Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello my wonderful family!

What an interesting week!

On Monday night we were able to eat dinner with the Clubbs. They live on this mountainside that has the most spectacular view! Wow! I hope to get to eat there in the fall when all the leaves begin turning. (I think I'll get to!) We then drove to the Campbell's home and Brother Campbell who is not a member made us meatloaf and biscuits! His biscuits are a little bit of heaven, and family, you know how I feel about meatloaf. Sister Wahlin got to eat that all by herself! Isn't she lucky?! heehee

Tuesday, we woke up at 3:15, left by 4 and drove up to MLC with Sister Snow and her companion Sister Tobler. Sister Snow updated me on Charleston the entire drive! :) We got to the church in Charleston about8:15 and were ready to be fed by President Salisbury! I have to tell you. When I walked in, the assistants asked me to play the piano. The songs they requested were ones I normally would have struggled with, but Heavenly Father definitely helped me out and I was able to play them! I hope this spiritual gift continues after the mission! It was amazing! President Salisbury is very inspired! He taught us about being a "becoming" mission. He wants us to be obedient not just because he said so, but because it is a part of who we are. He knows that if we are simply obedient because of mission rules that when we get home, we will fall. But, if we do these things because we love God and love this work and "become" a missionary, then after our missions, we can continue to become and continue to improve. I love it! We then were able to drive home and for the last hour of the night, Sister Wahlin and I finished painting the bathroom for our landlord. It looks good!

Wednesday: We went our to lunch with Michelle to Country Cookin' and her son with down-syndrome and autism, had a breakdown. He began running through the kitchen and knocking things off shelves. We told her that she could take him to the car and we would take care of everything else. She was very grateful. We then ate lunch at her house. This setting allowed us to have a fantastic discussion where she opened up about how much she loves the church! She doesn't know why people are so anti! Neither do we?! It was a very spiritually-filled lunch! She hasn't made the connection that it is not just a church. She invited us to help out with the service project that she was over at the Pentecostal church on Saturday and we decided we had to go! We then went and met up with the Zone Leaders to plan our teaching portions for zone meeting. After this we went to dinner at the Bria's. They had invited about 4 non-members over! It was amazing! We got to teach a brief lesson, then the Bria's drove the entire group and a few others to the church tour! It was amazing! I'm so grateful for the members that help us out in this area. The church tour went well and after we were able to see Mary. She is loving personal progress and will probably have it completed within the year!

Thursday: We went to our District Leader Council, did a little more zone planning, then did our weekly planning. By the end of it, I was all planned out! We drove to Glasgow to try and see a few people and ended up simply getting some return appointments planned. We then went to dinner at the Goodsell's. Their house is gorgeous!!! Wow! Sadly, we realized that it is not in our area. That was the first and last time we got to eat with them, but the pork was divine!

Friday: Zone meeting! We got to teach about "becoming" a Preach My Gospel mission. We learned so much from teaching! Truly, this mission is amazing! I'm so grateful for President Salisbury and his inspired vision for this mission. We then had a brief district meeting, before heading to the library for some car training. So many meetings! This week we won't have nearly as many, thank goodness! We then drove to Glasgow again and did some tracting and finding. We met some great people and even one lady who is Pagan! We are going to go back and teach her a bit. :) Interesting! She said she's been persecuted because of where she lives. People are not nice, but she is a sweetheart, so we are excited to share the gospel with her! We also got to follow up with Mary. 

Saturday: We drove to the Pentecostal church and got to work putting backpacks together. We quickly made friends with the church members and as we were leaving this cute old lady said, "I love Mormons!" haha I think we are going to be instruments in converting a Pentecostal church. haha At least that is my dream! We are going back on Sunday night to help them pass the backpacks out to the children in need. What was neat is Michelle called us last night and said that the preacher had announced to the congregation that the service project was a success and that their "LDS" friends had come to help! So cool! I can't wait to go back and to continue making contacts there! Let's just say 300 people now have a better view of the church! Thank goodness for service! We then got to do a little service at the food pantry before coming home for lunch. This is where the miracles continued. We went and saw one of our investigators and then on the way back to town we found 3 new investigators in 15 minutes! We were driving by this creepy house that we normally speed by, but for some reason felt that we should stop. The 2 men on the porch asked us to pray for the father who had been sick. We talked about the Book of Mormon and prophets on the earth and we are going back on Tuesday to teach them more! Awesome! We then went to contact a referral who didn't live in the address we'd been given, but the woman who lived there, loved the Book of Mormon and knows many LDS members! So cool! She invited us back! I love seeing the Lord's hand in this work. He doesn't work in time, but in events! I'm so grateful to be a missionary! We then went to dinner at this (what I thought was a diner) Italian Restaurant. It is the only restaurant in Glasgow but it was pretty good! I honestly didn't expect the food I was going to receive! I was expecting maybe a hotdog or hamburger, but it was Italian food! Yay! We went and visited a less-active woman and then drove to try a few other Part-Member families. 

Sunday: We had our church meetings backward because the temple president of the Washington, D.C. temple was coming to speak and wasn't going to be able to be there until about noon. The entire block was all on temples and so Sister Wahlin and I have decided that even though we can't go to the temple (like Chandon and Kortlynn) we are going to put more pictures of the temple up in our apartment. It was a very spirit-filled meeting. We then stayed to help out with a funeral of one of the members, and after contacting a few referrals, we drove to dinner at Sister Hardy's home. She lives on an old plantation which is gorgeous!!! She is a single mother of two beautiful daughters and is absolutely amazing! The dinner was perfect and the conversation was amazing! They are such great examples to me! Apparently, Sister Hardy had gone through a lot in her life (including being homeless) and she completely turned her life around and is now a very successful woman. She'd been through 2 abusive marriages and is now dating a wonderful man! After dinner we went tracting on ....wait for it.... Possum Hollow! haha I love my mission. 

Today we are going to have a zone p-day where we are going to go play ultimate frisbee or possibly volleyball if it is raining. Fun times! We have a zone conference on Thursday (President Salisbury is coming to speak). We are also looking forward to miracles happening this week! Like always! I'm so grateful for the chances that I get to see how Heavenly Father is truly involved in the details of our lives. The gospel is true! I testify that the Priesthood and the fullness of the gospel is on the earth today! I love sharing it! I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's mouthpiece. I know prayers are answered. I invite each of you to find out for yourself the truth! Ask and ye shall receive! I know it! I live it! I love it! :)

I've been meaning to write a few of my favorite things of Lexington (and not so favorite things): I love the lightning bugs, the people, the food, the landscape. Some not so good things: gnats deciding to go under clothing during a porch conversation, 2 jets flying overhead at least once a day (breaking the sound barrier, actually that's kind of amazing), spider crickets in our bathroom, Bob (our favorite person at the food pantry) being gone for 3 weeks! So as you can see, life is pretty fantastic here in Lexington. I hope you all can come visit someday!

Well, I'm off! But I hope you all have the best week ever! Remember you are loved! Rex, Kortlynn, and Chandon! Please be safe and keep up the great work! Love you!

Sister Herring

P.S. Alan and Benita are going through the temple on the 23rd!!! Yay! I'm so happy! 

Picture 1 - This is the plantation home we ate at last night. So pretty! Sorry we didn't take other pictures this week. I'll repent!

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