! She wants to be exactly obedient, she has a super strong testimony, and she loves 
being a missionary! Yay! That's all I need! :) Bonus is the fact that she is actually a VISA waiter (blessing). 
She is waiting to get her visa so that she can go to Brazil. Maybe I will learn some Portuguese! She has to 
do at least 30 minutes of language study every day and so I decided to do what I could with her. We sing a 
hymn everyday in Portuguese and then I ask her random words throughout the day. :) It is awesome! Oh 
and she is 4'11" so I'm nearly a foot taller than her which is so fun! I truly am so excited about this transfer! 
Good times!

This past week before transfers was a bit hard due the weather, but Sister Kitto and I made the most of it. 
We got our broom and some shovels and went to work. It was funny though because it would snow enough 
to cover everything we did, so we weren't able to get too much done. We ended up getting about 10 inches 
total. Not too bad! We then went to work saying goodbye to everyone so that Sister Kitto could have some 

We also were able to find new people to teach which was exciting and it is amazing that there truly is a 
prepared person on every street! I have full faith of that! 

Sunday, we had a great experience because the bishop out of nowhere asked Lisa and Angela to bare 
their testimonies...yikes! I was a nervous wreck! But they both did it and it was amazing! Lisa came back 
and sat down and whispered to me, "I've never been so peaceful!" She said it felt so good to share what 
she knew to be true and her testimony was so touching! She is one outstanding lady! She is one of the 
reasons I love this area. Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf. 

We then had another surprise when Brother Cotrell (one of our favorite members) got called to be the new 
ward mission leader! Hallelujah! I loved our other ward mission leader, Brother Frost, but now Brother 
Cotrell (the one that baptized Lisa) will help us take it to another level! Our first meeting with him I got so 
excited! His wife and family are wonderful! They are the ones we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with, 
in fact, we are eating dinner out their house tonight! Woohoo! I would be okay if one of my nieces or 
nephews married one of their kids haha I just had to say it. :)

So, ya! That was pretty much our week! Nothing too exciting...but just wait for next week's letter! Wow! I
can't even imagine all the exciting things that are waiting to be written! heehee 

I love you all so much! I hope you know how amazing each of you are! I have the best family and friends 
on the planet! I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I am trying to use every moment I have. I 
know this time is short and precious, so I don't want to waste a minute! I love this gospel and I'm so
grateful to have grown up in a home where the gospel principles were a priority. Thank you Mom and Dad
for your constant examples and for each of my siblings that make the temple the priority! Aren't we lucky
to be getting a temple in Gilbert?!  I can't wait to see and hear about all the celebrations and activities
surrounding this event. I will be going there when I get home! I invite each person reading this letter to go
to the temple! Whether the Gilbert or any other. Go to the temple! Make it a priority! We have the restored
gospel! We need to take advantage of all the blessings our Heavenly Father wants to bestow upon us! 

Okay, I'll let you go! :)
Sister Herring

P.S. Happy Birthday Rhett on the 24th! You're turning 24 right? ;) I knew it! Thank you for being one of the 
best brother's-in-law! I have decided I have the best 4 ever! Thank you for treating my sister so wonderfully!

Picture 1 - Brother Cotrell and his daughter brought us Chick-Fil-A! Yay!
Picture 2 - We put plastic bags on our feet to keep them warm!
Picture 3 - Helping in the snow! Crazy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014
1 message

Hello hello!

Sorry for the late email! It is transfers week and we are finally getting to email! A lot has happened and is going to continue to happen this week! First of all, drum roll please...Sister Kitto is going to be training this next transfer! She is the only sister in the mission and can I just say I'm proud? haha She is a fantastic missionary and I'm pumped to see all she will do! I'm going to be staying in South Charleston for another transfer. I'm not sure who my companion will be yet, but I'm so excited to stay. The good thing is, we are almost 100% sure she is not being transferred out of the zone, so I will still get to see Sister Kitto a lot! We will even get to do exchanges! This is the first time since I've been on the mission that I will not be either training or being trained and I think it will be great! I will let you know on Monday who the new companion will be. I'm going to miss Sister Kitto like crazy, but I know she will continue to work miracles in her next transfer. 

The other big news of the week is Sister Angela Dorsey got baptized!!! After 19 years of meeting with the missionaries, she got baptized! Sister Kitto and I got to be the missionaries to witness the wonderful event. It was so neat! President Pitt spoke at the baptism, and because she wanted it to be a small event, it was a special occasion. The best part was right after she was baptized, she squealed and raised her hands in excitement, then as she walked up the steps from the font, we wrapped her in a towel and she burst into tears while saying, "That was amazing! Thank you! I feel so good!" Whoo! I was in tears, Sister Kitto was in tears, and the spirit was so strong! She was so ready for this and she felt so good after being baptized! The gospel truly changes people's lives! I'm so grateful to have been one of the missionaries to witness this event. I will never forget it!

Sunday, both Lisa New and Angela Dorsey were confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost and I again was amazed to get to be a part of their lives. They are strong women of faith and their lives will forever be changed and improved because of the blessings and knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Angela Dorsey is now planning on being sealed in the temple to her husband in a year. I could be there! Yay! I'm so grateful for the temple and the covenants and blessings we receive there.

Other than the baptism and the transfer news, it has been a pretty normal week. We are continuing to try and find people and to keep this area strong. We are working on not only having investigators but having each of our investigators progressing. Meaning, keeping their commitments, coming to church, praying, reading the scriptures, and any other commandment that might help them come closer to Christ.

Funny story for you. We began writing emails this morning around 10:30, and as I was writing, this man came up and asked me to find where in the Bible it named the twelve apostles. I found it for him and then he began talking about the church. At first I was excited and felt like he was really getting everything we were saying and then he began to talk really strange. Sister Kitto came and joined me and after 2 hours, he was saying that he was an angel and that God had called him to testify of Jesus Christ in bars. He said that we (as missionaries) were not going everywhere, so he had to do it. He said he would go into a bar, buy a beer, and then drink it! Talk about testifying! haha We were not getting anywhere and when he began to try and convince us that every name in the Bible was a different spirit/person, we decided it was time to go. For example Jesus was a different person/spirit than Jesus Christ. Huh? Oh and that the Holy Ghost was not the same as the Holy Spirit. He told us he had been drinking the night before and I think this might have caused him some brain damage. What a sad thing to see! Truly, alcohol kills brain cells and changes personalities. We are teaching one lady who's son has early forms of dementia due to alcohol. He is in his early 50s and has had it for 10 years! So sad! And people wonder why we have the Word of Wisdom! I testify that it is a revelation from God through the Prophet Joseph Smith and I'm grateful to have grown up knowing the truth! We quickly left and went out to lunch and ran some more errands, but now we're back! What a fun day!

I love reading Rex's and Kortlynn's letter and realizing that even though we are different countries, the missionary work is the same! (I'm so jealous Kortlynn has an iPad!) :) But every Thursday, we all are doing our weekly planning, every day we are sharing the gospel and looking for prepared people, every Sunday we are in church! I love reading their emails and being strengthened by their faith and diligence. I can't imagine trying to share the gospel while speaking Russian or Japanese. I'm having a hard enough time with Appalachian American English! :) Rex and Kortlynn! You are both amazing! I know there are hard days, even times when you think you can't do another day, but keep up the good work! I've realized on those days when it seems that no one is listening, that someone is. Our Heavenly Father is there every step of the way! He loves us and is supporting us through our trials. Quick note: Rex, I just realized I never told you, but my companion's brother served in the Baltic mission. If you ever hear about an Elder Kitto, that's him! Sister Kitto told me today that he had a lot of hard work to do there, but he is now one of the most amazing men! (At least that's what he sounds like.) He's married and the father of 2 kids and he is a spiritual giant because he learned how to rely on his Heavenly Father and work through the rough times. I know that this is what the 3 of us are learning. If anything, we are learning to rely on our Heavenly Father and the truthfulness of this gospel. I love you both!

That is one thing I've experienced lately. As you know, this is part of the Bible Belt and we have many people who profess to know the Bible front to back. This fact made me extremely nervous when I first got here, but the thing I've learned is to rely on the spirit to help you know what to say and do. Usually a scripture will come to mind to answer questions, and if not, I simply testify of what I know is true. We never Bible Bash (although that is a possibility), but when we testify, the spirit carries our message to their heart. I've also learned the power of prayer. Heavenly Father hears and answers every single prayer!

I went on an exchange with the Parkersburg sisters and got to teach a Jehovah Witness couple. That was fun! They pulled out their Bibles and we had a great discussion. I love how the gospel of Jesus Christ makes sense! It is so fun to teach!

Oh! We also had the mission leader conference, and two zone meetings this past week. Sister Kitto and I got to teach a small portion to our zones (the Charleston and the Parkersburg) and we learned so much! I don't know if you got the email from President Pitt, but this past weekend, the mission had 19 baptisms! Woohoo! The work is truly moving forward! I'm so grateful to be a part of it at this time. 

Thank you Mom and Bridget for the lovely Valentine's Day packages! So cute! Oh and I hope Gideon had a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Sam! I love you! Also, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! 44 years and still going strong! You are great examples to me. I love you all so much and I pray for you daily! I'm so grateful to be serving in the West Virginia Charleston Mission! Keep on being amazing!

Sister Herring

P.S. Matt or mom or someone. Can you fix my facebook account so that people can add me as a friend? For some reason I have the settings on it that makes it impossible for anyone to add me/find me. It is a bit annoying. :) Even though I'm not on it right now. I love you all again! Have the best day ever!

Picture 1 - A few icicles?!
Picture 2 - Sister Dorsey's baptism
Picture 3 - She is like 5'2" maybe...haha I love her

Anna Herring

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to me

Picture 1 - The Pitts

Monday, February 3, 2014

A couple more baptism pics!

Brother Cotrell baptized Lisa. The second pic is Lisa after her baptism with the Cotrells. :)

Lisa's baptism! The other person in the pictures is Lisa's daughter, Kit.

February 3, 2014
Dear family!

What a glorious week! Lisa got baptized!!! It was a little stressful to get the baptism organized, but it turned out wonderful! She is one special lady and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it! This week we saw her everyday to make sure she felt completely prepared and at peace. We wanted to keep her focused and excited. She didn't need our help. She was so ready for the baptism! It was a great experience!

Other than the baptism, we did a lot of tracting (due to the better weather) and we met some very prepared people. It is usually really not the best to tract in the colder weather because people don't really want to open the door and if they do, they want it to be quick. Whenever I am not wanting to go tracting in the cold, I tell myself, "Rex is doing this in Russia! I can do this!" haha Rex you inspire me! We met one man because on our records a member lived in his home. That member doesn't live there anymore, but this man is very open to the gospel! We then found another girl who goes to a non-denominational church. We didn't think she was very interested, but after we left, she texted us and said, "Where is church and when? You were both so wonderful today and I'm grateful you knocked on my door." What the?! We were so excited! We then met another lady whose grandmother was Mormon, mother wanted to be, and she already had a Book of Mormon! She is so prepared and has been by our Heavenly Father! Although they say that tracting is not the best way to do missionary work, it is the way that Sister Kitto and I have the most success! We meet so many people, share so many amazing experiences, and have miracles happen through this. We try not to do it all the time, but when we do, we get excited. It is awesome! (Except for cold days) hahaha Keep up the good work Rex and Kortlynn!

We also got to see Mandy this week and she has been really reading the Book of Mormon and is praying about a date to baptized! She knows she needs to be baptized, but now it is up to her about when. We hope she will realize that she shouldn't wait until next June! That is way too far! 

Also, Sister Dorsey is preparing to be baptized on next Sunday! She passed her interview, and we are so excited that we get to see at least 2 baptisms together! It has been neat to see the Lord's hand in this work! We simply have been obedient and diligent in the work and now things are happening! We get to go to the Mission Leadership Council tomorrow with all the other Sister Training Leaders, the Zone Leaders, the Assistants and President Pitt. I'm so excited! I always learn so much! I will let you know how it goes!

Okay, okay...I'll tell you about the baptism already! haha Sunday morning, we stopped by Lisa's and she was already dressed! (Church doesn't start until 1, but she was ready by 10.) We gave her a pep talk and were on our way to Ward Council. We then had to wait through all of church! Lisa's daughter, Kit, came which was a miracle! It was very important to Lisa to have family there, so we were happy for that. We had an amazing Fast and Testimony meeting which I was grateful for. The spirit was very strong and everything felt right! Lisa was ready. After church was over, we went and she got into her white dress. It was beautiful! (I was in my princess skirt heehee). Oh and I just found out from the Cotrells that the princess in the movie "Frozen" is named Anna! How awesome is that?! Wow, off topic...Back to the story. :) We took our pictures, then went in and sat down. Things got a bit stressful when the ward mission leader decided to start 5 minutes early. Brother Cotrell hadn't had time to get ready! It was a bit crazy! But, as soon as the program started, everything calmed down. Sister Wunderly gave a great talk on baptism and it was then time. We walked Lisa to the font and she gave us a big hug before going in. Of course both Sister Kitto and I were crying. It went fast and the rest was a blur, but everything turned out perfect! Next Sunday she will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in Ward Conference (where we might be getting a new bishop) and then she will be welcomed as the newest member of the church. I don't know why, but our current bishop likes baptisms to be on Sunday and then the confirmations the next week. It is not my favorite, but we are supportive. 

Well, that was my week! Awesome right? The water is still on a boil warning. Meaning we aren't allowed to drink it unless we boil it, but I don't mind that. We just use water bottles. It is snowing right now and has been all morning, but that is okay too! Life is good! Missionary work is amazing and I love every day! I love this gospel and I'm so grateful I'm serving in the best mission in the world! I hope you all know how much I love each of you! I again am praying for you daily. I hope all goes well this week with what each of you is having to do. Stay warm! (I know it's hard in Arizona and Nevada haha) 

Funny story for the week: Sister Kitto and I have begun talking to each other in our sleep! A lot! We wake each other up and it is awesome! haha Last night I woke up to hear Sister Kitto say, "Wow! When you do what God asks, your whole family is affected! He is so proud of you!" I giggled knowing she was probably teaching Lisa. What a great companion I have! haha It makes me feel better when I begin talking. One night she told me to grab the phone and as she woke up, she asked me what I was doing, I then woke up and realized we'd both been sleeping! Oh and one night I woke up at 3 a.m. thinking it was 6:30 and flipped on the light. I quickly realized my mistake and jumped back into bed. Good times! 

I love this work! I love my mission president and his sweet wife. I love this gospel more and more each day! This is my time with my Heavenly Father and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Have the best day ever!
Sister Herring

P.S. Today marks 7 months on the mission haha or we call it our "click" day. I don't know where that came from, mission lingo I guess. I think I'm going to get an oreo shake from Chick-Fil-A for that! haha Fun times!