Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3,2014

Anna Herring

2:38 PM (2 hours ago)


We don't have much time to write this week due to the weather. Gotta love freezing temperatures, ice storms, and snow all day! Wow! Good times! Luckily, not much happened for me this week. Although it seems that a bunch has happened in Arizona. I was praying that everything went well this weekend and it looks like it did! 

This week poor Sister Larrabee got a stomach virus which took out a few of our work days. Luckily our wonderful elders brought her bananas and they brought me the copy of "Ephraim's Rescue". If you haven't seen it yet, it's a good one! Our mission president approved it and everything! Woohoo! But the cool news this week was Lisa was called to be the Relief Society Secretary! Wow! We were in shock, but know she can handle it. She is so excited to get involved and knows the Lord will help her.

This week we also got to help out in the musical part of the Elder's baptism. A girl named Jessica was baptized and I got to play the piano and Sister Larrabee lead the music. It was a great experience. I love being a missionary!

It has snowed a bunch over the past 24 hours and they say it should be getting below 7 tonight, but all is well! They keep us safe and I've become an excellent driver ;). haha

I'm so proud of all my family! What a great weekend. Congrats Alysia and Stephanie on the run, and great job with singing Mason and Brigham in the play. Also, great job to all who helped with the Cultural Celebration and the Temple Dedication.

During Sister Larrabee's sick days I decided to watch some Mormon Messages and one of them was the Ukraine temple dedication and I burst into tears thinking that Rex is in Russia helping serve those people and that we now have another beautiful temple in Arizona! We are so blessed to have this gospel in our lives! Share it with everyone! 

I love this work. I love each of you! Have the best day ever!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Sister Larrabee drew this cartoon about our experience. (The curly hair missionary is me.) hahaha Good times! Yes, this actually happened.

Picture 2 - Picture from this morning. It was taken at about 3 and it was 21 degrees outside. So cold!

Picture 3 - That blue blanket on the ground is my poor sick companion. So sad! She's all better now!

Love you!

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