Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hello hello!

First off, Happy birthday Gracie!!! I love you!
What a beautiful week! Things are definitely starting to warm up here and it seems like green has popped out of nowhere! We look around now and see daffodils everywhere, grass, and blossoms! I love it! I now feel like it is spring time! Yay! 
I think this week would be easiest to explain day-by-day. :) Hopefully I won't forget anything!
Monday - After we finished writing emails, there were 3 people in the computers next to us that we began to talk to. One young boy, a young girl, and the girl's tutor. We started teaching them and they were really interested in our message! We had a great discussion with them, and although we haven't seen them since, we know some great seeds were planted! I got to share the account of Joseph Smith's first vision in the middle of the library! So cool! We then ended the night by seeing Lisa. Oh and poor Sister Larrabee was quite sick.
Tuesday - We went to MLC which is mission lingo for the misson leadership council. It was an amazing meeting where President Pitt teaches the zone leaders and the sister training leaders about what the mission needs to hear, then the zone leaders take that information to the missionaries in our zone meetings. President Pitt talked about obedience and how when we put off our sins and mistakes, we can become more Christlike. We also talked about the fact that our missionary handbook should be considered our commandments, not merely rules. When we live them, we will receive blessings, if we don't, we need to repent. Pretty bold, but true! I love President Pitt and will miss him in July. Although I'm sure I will love the new mission president as well. After that meeting we took Sister Larrabee to the doctor where they decided she might need to have her gall bladder out. Poor girl! She is going to be getting an ultrasound to see how bad her gall bladder is and then they will decide. They want to figure it all out before she leaves to Brazil. We then went to find this mind that we had invited to learn named George. We knocked on the door and a woman said, "Come in!" As missionaries, you are a bit hesitant when you hear this, but we ventured in and this woman said, "Wow! I didn't know there were female Latter-Day Saints!" huh? She then asked us if we could have a lesson? We thought about it for approximately a fourth of a second and said, "Yes!" Her name is Sarah and she met with missionaries about 8 years ago. She had moved and wanted to meet some more and new we were there for a reason. She has a lot of potential, and we are excited to teach her. You know someone is elect when they ask to set up weekly teaching appointments. Amazing!
Wednesday - Happy 7th Birthday Grace!!! I will be at your baptism next year! :) We did our weekly planning because we figured we'd be in meetings for the next 2 days. We then met up with Elder Stout and Livingston (the zone leaders) to plan the zone meeting. Elder Stout had bought Panera for lunch. I got my favorite sandwich, the Bacon Turkey Bravo, and we got started! We decided to do an Easter theme. Elder Stout is big into decorating and making the meeting memborable and he spends his money like it is water! I guess he owns his own trucking company back at home and is very comfortable in the money situation. Well, after planning this and deciding who would teach what, we went and raked leaves for this elderly lady before heading to dinner. It was a long morning, but we also got to teach the Bays family and then headed home for the night.
Thursday - I'd officially been out for 9 months! Whoa! It truly has flown by! But today was wonderful! We went to our zone meeting where we got to teach about compassion and charity. It turned out to be a success, we even had a cereal party with the whole zone! Fun times! We then went to work and met up with Sister Blessent. She is one of the ward missionaries who is now coming out with us every Thursday. What a blessing! She drove us and we taught Daniel, Jesse, and invited many people to watch conference. We then went and saw Lisa for dinner and that was wonderful! She is such a cute lady! We are doing a family night with her today.
Friday - We went to go contact a referral on this hollow, pronounced "holler" in Virginia and "holla" in West Virginia. I guess I'd been spelling it wrong this whole time! But, we went down this windy road and gave a Book of Mormon to this man who had recently gotten out of jail. He was so nice! Well, a little too nice! haha As we were leaving, we shook his hand and he kissed our hands! Although we did feel like princesses, we felt a little like hand sanitizer might be necessary. haha I love the people in this great state! We then met up with Sister McDonald in the ward and she drove with us to teach the Wagoners. They are a Presbyterian couple we are teaching and Sister McDonald used to be Presbyterian. We figured this would be perfect! It was a great lesson and the Wagoners are still content with their religion, but they will hopefully have watched conference! We then went and had dinner at the Cotrells. It was pizza night which poor Sister Larrabee can't eat anymore. She has to eat super healthy which will hopefully rub off on me! haha We ended the night by seeing Nancy Fox and Lydia. They are some of my favorite women and we were definitely supposed to be there. Lydia had had a rough day and Nancy found out she has cancer again. :( We are hoping to help them in any way possible. We love them! While I was talking one on one with Nancy (the other two were talking to Lydia), she put her hand on my cheek and said, "I'll be alright, dear." I guess I had my concerned face on. But I just love this woman! She is one of my favorite West Virginians. :)
Oh and funny in between story! Moose, our dear friend across the street, tried to hug me! The same day as our hands were kissed! Crazy man! haha We just laughed it off. I love being an awkward missionary.
Saturday - Conference! We spent the morning trying to get people to come to watch it, but ended up driving there with no success. We loved it though! It was exactly what we needed and if you haven't gotten to watch it, I suggest taking a couple hours and watching it! It would be worth your time! During the break, we had lunch, got a mini blizzard from DQ (the flavor of the month is confetti cake) and then we did some studies. We then watched the 2nd session and then ended the night with dinner at Mandy's. She made us spaghetti which was divine and then we watched the Restoration video. Again, this is a powerful video and I love sharing it!
Sunday - Lisa drove Mandy to watch conference! Yay! Mandy loved every minute of it! It was so cool to be sitting in the chapel with Lisa, Angela, and Mandy! 2 women who have already made the step to be baptized and 1 who is planning on it! What a huge blessing to get to share this gospel with such wonderful people! I love them all! We had invited Mandy to go to conference with questions and to include the questions of was Joseph Smith a prophet, and is Thomas S. Monson the prophet today? Mandy definitely got answers to both these questions! Elder Corbridge's talk was especialy touching! I loved President Uchtdorf's talk and so many others! I had the vibe that now is the time to dedicate ourselves to following the prophet, being obedient, and as the Gilbert dedication theme stated, "Living True to the Faith". I was beaming with pride as the Gilbert Temple Dedication was mentioned at least 2 times! :) So neat! I also loved the talk about our 4 minutes to perform. I can't wait to someday watch the highlight reel of the olympics! It sounds like it was awesome! Conference was an amazing experience for each person who participated and especially for Mandy! She is now really working towards baptism and we are going to do all we can to help her! We then went and contacted some people the bishop wanted us to see and then ended the night at the Pitt's house so that Sister Searle could have her departing interview. :( Sad day! I love Sister Searle! She is an amazing missonary and I'm grateful we've gotten to serve together. She leaves Thursday morning, then it will be back to Sister Larrabee and I. Thank goodness I still have her for a few more weeks!
Well, that was our week! Working hard and loving it! I love being a missionary and I love this gospel! It is true! If you have any doubts, ask God! He will answer you. He loves you and knows you by name! He is aware of your concerns, worries, and fears. He wants to help! I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon! I know are so blessed to have a living prophet on the Earth today! Follow his counsel and see the blessings waiting for you! Live true to the faith!
I love you all!
Have the best day ever!
Sister Herring 

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