Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014
I'm singing in the rain! Just singing in the rain!

Truly, it is pouring outside! This whole week has been out of a postcard until today, but it is still warm and so I love the rain! :) It makes everything even more green, cleans our car, and makes driving super fun! I don't know if I've told anyone other than my companions this, but I feel like a race car driver out here. There are so many curves and once you get used to them, they aren't too bad! I am even pretty good at avoiding pot holes! Woohoo! Unexpected blessings!

This past week has been one of major miracles. Where to begin?! The beginning! Monday evening, Sister Larrabee got sick again and we weren't able to go out Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, a miracle happened! We were able to have another sister come to our area and Sister Larrabee went to the mission president's home to rest! Sister Morgan is now my companion until transfers and once Sister Larrabee gets to feeling better, she will be back with us! Sister Morgan is amazing! A huge blessing to this area! We were able to get to work on Thursday and Heavenly Father blessed us with so many prepared people!

Thursday - We stopped by the doctor so that Sister Larrabee could do the pre-testing before her surgery. We then drove to our district meeting where we had interviews with President Pitt. He is such a wonderful man and I learn so much during every interaction. During our interview, he hinted at the possibility of me staying in this area at least one more transfer! Let's hope! I wouldn't mind staying here for 7.5 months. I love this area and we have so many exciting things happening! If I end up getting transferred, that would be okay too, but he gave me some hope. I will let you know next Tuesday! Well, after our interviews, we took Sister Larrabee to the mission home to rest and Sister Morgan and I got to work. We were able to see Mandy, Keith, Lawrence, and a few others and we also got to eat at Chick-Fil-A for dinner! It was a great day! We even found a new person to teach!

Friday - We did some exciting weekly planning...then went to see a few people who hadn't been able to make it to church in a while. This is where we began to see some huge miracles. We had about 20 minutes before we needed to head in and so we said a quick prayer to know where to go. I had the name of one of our investigators pop into my head and so we headed in that direction. On the way, I felt like we should check on one of our former investigators and just see if he might be there. As we were driving by, I was about to turn around when we saw him outside! He came up to us and said, "I thought you weren't here anymore!" We set up a time to come by on Saturday and he was so excited and told us that his situation had changed from the last time we taught him. Yay! We then drove to the lady we had originally planned on, and when she wasn't home, I had another name of a former who lived close by. We drove over and that former investigator wasn't home either. We saw the door of the neighbor's house was open though and so we knocked. This tattooed man with gauged ears came to the door and we began to tell him that we had a message centered on Jesus Christ. He kindly smiled but then I said, "And we have a prophet on the Earth today!" This is when his eyes lit up. He came out and said that he wondered why there weren't prophets today, and why we didn't have any other record of Jesus Christ. Wow! He told us that he had just gone through a divorce but was extremely interested in learning more. We are going back on Wednesday night to teach him. He is awesome! It was amazing to look back at how we had been led to that point. We not only found a new investigator, but we were able to re-find an old one! :) Miracles!

Saturday - We went to our lesson with Jim. He is living with his mother and brother and a few friends stop in every once in a while. He is a great guy, but is still working on getting his life in order. The lesson was fantastic even though people were constantly walking in and out of the apartment. We've decided to teach him in a different location next time, but we have high hopes for him and his brother. They really like the "Mormon" religion as they call it. We were able to then do some service for Mandy, got to see this adorable little man named Buddy Crabtree who is 88. We also saw Lisa for a bit and she has had a fantastic week! She is really trying to get her life organized, find a job, and get settled. She is doing it the right way now though with prayer and scripture study to be her help.

Sunday - We were excited for church! Mandy and Francis came! Francis is still shooting for Mother's Day to be baptized. She is the cutest old lady! I love her! You'd love her too! During church they had a visiting and home teaching conference with a dinner after church! Fancy! :) We also went tracting before church and this man told us to come back! We will see him later this week and hopefully I will have exciting news to report. After church, we went out to bring some bread to one of our investigators and when she wasn't there we decided to walk a different direction home. On the way home, there were some guys talking on their porch and a motorcycle parked out front (this is the perfect opportunity to invite some to learn about the gospel) I told them that was a beautiful bike (I don't know anything about them) and they began talking to us! One of the guys wanted to set me up with his son, but instead I invited him to learn about the gospel! haha We then went to the next house where this cute lady had an Origami Owl necklace on (another conversation starter). She told us to come back because we were cute, nice girls, so these two houses want us to come back! (No worries, not planning on going to meet my future husband anytime soon). haha With each of these people talking to us, it put us in the exact spot to meet Frank. We were walking down the street after our conversations when Frank was walking by. I had remembered receiving a referral from the elders that matched this man's description, so I asked, "Are you Frank?" haha That is not a normal conversation starter. He said, "yes" and we told him who we were and he immediately walked us back to his apartment for a lesson. We weren't able to go in due to no woman being in the home, so we taught him on his porch and told us about his desire to come back to Christ. We invited him to be baptized and he said "yes!". He is now preparing for baptism on June 29th! Exciting! Miracles! If those people hadn't stopped to talk to us, we would have never met Frank! Wow! We even had a loaf of bread for him! Heavenly Father is definitely aware of His children and is involved in this great work!

I know that this is His work and that I am merely an instrument. I am so grateful for this gospel and to be serving this mission right now. I know that I am here for a reason whether that be to strengthen my testimony, to plant seeds, or to baptize! Each missionary is vital to this work and is needed now! I'm so grateful for my testimony of this gospel. I know that it is true! The Book of Mormon is true! I love my life!

I hope everyone has the best week ever! Until next Tuesday!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Sister Larrabee drew a picture of me! :) It even has a name tag!
Picture 2 - Sister Morgan and I!


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