Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Hello my dear family!

Can I just express how much I love being a missionary?! Nope...It's not possible! (There's a lot of love). haha This week has been one of the best of my mission! I've never worked so hard, and felt so good! Sister Larrabee is helping me to reach even higher than I've reached before! She may be 4'11" but she is full of faith and exactly what I needed this transfer. President Pitt is truly inspired. :)

We started off kind of slow on Monday, but Monday night we got a text from the Assistants telling us that we as leaders needed to set the example for the mission. The text had gone out to all the zone leaders and sister training leaders across the mission. With the new goals the mission has set and the new standard of excellence, the missionaries were a bit overwhelmed/discouraged that they weren't going to be able to reach such high goals, but we were there to inspire them and to show that it was possible. It required diligence, faith, and exact obedience to accomplish it! One of the goals of the mission is now to invite 5 people to learn each day. A sweet member in the ward took us out to eat at Los Agaves and we invited the waiter to learn, we then stopped at a gas station and invited a woman and the man sitting in the back of her truck to learn (they wanted to make sure the baby could sit in the truck cab with the mom, so the dad rode in the back :)). We then were still short 2 people, but as we walked up to our apartment, Heavenly Father placed 2 people in our path! Truly His hand is in this work. We got to work and found 5 people to invite to learn about the gospel and that was how it all started!

Tuesday, we went to our district meeting, out to lunch with the Bishop's wife (she made us soup), then went and checked on the Bays' Family. They told us that their daughter was in the hospital and mentioned that she wanted to paint her room purple when she got back, so Thursday, we painted it for her! It was an amazing experience, and her family's hearts are being softened. Sidney, is the only member in her family. She is 16 and was baptized last June. Her home life is not the best, but we are hoping to help her family become united in the gospel.

Wednesday, we went on exchanges with the Teays Valley sisters, Sister Kitto and Combs, and Sister Combs came to South Charleston with me! We were able to get 2 members to come to lessons with us to see a man named Rick and a woman named Peggy. Rick is a man that works with recovering alcoholics. And Peggy is this cute little old lady that lives alone with her cat. They are both somewhat interested in learning, but we are trying to help them progress. We also met with one very rude man, but we loved him anyway! We giggled as we left because of how grumpy he was...there's no reason for that! The way to get past the rude people is to find something funny that they say or do and then laugh at it! Not really, but it is also good to laugh at something you do in response! I always seem to make the best faces at those times...why hasn't anyone ever told me that my face makes funny faces all the time?! Although I can't see them, I can feel them! My companions get good laughs from them as well. By the end of the day we are all smiles. :)

Thursday, we got to do some weekly planning, painted Sidney's room, ate dinner with Thorpe's, visited some cute people, and ended the day at Lawrence's house. He was formerly Jewish and is now looking for answers to life's questions. We brought Sister Dorsey with us and the first thing she said was, "So you're Jewish? I don't know about that!" hahaha We were able to recover the lesson, but we giggled so hard at that first question. Sister Dorsey is one of the funniest people you will ever meet! I love her!

Friday, we made the mistake of driving about 40 minutes away (still in our area) to visit a less-active lady. She wasn't home, but her neighbor was outside, so we went to meet him. While we were talking to him, an old man came out of the house with his one tooth and said, "I saw some pretty ladies standing out here and needed a hug! Can I have a hug?!" For those of you who don't know, Sister missionaries are not supposed to hug men and this old man was no exception! He started coming toward us and we saved it by doing an awkward side pat. haha Good times! We then went on an adventure to see why we were in this area (there is a reason for everything!) and we were able to meet with another less-active lady and began teaching her caretaker! Again, tender mercy! We also had a fantastic lesson with Keith! He prayed for us! Woohoo!

Saturday, we went to the Family History Fair and two of our investigators came, with friends! Woohoo! It was a success and a great event. We then went to work and as we were walking out of our apartment, we saw a group of people across the street. They waved to us, so we walked over to invite them to learn. As we walked up, we saw that all of them had a can of beer in their hand (even the 87 year old woman) except for one man named Daniel. There was something in his eyes that stood out to us and it wasn't until Sister Larrabee started talking to the group that he turned to me and said, "Can you save me right now?" He had some desperation in his voice and you could tell that his eyes were screaming for help. I told him that we could come teach him what we believe and invite him to learn the truth for himself. I quickly got his address and then we were on our way. We got to see Mandy as well, and she asked us if she could come to church and we put her on date to be baptized on Easter! Exciting! All she needs to do is move out!

Sunday, we had another miracle happen. We hadn't been able to meet with Frankie this week because of her medication making her sick, but she called us Sunday morning and wanted to come to church! We found her, Mandy, and Lisa a ride then headed to church. As we got there, we found out that her ride wasn't able to contact her. They weren't able to pick her up, but as we sat down in Sacrament meeting, we saw her sitting on the front row! Frankie had found her own ride! She is such a funny lady! Lisa also got some new outfits so as she would say she was "styling and profiling" haha I love her! You would love her! I love each person we work with. They are just adorable! We then got to go to a double baptism after church for our mission leader's daughter and the assistant's investigator. It was great! We ended the night by driving in the snow up a back road to try and find Daniel. We asked for directions and finally were able to find his house! We found him! We taught him! He wants to be baptized on April 27th! Another miracle! We were driving home when we realized that all we needed was 4 more ITL's to hit the standard that the mission set for all the missionaries! We knew that Heavenly Father would place people in our path. We found 3 more people while driving back home and decided to quickly visit Lisa when we saw one more person walking in the snow down the hill. I pulled over and we invited him to learn and he said we could come back and teach him!!! Holy cow! We did it! It was a miracle week and we felt so tired but happy! Lisa then gave us some strawberry shortcake and we went home to scream and shout!

It was a glorious week and we are now excited for this coming week. This could possibly be our last week together, so we are working on making it the best! :) We have a few meetings and one more exchange, but other than that, we are ready to work hard! Transfers are next week on Wednesday, so P-Day will be on Tuesday. I will let you know then what we find out about what is happening. Who knows?! Anything is possible!

I just want you to know that I love this work! I love being a missionary right now! I love the people of West Virginia and every single snowflake. Okay, that last one might be a lie, but I truly do love it here. I'm praying for spring to get here, and I'm so excited to think of the coming months of warm weather. ;) Being a missionary is 10x's better when you aren't causing people to shiver on their doorsteps. :) This gospel is true! The Book of Mormon is true! We have a prophet today, ooh and conference is almost here! Get excited!

Happy Birthday Seth!!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Congratulations Mike on graduating, One Master's degree was not enough! Congratulations Matt and Tammy she looks beautiful!!! Good luck Chandon! Don't worry, your call will come!!! I'm so excited to hear what happen's this week!

Have the best day ever!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Last P-Day we got to use our coupon for one free doughnut! Woohoo!
Picture 2 - We love our cereal here. :)
Picture 3 - Here's a picture we took on our phone. (They call shopping carts, buggies out here.)

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