Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Anna Herring

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to meErin
Hello family!!!
I'm not sure how much time I have, so this might be short, but here's the information for you! I'm staying in South Hills for another transfer with Sister Larrabee!!! Wahoo! I'm so excited! She will be getting her visa this transfer which means I could also be staying here until June! What a huge blessing! I love this area and the people in it. Even though that would mean I would be here for 7.5 months, I'm okay with that! I love being in the center of the mission and getting to learn from the leadership of the mission. They are great elders and I love serving around them! We are to make our areas the examples for the mission (no pressure). :) Also, just like Rex, I'm hitting my halfway point...crazy! Missions should not go by this fast! I still have a lot to do and so little time!

Oh and we are getting an extra sister for a couple weeks named Sister Searle. She was called to the Nauvoo Temple mission and for 6 months during that mission they send them to another mission to give them a typical mission experience, similar to the Salt Lake City sisters. She is heading back to her mission on the 10th of April, so we get her until then. It will be fun!
The other big news is....Chandon!!! You are going to Washington, D.C.!!! What areas does your mission cover? Crystal City? Arlington? Mount Vernon? I taught at an inner-city school in Northeast Washington, D.C. I'm going to need all the details! I have some referrals for you! Man, I've never been so excited! You are going to absolutely love it! And it will love you! :) Does your mission include, Anacostia? I'll have some stories for you if that is the case. haha  But again, congrats!
Other than that, this week has been pretty low key. Sister Larrabee got sick again for a day, my camera broke (so we're going today to get it fixed), and we met some great people! We also got to help Lisa move in some new beds which was fun and she is doing well. There are miracles happening each and every day!
Daniel, the one we met last week is also doing amazing! We taught him this week about Alma the Younger and in Alma 36 where he is relating his conversion story. We read a few verses to Daniel and by the end of it, he was in tears and said, "That's me!" It was such a powerful lesson and we are excited to see what the gospel will do for him.
Another fun story was when Sister Larrabee accidentally left my scriptures in Parkersburg. We went on exchanges this week with those sisters and as we were unloading their things from our car, she took my scriptures (trying to be helpful) and left them there. (Parkersburg is about 1.5 hours away.) When we got back I was looking for my scripture case which has my life in it, and Sister Larrabee realized it had been left. I tried to make lemonade from lemons and prayed for the ability to find scriptures without my scriptures. Heavenly Father definitely has answered that promise. All week I've been able to teach and use the scriptures more than I ever have! I never thought that I'd have a companion that called me a scriptorian. Wow! It has been an amazing gift that I'm so grateful for! It has also showed me that my months of prayers to be able to memorize scriptures and their references has been answered. When I came on my mission that was one of my biggest weaknesses. I didn't know the scriptures well enough to flip to a verse to share! I've been working hard to develop this gift and praying for it daily, and now I'm seeing the fruits of my labors. It is truly a humbling experience to know that I could not do this without my Heavenly Father. The spirit is the one doing the teaching, and I'm simply an instrument, but I need to do all I can to know the doctrine.
Let's see, I've been healthy, I've been happy, and I've been loving my life! I love being a missionary and getting to talk about the gospel to the people in the GoMart next door, to the people walking their dog, and to each person I meet. It is the scariest and most exciting thing I've ever done! I will never regret serving a mission (just like Mike and so many others told me). I suggest it for everyone! It has changed my life, and I know it will help improve each person that makes the decision to go.
Mom and Dad! I hope you too will get to go when the time is right. I'm so excited for Aunt Madge and Uncle John! How exciting! Sorry this is so mixed up and not organized, but I'm just waiting for the elders to say it is time to go. Our car is in the shop today getting inspected, so the zone leaders (Elder Stout from Las Vegas, and Elder Fehlberg from somewhere in Idaho) are driving us around. We are then meeting up with other missionaries to go to the museum. Oh and it is snowing outside! Spring will someday be here, I hope!
I hope you have the most wonderful day ever! I love you all more than I can say in words! Have the most beautiful day, may it be warm and happy where you are!
I'll try to send pictures next week.
Sister Herring

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