Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hello family!

How are things out in the warm states? Guess what...It's supposed to get warm this week here! Yay! Oh 
and I hear that the Olympics are on, how are those?! Is it true they are in Russia? I wonder if Rex has 
heard much about them! :) 

So! Sister Kitto is now in Teays Valley and my new companion is Sister Larrabee! She is amazing! I'm so 
excited for this transfer! She wants to be exactly obedient, she has a super strong testimony, and she loves 
being a missionary! Yay! That's all I need! :) Bonus is the fact that she is actually a VISA waiter (blessing). 
She is waiting to get her visa so that she can go to Brazil. Maybe I will learn some Portuguese! She has to 
do at least 30 minutes of language study every day and so I decided to do what I could with her. We sing a 
hymn everyday in Portuguese and then I ask her random words throughout the day. :) It is awesome! Oh 
and she is 4'11" so I'm nearly a foot taller than her which is so fun! I truly am so excited about this transfer! 
Good times!

This past week before transfers was a bit hard due the weather, but Sister Kitto and I made the most of it. 
We got our broom and some shovels and went to work. It was funny though because it would snow enough 
to cover everything we did, so we weren't able to get too much done. We ended up getting about 10 inches 
total. Not too bad! We then went to work saying goodbye to everyone so that Sister Kitto could have some 

We also were able to find new people to teach which was exciting and it is amazing that there truly is a 
prepared person on every street! I have full faith of that! 

Sunday, we had a great experience because the bishop out of nowhere asked Lisa and Angela to bare 
their testimonies...yikes! I was a nervous wreck! But they both did it and it was amazing! Lisa came back 
and sat down and whispered to me, "I've never been so peaceful!" She said it felt so good to share what 
she knew to be true and her testimony was so touching! She is one outstanding lady! She is one of the 
reasons I love this area. Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf. 

We then had another surprise when Brother Cotrell (one of our favorite members) got called to be the new 
ward mission leader! Hallelujah! I loved our other ward mission leader, Brother Frost, but now Brother 
Cotrell (the one that baptized Lisa) will help us take it to another level! Our first meeting with him I got so 
excited! His wife and family are wonderful! They are the ones we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with, 
in fact, we are eating dinner out their house tonight! Woohoo! I would be okay if one of my nieces or 
nephews married one of their kids haha I just had to say it. :)

So, ya! That was pretty much our week! Nothing too exciting...but just wait for next week's letter! Wow! I
can't even imagine all the exciting things that are waiting to be written! heehee 

I love you all so much! I hope you know how amazing each of you are! I have the best family and friends 
on the planet! I'm so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I am trying to use every moment I have. I 
know this time is short and precious, so I don't want to waste a minute! I love this gospel and I'm so
grateful to have grown up in a home where the gospel principles were a priority. Thank you Mom and Dad
for your constant examples and for each of my siblings that make the temple the priority! Aren't we lucky
to be getting a temple in Gilbert?!  I can't wait to see and hear about all the celebrations and activities
surrounding this event. I will be going there when I get home! I invite each person reading this letter to go
to the temple! Whether the Gilbert or any other. Go to the temple! Make it a priority! We have the restored
gospel! We need to take advantage of all the blessings our Heavenly Father wants to bestow upon us! 

Okay, I'll let you go! :)
Sister Herring

P.S. Happy Birthday Rhett on the 24th! You're turning 24 right? ;) I knew it! Thank you for being one of the 
best brother's-in-law! I have decided I have the best 4 ever! Thank you for treating my sister so wonderfully!

Picture 1 - Brother Cotrell and his daughter brought us Chick-Fil-A! Yay!
Picture 2 - We put plastic bags on our feet to keep them warm!
Picture 3 - Helping in the snow! Crazy!

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