Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hello on this beautiful Monday morning!

What a week! We've had our ups and downs, but throughout it all, I still love being a missionary!

Monday night we did a lot of walking! We were trying to find new investigators and we ended up finding a few potentials and doing a bit of walking. I love it!

Tuesday, we woke up at 3 am and drove to Roanoke where we picked up Sisters Richards and Canova. We then drove to Charleston and had an amazing meeting with President and Sister Salisbury and their daughter Breanna. They are absolutely amazing and I already love them! They are different than President and Sister Pitt, but they are necessary for the mission at this time. I can't wait to actually meet them on Thursday when they come down south for a mission tour. President Salisbury did a great job teaching about the Form of missionary work and the Essence of missionary work and how we need to have a bit of both to have missionary work a part of who we are. We can't simply go through the motions, but our hearts must be behind it. I loved it! He has such great enthusiasm! So fun! We then drove back after the meeting and went out to dinner with some other missionaries before returning home by 10. Long day!! But worth it.

Wednesday we went and planned the zone meeting with the zone leaders. They are great! Elders Degooyer and Blakely really want to help this mission be its best. It is a blessing to serve around them. We are over two zones of sisters, so we sadly don't get to help much in the other zone other than do exchanges and call the sisters. We hope this helps! They have great zone leaders in Lynchburg though and I know they are doing great things there. We then were able to go see some new investigators named Lori and Joe. They are awesome and have met with missionaries before. What was cool is that we had prayed specifically to find this couple and Heavenly Father placed them in our path! We are excited to teach them. We also were able to see a recent convert and share a message with them. We did some tracting and ended the night by doing the church tour. During the tour though we had a massive storm hit and nobody was able to come. When it rains here, it rains! Holy moly! It felt like a hurricane! So exciting! Luckily we felt very safe in the church. Ooh and one of the other elders in the ward got a terrible case of poison oak. Not fun!

Thursday - 1 year mark! - We did our weekly planning, had lunch, then tried to see a lot of people. Nothing seemed to be working, but then a miracle happened. We were driving down the road and almost ran over a snapping turtle. We pulled over to help it across and of course take pictures when this cute little man drove by. He talked to us for a second then I turned to Sister Wahlin and told her we had to teach him! We had no idea where to find him though, so we headed to our next destination. We then happened to pass by him sitting on his porch! Wow! We began teaching him and he said we could come back. We are going to see him tonight. He also gave us a referral for a neighbor who might like to meet us. We drove down and two of the daughters walked out. Then the mother came out with her Bible. This is where the fun happens. I saw her flip open to a few verses in the Bible with the words "ask a Mormon" written next to them. As a missionary this is your first warning sign that this person wants to bash. But it was amazing! As I heard her reading the verses, this overwhelming peace came over both Sister Wahlin and I and we were able to answer her questions without bashing and totally by testimony. The scripture came to my mind that says by simple means you may confound the wise, (or something like that), and I know that we were guided by the spirit. Truly, this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is true! When you bare simple testimony and are able to answer silly questions by the scriptures, a person can't argue and the spirit is felt. It was an amazing experience!

Friday - We were able to go to our zone meeting which turned out great! We then went and had a quick bite at DQ before heading to see Michelle. She is our top investigator and is amazing! She is so ready to be baptized, just waiting for her to have a spiritual confirmation of the truth. She is going to be the next General RS president and is such a wonderful woman. Satan is working hard on her to keep her from the truth, but she is stronger than that! We are excited for her.We then went to the Bishop's house for a BBQ or as they call it here, a cook-out. It was yummy! We then went and mowed the grass for this cute older lady in the ward who is very similar to Frankie! It was almost freaky at times! But it was a great way to spend the 4th of July! We didn't see any fireworks, but we saw plenty of lightning bugs and heard the fireworks and that was enough! :) 

On Saturday we visited with a man in the ward named Olin Bare. He played the Banjo for us and it was awesome! I videotaped it and will send home the USB with the video on it. I'm going to start sending home videos on my USB and when you get them, Mom, you can put them on the blog, or on the computer and then send the USB back and I will reload it! Would that work?

We then went and contacted some referrals and were able to find a cute family to possibly teach and another investigator! It was amazing! We then ended the night by talking to this young man on his porch who was nearly drunk, but going through a major trial. His dad has cancer and is dying. We were able to share a brief message with him and he invited us back for when he was sober. He said he loves Mormons and would love answers to some of the questions he has. We are excited to teach him and bless his life with the knowledge of the restored gospel.

Sunday we had a marvelous church meeting. I love Sundays! I love going to sacrament meeting and feeling the spirit there. I also have come to have a deep love of relief society! I am so grateful to be involved with such a great organization! We then went and taught a lady named Anne Marie about agency and how we can choose to be happy in our circumstances. We then got to eat dinner with Michelle and she once again proved to us just how ready she is to be baptized. She is so close! Oh and Mary called us and wants to meet tonight as well! We hopefully will be able to help her make her baptism date. We were also able to contact another referral. What a wonderfully busy Sunday! I love fast Sundays. The spirit is always so strong and we can receive answers to those questions which may be on our minds.

I'm so grateful for this restored gospel. I know it is true. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that we have a prophet on the earth today who is led by God. I know that as we listen and follow the prophet we are blessed and truly happy. It breaks my heart when I meet people who don't have this belief. They are happy, but not as happy as they could be. One man told me that I had a pretend happiness and it hit me how truly this gospel has blessed my life. To be blessed means to be happy in any circumstance. I am not just simply happy, but I have the kind of happiness that will last eternally! How wonderful this gospel truly is! 

Well, I hope you all had a great 4th of July! Dad, I'm glad you got your Mona Page cake, save me some! heehee jk.

Kim, it's your birthday this week! I hope it is the best ever! Even better than last year! :) Thank you for being such an amazing sister-in-law! I'm so blessed to call you sister! You are such a great example to me and thank you for all your love and support. You are wonderful!

Sister Herring 

P.S. Everyone get ready for the 24th! It is going to be amazing I hear! ;) Love you all!

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