Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014


Anna Herring

9:52 AM (9 hours ago)
to meErin
Hello! Hello!

Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! These words perfectly express how I'm feeling 
today! The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and this week is full of possibilities! Could I ask for more?! 
I think not...maybe just all of West Virginia asking to be baptized. ;) We'll work on that.

This week we gave it our all! Boy did we! We started on Monday by having Family Home Evening with 
Lisa and Kit. Kit, her daughter, was pretty excited about the lesson and the spirit was so strong! We also 
got to invite at least 5 people to learn! Let me explain what that is! We are working as a mission to talk to 
every person possible and to invite each person we talk to learn about the gospel. It was bit intimidating at 
first, but now it is an exciting adventure each time we do it! It is bringing great miracles across the mission 
and is making us excited as missionaries. I don't know about Kortlynn and Rex, but sometimes we would 
spend time talking to someone then they would end up not being interested and at times I'd feel like 
maybe that was a waste of time. Now I see that every time we make an invitation for someone to learn, 
every time we talk to someone, every time we get out and work with all our might, something good comes 
from it! Whether that is we find someone new to teach, or we are strengthened in our confidence as 
missionaries. It is definitely inspiring! Oh and it is especially fun when the person is grumpy. Hopefully our 
kindness will brighten their day. Sometimes we just giggle as we walk away thinking about how fun that 
story will be to tell our kids. :) 

Tuesday we went to the Mission Leader Council where we learned basic leadership skills and skills to 
apply the new goals of the mission. The mission president recently created new goals for this year and we 
are all working our hardest to accomplish these. They are creating an increase of faith across the mission! 
We then went to contact some former investigators and were able to meet a Muslim man named Dr. 
Abdeen (not sure how to spell those). The missionaries met with him about 4 years ago. He is more 
interested in the intellectual aspect of learning rather than for conversion, but he asks great questions and 
it is neat when the spirit takes over. I know I wouldn't have been able to do this before the mission or 
without the help of the Holy Ghost. We will see what happens there.

Wednesday, we were able to meet with another former investigator named Francis. She has got to be one 
of my favorite people I've met so far. Here's her story. The missionaries taught her once last year and she 
was so excited about the gospel that they put her on date for June 2nd! The next week she had called 
them and dropped them saying that she didn't agree with the church. Well, on Sunday last week, this little 
old lady in our ward who lives in Francis's building told us that Francis was wanting to meet with us. We 
decided to try calling her. Sunday night we called her and she said, "Oh honey! I've been trying to contact 
you for weeks! I want to go to your church!" This is every missionaries dream! We set up an appointment 
to meet with her on Wednesday and as we were driving to that appointment, we realized that she was in 
the Zone Leader's area...uh oh. Well, we met with her and she said that after she had first met with the 
missionaries, some people in her building had told her that we didn't believe in God, we didn't believe in 
Jesus, and a bunch of other crazy untrue things. She decided to finally ask us what the truth was and as 
we taught her she said, "Now, I want to pay tithing, how can I do that?" haha She asked a bunch of great 
questions all the while not having any teeth. I seriously love her! She is in her 70s and makes me laugh! 
Sunday morning we called her to tell her that we had gotten her a ride to church and she said, "Thank ya 
babies! Praise God and the apostles!" haha How can you help but laugh?! Well, she came to church on 
Sunday and whispered to me, "I was going to wear a dress, but I forgot to change my clock and so I was 
scrambling to pull my breeches up when my ride came! Oh and my teeth are getting fixed right now, or I 
would have worn those!" haha Can I just say, I love my mission! She is only worried about having to give 
up coffee and tea, but we are pretty sure she will be baptized within the next month. We are working on 
her trusting men so that we can hand her over to the elders to teach her, after all, she is not in our area. 
We have special permission to teach her until she trusts men more. :) Keep Francis in your prayers!

Thursday we had a zone meeting where Sister Larrabee and I made cute decorations and taught about 
becoming the 4th missionary. (A great talk to look up). We then went on an exchange with the Beckley 
sisters, so Sister Long came to South Hills with me. We got to work and taught Keith, Mandy, and Jesse 
(or Old Man Jesse as they call him :)). We then ended the night visiting Lisa. She had a really rough week. 
Keith Mandy and Jesse are struggling to progress, so we might not be teaching them for much longer.

Friday, we exchanged back, then drove to Ripley to do an exchange with those sisters. Sister Curtis came 
to South Hills. We were able to see Nancy F., and Kay (a less-active lady in the ward). They were both 
great exchanges and we learned a bunch! We were also able to do a bunch of tracting up a holla' ;) and 
met a 97 year old man who is the coolest man ever! His name is Dewey and he acts like he is 19. He 
bounced around the house showing us his paintings and pictures of him from the Navy. So cute! We will 
definitely make good friends with him. :) Great guy! Not all there, but great guy! 

Saturday was a fun day! We finished our exchange and then went to see a referral. This referral was for a 
Baptist preacher. Wow! It was intense! We simply testified and he tried to argue, but we wouldn't. It is 
amazing to see the spirit work on people. He wasn't interested, but it definitely strengthened my testimony 
of the truthfulness of the gospel. It just makes sense! I'm so grateful for all I learn each day about how the 
spirit works, and how to better share what I know to be true.

Oh and now I'm 25! I'm a quarter of a century old! haha I'm pumped! Good times! Thank you for the 
packages, letters, emails, and support! I love you all!

Sunday, of course Francis (Frankie) came to church, then after church we took the bishop's daughter with 
us to teach some lessons. We went to see Nancy J. and the Wagoners who are a Presbyterian couple 
who are mainly interested in the intellectual aspect of learning as well. They are all great people, but not 
really looking to get baptized. That is one of our goals this week to find new "progressing" investigators. It 
will be exciting! We are excited to not have any major meetings, only one exchange, and a lot of beautiful 
weather to get out and work!

I love being a missionary! I know time is slipping by quickly, but I'm praying to use every minute the best I 
can. I can't wait for all the exciting news which will be coming in the next couple weeks. A new niece, a 
mission call, and so much more! Keep me informed! I love hearing anything and everything! Remember 
this church is true! The gospel has been restored! We are part of the hastening of the work! We are so 
blessed to live in this time!

Happy Anniversary Adam and Stephanie! Happy Birthday Kortney!!! Love you!

I love you all again! Have the best day ever!

Sister Herring 

P.S. I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa Dodge. Rex, now you have extra help from the other side of the veil. 
You are definitely not alone in your efforts. I love you! Keep up the good work!

Picture 1 - Our cute decorations at the zone meeting (the theme was olympics)
Picture 2 - We made these for our sisters. These are some of the new goals of the mission.
Picture 3 - This made me happy. They are wonderful! (Rindy, I got your text through them) heehee jk

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