Monday, April 14, 2014

Anna Herring

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Good afternoon my beautiful, amazing, family!!!

The sun is once again shining!!! Yesterday it got up to about 83 degrees! Wow! I even have a tan line from my shoes! I guess that makes me a real missionary! haha ;) It is supposed to be a bit chillier tomorrow, but no worries, only about 50s. Yay! Spring is here to stay! I've decided...

This week has been a little slower. Rex's letter and mine may seem very similar. As you know, my companion has been a bit sick over the past couple months, but this week it got even worse. We weren't able to go out for a few days because she was constantly nauseous, weak, and tired. She is a trooper though and we had a few times where we were able to leave the apartment. Just like Rex, you learn how to do many things when you are stuck in the apartment. I was able to read further in "Jesus the Christ", I organized my desk, I cleaned (a few times), and various other activities. Fun times! Sister Larrabee has figured out what she can and can't eat, so this week we will be able to leave more. She goes to the doctor tomorrow morning to find out what needs to be done. She has an ultrasound (we were joking that she was going to have twins) and it came back normal. She is not having normal symptoms though so we are anxious to find out what needs to be done. She is not allowed to eat very much if any fat, so I think this is going to help me eat healthier too! A blessing!

Monday - We were able to go to a place called "The Pottery Place" with our neighbor, Jolena, to make mugs. Let me begin by telling each of you that I am not an artist...I began by choosing a star theme. I was going to have the mug be dark blue with white stars. As I began painting, my stars became non-existent and morphed, so I changed them into my favorite flower, Lilies. I then wrote the phrase "consider the lilies" with some music notes on it and I think it turned out pretty good! Not amazing, but good for a Sister Herring project. I will attach pictures.

Tuesday - We went on exchanges with the Beaver sisters. Sister Stringham came to South Hills with Sister Searle and I, and Sister Larrabee went to Beaver with Sister Long. So, we got to work and Sister Stringham got to see our awesome investigators! She even got to meet our funny neighbors across the street. We saw many miracles. I love exchanges because you always learn so much!

Wednesday - Sister Larrabee came back from Beaver really not well, so we came home and Sister Searle spent the night packing. I on the other hand finished reading this month's Ensign (which happens to be amazing!) and then Sister Searle needed a break so we took a few pictures, which I will also attach. While Sister Searle was here, we took so many pictures compared to the normal day.

Thursday - Sister Searle left at 5:15, we went to have Sister Larrabee get her ultrasound, we did some weekly planning, then Sister Larrabee took the afternoon to rest.

Friday - We went to a district meeting at the mission office which was fun. We learned about the Book of Mormon and following up on commitments. We then had some great lessons! Sister Larrabee decided she could go to our scheduled lessons, so we got to see Daniel and Mandy. We taught Daniel about the Word of Wisdom, and committed Mandy to make a plan to get baptized. Mandy is truly ready! I love her!

Saturday - We got a call from the elders that one of the other areas was struggling, so we went to do a Blitz. Sister Larrabee was still not feeling better, but wanted to help. We headed over and they sent us to an area to tract. This is where the miracle story takes place. This past week we had stopped at McDonalds for a happy meal (Sister Larrabee got a salad). Sister Searle and I got My Little Pony's for our toy and just laughed that we were excited about this. Well, as we were driving down the road one day we saw a street named "Scarberry Lane". We began giggling as Sister Larrabee said, Ooh that sounds like the evil version of a My Little Pony! (We must have been tired) Well, the elders gave us a list of roads to go try and the first on the list was "berry lane". We both knew this was where we needed to go. We began to drive and this road had 2 houses on it. The last house had a pond in front and chickens all over the yard, but we went to knock on the door. A lady walked out right before we got there and said, "I go to the Nazarene church, I'm good." Well, that doesn't stop us. haha I happen to know a lot of people who go there, so we got to talking to her and slowly as we began to share our testimonies of the gospel and teach her, she softened and by the end she took a Book of Mormon and said we could come back and teach her! The spirit is truly able to soften hearts and change lives! We then decided to go tracting the next street over and after knocking on every door without success, we were walking back to our car when we noticed this house that we had already tried, but this time there was a car in the driveway! We decided to try one more time and after we knocked, this lady in her 60s answered by saying, "Hello sisters!" Apparently she was a member! She hadn't been to church in about 4 years though and had been feeling the need to go back. Wow! The Lord is truly aware of all his children. So cool!

We then stopped by the Dorsey's house before heading home that night and Brother Dorsey said we had to try a West Virginia treat called "ramps". It is similar to onions, but you find them in forests where it is wet and dark. It was actually pretty good and Brother Dorsey says that I will now not get sick. ;) Funny man! I feel like a real West Virginian!

Sunday! We were able to have Mandy and Sarah come to church! Sarah even brought her 12 year old and her 6 year old daughters. She loved church and said she will be back! She said that no other church ever "filled her" and she thinks she's found her place. She wants to continue learning and we will meet with her Wednesday night. Fun times! On the way back, Mandy bore her testimony, she said she got too nervous to do it in church (she's not even been baptized yet!). She is truly progressing so much! We are excited to see what happens.

We then got home and realized that we had misplaced our phone. A member had given us a ride home and we had left it in her car. We got it back this morning, but it was a crazy night trying to get everything done. We got to see a less-active lady to end the night who made us laugh when she said she had gotten chocolate from Hawaii pronounced "Ha-why-ah" haha So cute!

Sorry this is a bit scattered. It turned out to be a great week! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary. Great things are happening around the world!

Lexie! Happy Birthday! You are such a beautiful young woman and I'm grateful to have you as my niece!

The church is true! Don't forget it! The gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored today in its fullness. We are so blessed to be a part of it. I hope everyone has a happy Easter!

Love You all!

Sister Herring

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