Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello my beautiful family!!!

What a great week! I love being a missionary!

We started off the week by teaching Elizabeth with Sister Skinner. It was an amazing experience as we began teaching her in the church about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong! Each time we brought up a point that may have differed from Elizabeth's Baptist belief, she would say, "Wow, You are filling in all the gaps! I didn't even realize I was missing pieces!" I felt like I was reading from Preach My Gospel. It was wonderful! She is steadily reading through the Book of Mormon and would have come to church yesterday if she hadn't of worked the night shift before. She is one amazing person. We are going to meet with her tonight and teach about the Word of Wisdom while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Elizabeth also went to volleyball at the church and is making friends with many of the members. It is truly a blessing for us to get to teach her. The gospel "just makes sense!" as she would say. ;) 

Tuesday we were able to go rake hay for Olin Bare. He is a funny man. We did it with the other elders in the ward and it only took 45 minutes! Ya, pretty much amazing. I only got one blister! :) Goodness, I wish everyone could see the beautiful fields around Lexington. They are truly breathtaking! We then tried to see a few people before heading to see Brother Mason with Brother Larsen. Brother Mason has been inactive for most of his life and Brother Larsen is the most faithful home teacher. He is a great example of diligence. We then were able to meet with Gloria! We haven't been able to actually teach her since I've been here, but she is also amazing! She is married to a woman named Susan, yes you read that write. SHE is married to a WOMAN! That will be a small hurdle, but I know that as she comes to know this message is true, she will know what God would want her to do and act upon it. She had the best questions and is truly desiring to know where and what she should do. She is awesome! We hope to help her come to the church tour/church soon! The gospel truly changes lives by helping other come closer to Jesus Christ.

Wednesday: We did weekly planning early because of Specialized Training. We then got to teach Brenda. She is still desiring to come to church with her family, but is working on getting her family involved with the church as well. She is wonderful! We tried to see a few other people...ooh and we ran into our Jehovah Witness friend, Maxine. :) Before going to the Church Tour. I love this tour! I hope it gets started in each church building.

Thursday: Specialized Training!!! And guess what we got to do?! We watched the new movie, "Meet the Mormons"! Yay! It was such a treat! So! Just like the ice water challenge, I'm going to challenge Dad, Mom, Mike, Kim, Kortlynn, Chandon, Madisen, Alexa, Trace, Cody, Rhett, Alysia, Rex, Hannah, Seth, Jack, Sam, Grace, Jared, Bridget, Mason, Brigham, Steven, Kortney, Dallin, Adam, Stephanie, Adysen, Hollen, Lane, Orinda, Matt, Tammy, Gideon, Oliver, Maggie, and whoever else is reading this to see it and invite at least one other person to see it! Can you do that? I'm going to need you to email me back when you do! :) It is wonderful! Very inspiring! 
At the end of the meeting I sadly and oddly had to give my "Departing Testimony". This is something each missionary does before they leave. I guess this was my last Specialized Training before heading home so it was my turn. So sad! It was awful! Especially because I wasn't planning on having to do that until at least November. But now it is done and now I get to get back to work! :) Yay! We then went on exchanges with the sisters in Lynchburg. I went with Sister Lopp who is finishing up training. We met a lot of great people and had some amazing lessons. Sister Lopp is fantastic missionary! I learned so much from her! At the end of the night we had a lesson with a young man who was trying to bash, but we simply bore solemn testimony and at the end I invited him to keep an open mind as he met with the missionaries because otherwise he would never know the truth. heehee A bit bold, but hopefully it will open his mind more. :)

Friday we were able to do some service for this cute lady by washing her truck. We then watch the Restoration DVD and as always the spirit was so strong! Hopefully her heart will continue to soften. We then exchanged back and went to Correlation at the Reynolds before heading to dinner at the Scottens. My favorite part of correlation is when the pancakes come off the griddle. :) Immediately I think of our tradition at home and I love it! My family tradition has now continued to the mission! :) The Scottens dinner was a bit much after having pancakes, but we made it through...I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I hate double dinners! They kill missionaries! haha We are grateful for their kindness though in feeding us.

Saturday we were able to begin by serving at RARA and Bob began telling everyone that we were going to Mass with him. haha Oddly enough one woman then said she would watch conference with us because we were willing to go to church with him. We were able to go to Mass with Bob and his sweet wife Mary Ann. They are adorable! They then took us to dinner at Best Western and Bob is convinced he is converting us. :) We love him! He is an adorable 77 year old. (We talked about temples and eternal families on the way home.) 

We then saw Mary a bit before heading to the Women's Conference! I loved every minute of it! I love the spirit and sisterhood of the church. I love the spirit we feel each time we meet! I love this gospel! It was amazing to go to one church back to ours and the difference felt. I am so grateful for the time of year that it is and that we have a living prophet on the earth today! I'm so grateful for the Relief Society and to be a part of it!

Sunday was Fast Sunday and yet another wonderful day! We tried to see a few people after church with no success, but because we were in that area we met Randall and Uncle Pete. haha They are 2 cute old men who said we could come back and teach them. We also met two Hispanic men who said we could teach their family! Well, the one man's family and his friend said he might come. :) So neat! Next we went to Tanya Hardy's house and she introduced us to her guy friend and wants us to begin teaching him! He is nearly open to learning! It is so exciting! Sister Hardy is such a great example to me! We ended the night at the Markham's home and had a beautiful lesson with them where we talked about eternal families and the priesthood. I've had the theme of eternal families on my mind this past week as I received an email from Benita after she and Alan were sealed in the temple, and Brother and Sister Dorsey wrote me about taking temple classes to prepare to be sealed. The purpose of why we serve missions, why we share the gospel, and why we make these sacrifices has been seen throughout this week! If I hadn't had served this mission, I would never have met these people or had the opportunity to help them have an eternal family! I'm so grateful for this experience. I truly know this is the Lord's church on the earth today with all the restored priesthood power! We are blessed!

I hope you each know how much I love you! I want you to know this church is true! The fullness of the gospel is on the earth! We have a living prophet and get to listen to him and the apostles speak this weekend. Prepare this week to hear and follow their counsel. You will be blessed for each sacrifice and act of preparation! 

I love you! 

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - My cute companion in one of the shops in Lexington
Picture 2 - Sister Lopp and I on exchanges 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello family!

First of all...check out this trailer for the new movie, "Meet the Mormons". 

Okay! Now back to this amazing week! We've seen so many amazing miracles and tender mercies. I'm trying to express how grateful I am for all that has happened. Miracles! Truly! 

It all started last week after emailing. We went to a nature park called, "Boxerwood". It is a place where artists and naturalists have come and on 13 acres of land made a park with every type of tree and really fun structures for students and people to learn about. Sister Tobler and I saw it as a chance to have a fun photo shoot. :) I'll attach some pictures. But, it was truly amazing! I will have to take Mom and Dad there when we come visit in the future! So neat! After P-Day was over, we drove over to Glasgow to get to work. We ended up making contact with a less-active woman and she said we could come back anytime! She is adorable! Sister Long. We then walked down the road and found Stephanie! We thought she had moved and that we wouldn't be able to find her again and she is still interested in learning more! Yay! It was so neat and a great way to start the week! Oh and we received a text from Elizabeth explaining that she was sorry to have missed her appointment on Sunday and wanted to come to the church tour! We set up a time to meet her at the church about 1 hour before the tour so we could teach her. 

Tuesday: We were able to see Olin Bare and introduce Sister Tobler. He then made it to church on Sunday! Yay! We also go to see a few other less-active people and ended the night by heading to the may wonder why we were at the store on a day other than P-Day....Sister Tobler woke up with a terrible cold. She was completely congested and achy all over. We decided to go buy some soup at the store and while we were there we had a miracle happen! We were going up to the check-out with 4 cans of soup and some sushi (I was craving it) when we heard someone call out "sisters!". We excitedly turned around and discovered Sister Hanchett standing behind us. She then profusely for not feeding us regularly. She then told us that she would buy us groceries to make up for the past 4 months! She took us around the store and spent about $100 on food! She even bought us a rotisserie chicken! haha It was so much fun! We've eaten so well/healthy this week! It has been wonderful! 

Wednesday: We went and painted Sister Sheek's deck, or at least half of it. :) She is a funny lady. We then ate a quick lunch before driving to Brenda's lesson. We are trying to figure her out. She loves the church and wants to be a part of it, but we don't know why! She doesn't know anything about it, but loves it! :) haha We are trying to help her gain understanding behind the desire which she already has. It is so much fun! Frankie had been the same way. She just loved the church! She felt the spirit! We then stopped by Linda's home and her son's girlfriend and her neighbor, Linda, both came out and sat in on the lesson. They all 3 want to continue learning! It was so neat! Miracles happen daily! We then headed to a quick dinner before heading to the church to teach Elizabeth. ... One of the best lessons I've ever been in! The spirit was so strong and at the ended we invited her to be baptized on November 16th if she came to know it was true and she said yes! Ahh! It was wonderful! She is the coolest cop ever! :) She then went on the tour and loved it! We have a lesson with her tonight. 

Thursday: Weekly Planning, then it was my turn to get the cold. We both were sick together which was awful! I think there is a rule somewhere where only one companion can get sick at a time. :) No worries, I'm better now, but it was not fun! We tried to see a few people and finally went to the Relief Society House Warming party for the Campbell's. It was wonderful! There was a great turnout. 

Friday: We went to the District Leader Council and had a great discussion about the zone's needs. We then went to lunch at that Pink Cadillac with Joan Harden. She is an inactive member of many years, but loves the members of the church.Oh and fun part, she drove us there in her beautiful Porsche! Yes, we drove to the Pink Cadillac in a Silver Porsche...I could get used to that. We then tried to see a few people before heading to Brenda's again. Sister Bria came with us and we were able to teach her about the Restoration. It was a great lesson! Brenda is so fun! We then stopped by Willie and Karen Campbell's new trailer to check on them and this next week we will be helping them move in. We were then picked up by Sister Reynold's for correlation. Her husband is the Ward Mission leader and so she picks us up on Friday's at 4:30 to go to their house out in the country on Toad Run Lane ;) and we have dinner with correlation. We had pancakes for dinner (Dad, I thought of you!) and the elders ended up having a competition. They both ate 10 pancakes! I stuck to my 3. They weren't as big as your's Dad. :) We then ended the night by stopping by the Henderson's and giving them a copy of the Vocal Point CD. Sister Henderson is quarantined because of her cancer and so we hope that brightens her day. We also got to see Mary with Sister Skinner. Mary is trying to move, her trailer is falling apart and is not safe for the family.

Saturday: We had a fantastic district meeting. Elder Livingston is a phenomenal district leader and we learned so much! There is a new missionary here named Elder Millard and he is just absolutely adorable. He reminds me of a Welch! Yup, when I meet an elder who reminds me of a family member, they are instantly a favorite. :) Elder Millard is being trained by Elder Livingston and they are great team! We then went to RARA and helped out there. Bob invited us to his Catholic church and of course we will go with him. We are going Saturday night. He is hoping we will convert, haha Sure love him! Oh and there were some Baptists working at RARA and he pulled us aside and said, "Go get em'!" haha Bob is hilarious! After lunch we went to Linda's lesson with Sister Bria and we invited Linda and her son's girlfriend, April to be baptized. They aren't 100% sure yet, but when we see them tonight, we hope to help them understand more fully the gospel and what it means to be baptized by the priesthood authority. So fun to be a missionary! We contacted a few referrals and then had a lesson over text with Elizabeth. She was at work (in her cop car) and was reading about salvation and baptism...she had some great questions and each time we answered, she would say, "That makes sense!" Wow! She is amazing! I can't wait to teach her tonight! Hopefully we can begin teaching her boyfriend too! We then had a delicious dinner and got to eat at Cook Out! I was strong and didn't get shake! haha

Sunday: Church was wonderful! We had the primary program and the children did great! I love the primary program! Oh and guess what...conference is in 2 weeks! Yay! It's the most wonderful time of the year! :) After church we went to contact a referral and she is interested in learning more! She is a 82 year old woman who is recovering from a broken hip, but she is living with her son and his wife and so we hope to start teaching all 3! We then had dinner at the bishop's house with a quick correlation meeting after. He is a fantastic bishop! Bishop Huntsman. :) We then quickly drove to see Highland. We were late for our appointment because the meeting went too long and we didn't realize how far he lived, but the good news was, he remembered our meeting! Yay! We have a lesson set up with him on Wednesday and Sunday, so we will never be late again! :) 

That was our week! Pretty cool huh? I love being a missionary! Great things are happening. The work is truly being hastened! I know that this is truly the Lord's work and I'm merely an instrument. I'm so grateful for the things I'm learning and for charity. I've come to gain a strong testimony of the importance of charity in the work. We need to love the people. We need to love our Savior. We need charity just as it states in the scriptures! It is the most important thing to gain! Without it, man is nothing. I testify to that!

I want each of you to know how much I love you. This gospel is true! We are so blessed to have a living prophet on the earth today! Begin preparing to hear his counsel on the 4th!

I hope you all have the most amazing week! 

Sister Herring

P.S. Happy 96th Birthday Grandma! :) I sure love you! Thank you for your example to me of faith, love, and kindness.

Picture 1 - A neat swamp!
Picture 2 - We found a new home!

Nice little stage. :)

It was a little out of tune. ;)

This chair was a little big....

A nice lady bought us groceries!!! It is so beautiful!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello family!

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the stys are gone, and this is going to be a miraculous transfer! I ended up having 6 stys and let me tell you, I never want them again! Holy cow! Maybe stress was making them worse, even though I didn't feel very stressed I promise!

It has been an amazing few days with Sister Tobler. Truly the work is hastening even more it seems!

On Wednesday after I wrote, we went and were able to teach Mary before heading to the church tour. No one came to the tour, but Connie and Brandon both came to the family history center. Connie loves being at the church, but just hasn't come to church yet! We hope she will soon! We then ended the night by seeing Michelle for a bit to say goodbye. She took us to Sweet Things for ice cream! Yum! Sister Wahlin will definitely be missed. 

Thursday: We woke up at 3 and took Sister Wahlin to the church and I met up with Sister Nielsen and Combs to go work in their area. Their area is about 15 minutes away so not too bad. We had a crazy busy day! They are teaching many amazing people and I had the chance to meet many! I even met a Kevin Herring! Guess I need to do more family history! Speaking of family history, I don't know if you've been reading President Salisbury's letters, but we are to get 1-inch square pictures of our families. Of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents. I'll look on family search, but if you have any at home, please send them! Thank you for your help in this effort. Our mission is trying to use family history more in the work. Thursday night I was able to pick up my new companion, Sister Natalie Tobler, from the church! We stopped by Michelle's and grabbed my scriptures (I'd left in her car) and then came home. 

Friday: Miracle Day! We did some weekly planning before heading to the store for Sister Tobler. We then tried to see Connie who was busy so we stopped by a referral from Brother Wells. The referral was for a lady named Brenda who was very interested in the church. We called her and she said we could come by! Well, when we walk in, she says that she is very interested in learning more and wants to get her future husband, daughter, and sister interested as well! She thought we were there to interview her for baptism! So funny! But she is amazing! She already knows a lot about the church and loves everything she's heard so far. Coolest part is she grew up a Mennonite. Wow! She worked at SVU and loves the church. I'm excited to go and actually teach her on Wednesday! So exciting! If you thought that was a miracle, wait for the rest of the day! We then drove to dinner/correlation with our ward mission leader before heading to try and see Kirby. We went to simply invite her to the Relief Society activity, but when we got there she welcomed us in. She said that she'd been studying all about the church on and that she agreed that of course there would be a prophet on the earth today! She said that she'd read excerpts from the Book of Mormon and was very interested. We then gave her her own copy after convincing her that she didn't need to pay us. She said she was so excited to read it and learn more! She then asked about church and if she would feel comfortable coming as a divorced woman. Of course we said "yes!" We told her how the church has the largest women's organization in the world and she loved that! We are excited for when she comes to church! Wow! An elect lady! Truly I picture the next relief society president. She is so classy! She is one of my favorite women in Virginia! Kirby! :) Cute huh?

So that was day 1...It gets better... Saturday we went to the Stake Women's Conference which was amazing! Brenda came! Kirby wasn't able to and neither was Michelle, but both wanted to attend. It was so cool to see so many women united in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We then went and did some service at RARA and introduced Sister Tobler to Bob ;). We were then able to do some service at Kendal, a nursing home, by wheeling out the elderly people to look at antique cars. I met this adorable old lady named Virginia. She was spunky! I love working around elderly people. They are wonderful! They even had cloggers come and perform! So fun! We drove out to Glasgow next where we were able to see Rob and Heather for a split second! Yay! We then went to dinner at the Scottens. They are a funny couple. Their daughter, Petra, is gorgeous! We stopped  by Sheri Wilcox for a bit and we are excited to see her more. We then saw Michelle Hughes again and showed her the video about the temple in the Ukraine. She is working to help orphans in the Ukraine with special needs. She is wonderful!

Sunday! Brenda came to church! Yay! There is also a deaf woman in the ward who we were able to type for. We were the translators for the speakers in Relief Society and the computer would bring up the words for her to read on her computer screen. Pretty neat! It will definitely help my typing skills! We then tried to see a few people before heading home. On the way home we decided to try this one house and we met a young man named, Highland. He is interested in learning more so we will be teaching him next Sunday! And his 2 roommates! Sweet! We will most likely bring the YSA elders to teach them. We don't teach single young men. :) We then had dinner at Sister Christy's house. She made nachos and we did a little service by doing the dishes. She is a single mom of 5 daughters and is very busy all the time. We didn't do much, but we hope it helped! 

Today we plan to go sightseeing a bit and now that my eyes are finally better, I will be taking and sending pictures next week! haha 

Sister Tobler is 5'4" from Payson, Utah. She did soccer and track in high school so she is helping me run. She taught people how to run so she is giving me tips. She also loves to cook healthy meals and eats healthy! She is such a blessing! We are excited for this transfer and for all that we get to do as missionaries! I get to be a missionary all day! 

That was my week! Pretty exciting! I'm so grateful to be in Lexington. The ward is wonderful and we have one of the best bishops in the mission. I love being able to share the gospel all day! It is the best thing I could be doing! 

I want each of you to know that I love this gospel. I love the joy it brings and the way it truly transforms us. The Atonement is real. I've seen so many blessings in my life because of the restored gospel and I know have so many blessings coming! I know that when we keep our covenants with God, we are blessed! We have peace, joy, and are promised eternal happiness. We may have hard days but they are brief with the knowledge of Heavenly Father's eternal plan for us. He knows each of us individually and our needs. He loves each of His children...and guess are one of His children! I'm so grateful to know who I am. I am a beloved daughter of God! 

I hope all is well. Remember someone in Virginia loves you! :) Have the best week ever! The church is true!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 : The cloggers! Oddly this is the only picture I've taken in the last week!
Picture 2 : My companion! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My beautiful family!!!

How are each of you?! I hope all is well wherever this email finds you! :) 

Just a recap of my eye situation...haha

So, the sty on my left eye has now pretty much disappeared, but I developed one on my right eye on Friday that has just about disappeared. This morning I woke up with two on the lower part of my right eye but after a good prayer, I've decided I'm done with styes. :) They may hurt like the dickens, but that doesn't mean I need to feel the pain. It makes me think of Mosiah 24 where the burden continued to be there, but the Lord made the burdens seem light! He may not take away the trial or burden, but He will provide a way for us to work through it. After that prayer this morning, honestly the sty problem hasn't been a problem! I feel great! I'm not lying! Prayers are answered and this is going to be a great week! I may scare small children, heehee, but I won't be in the pain I was in last week. I know it! haha Honestly, the eye doctor said to not wear makeup for 2 weeks and to continue to have heat compresses on my eyes twice a day. I'm going to follow doctor's orders and the rest of the time, go to work! By being exactly obedient, I can call down miracles and blessings! :)

Exciting news about transfers! I'm staying here! Sister Wahlin is being transferred to Dublin, VA with Sister Packard. She will be her greenie-breaker. My new companion will be Sister Tobler. Cool part is, I was with her when she gave her first Book of Mormon out! I took her out when she first came to the mission. She is hilarious and such a hard worker. She will be a blessing to this area. 

So about the week! 

Wednesday: We were able to go on exchanges with the Lynchburg sisters. I went to Lynchburg with Sister Christensen and Sister Lopp (her trainee) went with Sister Wahlin. It was a great day! We did some tracting, we talked to a lot of great people, and we set goals for both of our areas. I always learn so much from exchanges. I love it!

Thursday: We met up with Sister Wahlin and Lopp at the Lynchburg zone meeting where Sister Wahlin and I had the opportunity to teach about "Invitations to Learn" and having an "eye of faith". We taught about talking to everyone and the doctrine behind it. I love talking to people randomly and being able to bring up the gospel during the conversation. It is a thing I hope to continue to do the rest of my life! I love it! Sister Wahlin and I then drove to Buena Vista to plan the Buena Vista zone meeting with the other zone leaders and planned our teaching portion. Elders Degooyer and Blakely are great zone leaders! We were then able to go to the Hall's home and teach Meme and Bella after a delicious dinner. 

Friday: We had our last zone meeting of the week where Sister Wahlin and I taught a similar portion that we had done in Lynchburg. I love meetings and being able to be a part of them, but by the end, I was ready to go to work and apply all that had been learned! We then went and saw Connie. She is working towards baptism and we hope to help her reach her goal of November 2nd. We were able to teach Mary and she continues to be faith-filled. Truly she is one amazing woman! We then tried to see a few more people and although a few appointments fell through, we knew it was for a reason and we were able to finally contact a less-active man who we'd been trying to see for weeks! We had a great lesson with him about the importance of coming to church. We hope he will come back soon and feel the spirit there.

Saturday: We went to RARA and got to see Bob! He is our favorite! He is everyone's favorite and he saved us a bunch of delicious treats. Good thing we were able to give most of them away. We did our weekly planning (a bit late this week) before heading to the Relief Society activity where they were watching "Gone With the Wind". We weren't going to go because we wouldn't be able to participate, but Connie was going and so we decided to stop by. They had fried chicken and a bunch of southern food and we did our best to focus on helping Connie meet people while not paying attention to the film in the background. Ahh! It was awful! I've never memorized the holes in the wood floor so quickly! haha I must have looked silly trying to help Connie meet people while quoting a movie in my head. :) I was grateful to get out of there before the intermission. :) To end the day, we went to a delicious dinner at Sister Aroygosami's house. She is from India and made us a delicious Indian dinner and even said the next time we come that we could go through her Sari's and have one! She is amazing! It began pouring rain before we left, so the rest of the night we tried to see a few people with little success (and at this point my eye was at its worst).

Sunday: I had a few scared looks at church haha but as soon as I explained that it wasn't pink eye, the ward was soothed. Everyone except Bishop who is an anesthesiologist. He told me that he'd never had a sty look like that and so Monday he made sure to get me into his friend's doctor's office. His friend's name is Dr. Tim Harrison and what is funny is that one night a few weeks ago we'd been out walking and he had been running by and began talking to us. Little did I know that I would be in his eye doctor's office a few weeks later. haha Dr. Tim said that I had 2 stys and 1 cyst near my eye that would all go away within a few weeks and that I needed to have patience but it wasn't pink eye. Thank goodness! Again, I don't want anybody worried, I look worse than I feel! :) I'm loving no makeup and my glasses have become my best friend! :)

Church was wonderful. I always love attending and feeling the spirit there. After church we were able to go eat a late lunch at the Clubb's home and we had a spirit-filled lesson with them. They are wonderful! Oh and a few days ago we had also had an amazing experience with Brother Bria as he shared with us his recent missionary experiences. This ward is full of faith and loves missionary work. It makes being a missionary a blast! After our late lunch, we went to go to see some people but felt impressed to stop at this one house and knock. We met the girl named Elizabeth who lives there and she is very interested in learning more. She is a cop in Lexington and I already love her! She is amazing! She's heard so much anti about the church but knows it isn't true. Yay! We then saw Michelle for a brief second and then stopped by the Markham's. We are going to begin teaching Teresa Markham the "practice lessons". :) Her husband is a member, but she is not and so it will be a great experience for her and us! We then tried a few more people and ended the day on cloud nine! We love Sundays!

Monday: We stopped by the library but then went home because bishop was worried about my eyes. He was sure it wasn't a sty and Sister Wahlin knew I needed to close my eyes. They were pretty painful. We were able to get into the eye doctor and after resting in the morning and going to the eye doctor, I was ready to go to work! We had a few miracles happen Monday night as we went out. We were able to make contact with a couple people we'd been trying to see and we also were able to invite many people to learn! It was wonderful! We also got to eat at one of our favorite places, "Cook Out"! Yummy! It turned out to be a great day. 

Tuesday: We went to our lesson with Elizabeth and ended up teaching her while helping her pull weeds. We met her boyfriend and she said she would try to come to church on Sunday. So cool! We then stopped by Bob's to say goodbye and take pictures. I'll send one. We had a quick lunch before heading to go help Peggy Sheek with her lawn. She loves Sister Wahlin and wanted to have her mow her lawn before she left haha Peggy is hilarious! We love quoting her. We were next able to drive to Glasgow and see Willie and Karen. They are the one's whose trailer burned down. Willie is not a member of the church, but Karen is faithful. Willie has always been against the church and would only allow missionaries sometimes. But because of the fire, he has had a huge change of heart! He said he is going to come to church! He said he's been wrong and couldn't believe how much the church did for him and Karen. Service softens hearts! It was a huge testimony builder to me that as we keep our covenants, even if we have family who may be not in the church, Heavenly Father keeps His covenants to us. Miracles happen! Mom and Dad. When you come to Virginia in June, you will meet Willie and Karen and you will love them! Willie's biscuits have become one of my favorite things from my mission and you will love them too! Yum!

After seeing them we stopped by a few people and ended up going to Wendy's house. She is an interesting lady. Her husband has pioneer roots but has since left the church. They are both Pagan. Interesting right? We don't meet many of those in Virginia. Wendy loves us, but we won't be able to go by much because she is not interested at all in our message. We want to continue to be friends though because Heavenly Father loves them too! :)

There's our week! Interesting right? Meetings, stys, and miracles oh my! :) I love being a missionary. I love sharing the gospel. I love the things I get to learn each day. I love the Book of Mormon! I finished it again for the 5th time since I've been on the mission and my goal is to finish it one more time before I go home. I have plenty of time! :) I want to testify to each of  you that I know this is the true church. I know it is led by God. I know that we have a living prophet and that the Book of Mormon is evidence that God's promises are being fulfilled. I know the gospel changes lives and that hearts are being softened each day. I know my family is forever! I'm so grateful for each blessing in my life. I know prayers are answered daily. I testify that they are! I wish I could express more over an email, but just know this is true! 

I love each of you so much! I hope you have the best week ever! If you ever see a missionary in the store, say hi! It will make their day! ;) 

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Sister Wahlin almost stepped on this lovely snake!

Ready to do the 3-legged race!

Sister Wahlin had eggs on her hands from the egg toss, so Mary was going to throw her in the river!

Picture 1 - Downtown Lexington with this gem. :)
Picture 2 - Sister Wahlin and Bob!

Picture 1 - Willie and Karen! Love them!

Picture 2 - Chocolate pancakes!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The doughnut on a string game! :)

The ward with one of my favorite 12 year olds, Dallin.

Good morning!

What a week! I love being busy, but wow! I hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy!

We started off Monday last week by finding a family with 4 boys! We've been working on building the scouting program in the ward and last Monday evening, we went to an appointment which fell through, so we stopped by another investigator's house and had a great lesson with her and her 7 year old grandson (who acts like he's 17). It was great! We then started walking to our car and as we were walking by this house, the dad waved to us and asked us how we were doing. Of course we jumped on this opportunity and after a compliment to his wife on her cute purple dress, we began talking about the gospel. The husband started off by saying, "Good thing you aren't Mormons!" haha We let him know who we were and immediately he said, "I've never talked to a Mormon before." He then proceeded with a million questions. After we tried to answer a few, he realized that he'd been taught false ideas his entire life and his wife realized it too! Daniel, the dad, grew up Pentecostal and the wife, Kasey, grew up Baptist. They both are not active at the moment and are looking for a church to take their kids to. Their 4 boys are boy scout age and we are so excited to go teach them tonight! Daniel asked us for a Book of Mormon and was so excited to learn more! Miracles! We'd walked down this street a 1000 times before, and they must never have been home! It just wasn't the right time! Heavenly Father truly is in the details! Wow!

On Tuesday we were able to do some time before heading to a teaching appointment with a member. She wanted us to come with her for visiting teaching to a very less-active lady, so that we could meet her. She is the cutest black lady ever! Love her! We then tried to see a few people before doing some tracting. We then went and saw a few other inactive members before heading to dinner at the Clark's home. They are a great family who remind me of the Mullenaux's. So fun! We ended the night by seeing Mary and she is still progressing very well.

Wednesday, we started off with some tracting but then received a text from a former investigator saying that she was wanting to meet. We met her at the church and she still has many questions, but wants to continue learning. Great! We then went and worked on restoring the Paxton House before heading to find some inactive members. The bishop has had us working through the ward list trying to clean up names. We next went to dinner at the Scottens. They are a funny couple, but after dinner we were pulling out of their driveway when their neighbor came out. We talked to her for a bit and she said we could come back! Wonderful! We ended the night at the church tour and then I was able to do some family history! Love it! 

Thursday: Weekly planning! Fun times! We then went and saw Lilian for a bit before heading to see a few other people. We finally made contact with a less-active family who wants to come back to church and also have us teach their 7 year old to prepare him for baptism! Yay! After this we were walking down the street and met this man in a wheelchair named Richard. He's heard some crazy things about Mormons but would like to know the truth. That is one good thing that comes from anti-. I can't believe that people believe some of the things they hear. Crazy! We ended the night by visiting a lady named Mandy. She hasn't been to church since her teens, and said we could stop by anytime! We hope to help her understand the gospel more.

Friday - We went to District Leader Council before going on an exchange with the Rockbridge Sisters. They are doing amazing! It was a blast! I stayed in Lexington with Sister Nielsen. She is from Northern Utah in a town near Logan. We first got to see Mary and do some Personal Progress with her before running into David Early. He is going to be leaving in 2 weeks to go play pro-ball for North Carolina. He and his brother Jeff are trying to eventually make it into the NBA, so keep yours eyes out for them! :) We then went and did some service at this assisted living home. There were 6 women there and I played the piano while we sang hymns for them. The cutest part was when two of them got up and started dancing during "Count Your Many Blessings". So cute! They acted as if we were the best thing they'd ever heard, although I know it was probably just lack of hearing aides. They were adorable though and I can't wait to go back someday to help out again! I couldn't believe I was actually able to play the piano and sing at the same time! So cool! We then stopped by Kirby's house and she said that she's been studying a little about the church since she met us and can't wait to meet with us and ask us some questions. She is the cutest little lady ever! She is going to make us a "home-cooked meal where we can kick our feet up" as she says. :) Amazing! We then had dinner at Kenny's (one of my favorite places here which is free for missionaries) and then we stopped by Rob's house. He was a bit intoxicated when we got there, so we didn't stay long, but he expressed to us how he was wanting to change! He hates where he is right now and is looking for help. We are here! Yay! The gospel changes lives! We ended the night by seeing our cute Jehovah Witness friend (she is a very southern black lady), and a few other great potentials. 

Saturday - We went to our district meeting before heading to the food pantry. Bob is back! He is one of my favorite people in Lexington. I sure love him! He is in his 70s and when he saw us, he tried to give us each a huge hug, but we told him, give us a few months and we would. haha We then went and passed out invites for the ward party before heading to the ward party at the park. It turned out to be a blast! We had games, food, and people! Willie and Karen even came! They are the ones whose house burned down. It was a great event. I will attach pictures. (Oh and I totally won the doughnut on a string contest. Against the children) haha Good times! We then went tracting for the remainder of the night because we were just about out of miles. :)

Sunday - Church was wonderful as always. We were able to teach one of the primary classes and it went well! I enjoy teaching. :) We then tried to see a few people before heading to Linda's. She is the cute lady with the 7 year old grandson. We see a lot of potential in her and hope to help her make it to church soon. We then were able to see Peggy Sheek. She makes me giggle. I love her to death! There are so many amazing people in this area! 

Now for a funny story. Sunday morning we woke up and my eye was a bit swollen. It was just enough to be annoying. Well, Monday morning, I woke up at 2:30 am and walked into the bathroom to see my entire eyelid was pink and swollen, up to the eyebrow! It hurt so bad! It wasn't itchy at all, but just completely swollen! I determined right then that I could either cry, or laugh hysterically about the situation, so I decided it would be better to laugh. (It did look pretty funny.) I then tried to sleep until the alarm went off at 6:20. I turned over to Sister Wahlin and told her something was wrong. We then walked to the bathroom and she gave a little scream. Ya, I was pretty scary haha We then called the mission nurse and she was worried it was pink eye. I didn't think it was because I've had pink eye before and this was a lot different. It wasn't itchy at all, just painful! The mission doctor then called and asked for the symptoms. He determined it was a sty. He told me to watch it and over a bit the swelling would go down. Monday was Labor Day and Sister Wahlin and I were not able to Labor. We turned on a few movies and I just listened. My eye hurt so bad! I know I'm being a baby, but wow! I laughed through it all though! :) It made it hurt a lot less. :) We weren't able to go out because during dinner with the landlord, I tried to see if I could make it out and the entire time my eye was running, and I couldn't really see. We didn't want to scare anyone and so we decided to take it easy. 

Tuesday: We were able to go to MLC! We woke up at 3 and drove to Charleston. The good eye is just about healed! I received a blessing Monday night and it truly made a huge difference! The eye is still swollen, but it doesn't hurt as bad, and the swelling is now only on one corner. Thank goodness! I looked a bit strange that's for sure! MLC was wonderful. I love President and Sister Salisbury! We then drove home and got to eat dinner at Applebee's! 

Today we are going on exchanges with the Lynchburg sisters. I get to go to Lynchburg to work with Sister Christensen! It should be a blast. Sister Wahlin and Sister Lopp will get to teach the family tonight. So lucky! :) 

Sister Wahlin's grandpa passed away on Thursday which has been hard, but she is handling it well. She cried for about 30 minutes after she found out, but then turned to me and said, "I can either have teary-eyes here, or outside, let's go!" Wow! Truly a phenomenal missionary. She is such a great example to me. She keeps on telling me that my eye was a blessing for her, because she needed to stay in Monday night. What a sweetheart! 

That is our crazy week! I can't believe how fast time is flying! Today is my 14 month mark! Whoa! Transfers are next week and so we won't be emailing until next Wednesday. :( I'm pretty sure Sister Wahlin will be transferred which is sad, but I'm excited for her to experience another area. She's been here since April.

We had apartment inspections this morning which was nice. They said we had the cleanest apartment they'd seen! Wow! We also think they will probably be moving us soon. :( We love our apartment, but it is a basement and is very musty. They are most likely going to begin looking for a new place for us to move, but until then, we will continue to love our little home. It is sure cute. :) 

I want all of you to know that I love you so much! I love this gospel and being a missionary! I love being able to talk to each person and see them as a child of God with a divine purpose and plan. Our Heavenly Father loves them and wants them to know the truth. He is helping us in this work and I feel support from both sides of the veil. I know this work is truly being hastened! I love being a part of it! I am grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know the scriptures are true! 

Have the best week ever! Sorry I wasn't able to respond to each email! I will next Wednesday!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - We found it! Sesame Street!
Picture 2- Future home? haha jk