Monday, August 4, 2014

My beautiful, handsome, amazing, spiritual, fun, funny, fabulous, supportive, and everything else good family! Yup that's you! I'm a missionary...I don't lie!
You all sound wonderful from your emails! Thank you for all you do!

This week has been interesting but great!
We were able to get our car looked at on Tuesday and all is well! No fixin' needed. ;) We didn't get home until P-day was over which was a bummer, but then we got to work! We went and visited Mary and again prepared her for her baptism on Saturday. We were able to see her just about every day and I'm grateful for it! She felt completely prepared for her baptism and extremely excited.
Wednesday: Transfer day. We spent about 3 hours getting everything ready for the new set of missionaries. We went through our area book, the ward list, and the maps to help everything be as smooth a transition as possible. We were able to hand everything to them when they drove up Wednesday night. It was time consuming, but I'm grateful we did it. We were also able to see a recent convert and set up an appointment to teach her family! Yay! We then drove to the church for the church tour after trying to see a few more people (sometimes as a missionary, every appointment cancels!). haha gotta love missionary work! But we ended the night at the church tour which was amazing! All the new missionaries came and the spirit was so strong! Our tour guide is one of my favorite people in Lexington. His name is Brother Hughes and he is absolutely hilarious! His family is full of faith and are just wonderful! I'm so grateful to be in this ward. The bishop is wonderful as well! So about the new missionaries. Elder Hollembeak and Wagstaff are now the elders over Lexington central. They are in a walking area (no car) and cover Lexington city limits. Elders Wright and Gibson are over Lexington North. Which means everything north of Lexington is their area. We are now Lexington South which covers the towns of Glasgow, Natural Bridge, and Collierstown. Small towns full of huge potential! We are excited! There is also a set of young single adult elders that live in Buena Vista and they are going to begin teaching all of our YSA-aged investigators. Fun times! We are going to begin rebuilding our teaching pool which is an adventure!
Thursday: We had a district leader council, then weekly planning, then we were able to see Michelle for a bit and she has been doing a lot of research on anti- cites! I was a bit angry. Why would you look up anti- cites to find the truth! Obviously they are not going to be telling the truth! They are a bunch of people who were offended and so they are going to put whatever pops into their heads! She even told us that she was turned off to the church because she heard we didn't like orphans and thought they were less than human. Are you kidding me?! Ya, I was a little bit annoyed, but thankfully the spirit was there to help me know what to say to help her know that the only way to know truth was to ask the source and to read the Book of Mormon. Also, I reminded her that if she has questions, to ask us or or Wow there are some crazy stories about the church out there. Thank goodness we know the truth! This is the true church! Why else would Satan be fighting so hard against it. We then went to dinner at the Larsens who remind me of the Dodge family. I love them! We then went and saw Mary and we were able to teach a woman named Amanda. She stopped us on the street and broke down about her husband having an affair. She then said that she heard the church has resources to help families like counseling and other things. At that moment I was very grateful for every aspect of the restored gospel. We know the importance of families, we know the importance of eternal marriage, we know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be together forever! I'm so grateful for this gospel! She is going to get a divorce we found out last night, but I know that Heavenly Father will support her in this decision. She was willing to do all she could to save her family, but her husband wasn't. Heavenly Father will bless her for her willingness to do all she could. We are going to begin teaching her this week! I'm excited and I know this gospel will bless her life!
Friday: We had a district meeting (which was about exact obedience and wonderful), we met with the bishop to set up goals, and then we drove to Glasgow! Once again each appointment fell through, but we were able to meet some prepared people along the way and Mary's lesson was phenomenal! As you can see this week has been full of meetings, but something we must realize is that the Lord doesn't work in time. He works in events! We need to do all we can and He will make up the difference!
Saturday: We went and did some service at RARA, then we drove to the church to set up for Mary's baptism. Everything went perfectly! The spirit was very strong and the talks given were perfect for her and her family. There were 4 generations there and each one felt the spirit. After Mary was baptized, she even hugged the bishop! Each person was touched. She was so happy. The entire time she was afraid that she would freak out in the water because she doesn't like water going over her head, but she didn't! When we helped her out of the water, she said, "That wasn't as bad as I thought! You were right! I'm so happy!" She is such a special woman. We then went an dtried to see a few other people. We were able to teach Lilian and Barbara, before heading to Mary's to follow up on how she felt. She is so happy!
Sunday: Mary was confirmed! She sat right in front so she wouldn't have to walk far. I love her! The testimony meeting was amazing and each hour of church was exactly what each person needed. It was a wonderful day! We then went and did some tracting around the Hendersons before heading to dinner at the Reynolds. Brother Reynolds is our ward mission leader and is a great help to the work. We then stopped by Amanda's and said a prayer with her before heading home. Oh and we are going to have Mary work with one of the young women on her medallion! So exciting!
Well, I'm off! But tomorrow we get to go to MLC in Charleston. This is one of my favorite activities in the mission! We get to learn from president! yay! I hope you all have the most wonderful week! Remember you are loved! This is the true church on the earth today! We get to have all the blessings of the restored gospel! What a wonderful blessing! Go to the temple for me this week! :)

Sister Herring

P.S. Happy Anniversary Matt and Tammy!

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