Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello family!

First of all...check out this trailer for the new movie, "Meet the Mormons". 

Okay! Now back to this amazing week! We've seen so many amazing miracles and tender mercies. I'm trying to express how grateful I am for all that has happened. Miracles! Truly! 

It all started last week after emailing. We went to a nature park called, "Boxerwood". It is a place where artists and naturalists have come and on 13 acres of land made a park with every type of tree and really fun structures for students and people to learn about. Sister Tobler and I saw it as a chance to have a fun photo shoot. :) I'll attach some pictures. But, it was truly amazing! I will have to take Mom and Dad there when we come visit in the future! So neat! After P-Day was over, we drove over to Glasgow to get to work. We ended up making contact with a less-active woman and she said we could come back anytime! She is adorable! Sister Long. We then walked down the road and found Stephanie! We thought she had moved and that we wouldn't be able to find her again and she is still interested in learning more! Yay! It was so neat and a great way to start the week! Oh and we received a text from Elizabeth explaining that she was sorry to have missed her appointment on Sunday and wanted to come to the church tour! We set up a time to meet her at the church about 1 hour before the tour so we could teach her. 

Tuesday: We were able to see Olin Bare and introduce Sister Tobler. He then made it to church on Sunday! Yay! We also go to see a few other less-active people and ended the night by heading to the may wonder why we were at the store on a day other than P-Day....Sister Tobler woke up with a terrible cold. She was completely congested and achy all over. We decided to go buy some soup at the store and while we were there we had a miracle happen! We were going up to the check-out with 4 cans of soup and some sushi (I was craving it) when we heard someone call out "sisters!". We excitedly turned around and discovered Sister Hanchett standing behind us. She then profusely for not feeding us regularly. She then told us that she would buy us groceries to make up for the past 4 months! She took us around the store and spent about $100 on food! She even bought us a rotisserie chicken! haha It was so much fun! We've eaten so well/healthy this week! It has been wonderful! 

Wednesday: We went and painted Sister Sheek's deck, or at least half of it. :) She is a funny lady. We then ate a quick lunch before driving to Brenda's lesson. We are trying to figure her out. She loves the church and wants to be a part of it, but we don't know why! She doesn't know anything about it, but loves it! :) haha We are trying to help her gain understanding behind the desire which she already has. It is so much fun! Frankie had been the same way. She just loved the church! She felt the spirit! We then stopped by Linda's home and her son's girlfriend and her neighbor, Linda, both came out and sat in on the lesson. They all 3 want to continue learning! It was so neat! Miracles happen daily! We then headed to a quick dinner before heading to the church to teach Elizabeth. ... One of the best lessons I've ever been in! The spirit was so strong and at the ended we invited her to be baptized on November 16th if she came to know it was true and she said yes! Ahh! It was wonderful! She is the coolest cop ever! :) She then went on the tour and loved it! We have a lesson with her tonight. 

Thursday: Weekly Planning, then it was my turn to get the cold. We both were sick together which was awful! I think there is a rule somewhere where only one companion can get sick at a time. :) No worries, I'm better now, but it was not fun! We tried to see a few people and finally went to the Relief Society House Warming party for the Campbell's. It was wonderful! There was a great turnout. 

Friday: We went to the District Leader Council and had a great discussion about the zone's needs. We then went to lunch at that Pink Cadillac with Joan Harden. She is an inactive member of many years, but loves the members of the church.Oh and fun part, she drove us there in her beautiful Porsche! Yes, we drove to the Pink Cadillac in a Silver Porsche...I could get used to that. We then tried to see a few people before heading to Brenda's again. Sister Bria came with us and we were able to teach her about the Restoration. It was a great lesson! Brenda is so fun! We then stopped by Willie and Karen Campbell's new trailer to check on them and this next week we will be helping them move in. We were then picked up by Sister Reynold's for correlation. Her husband is the Ward Mission leader and so she picks us up on Friday's at 4:30 to go to their house out in the country on Toad Run Lane ;) and we have dinner with correlation. We had pancakes for dinner (Dad, I thought of you!) and the elders ended up having a competition. They both ate 10 pancakes! I stuck to my 3. They weren't as big as your's Dad. :) We then ended the night by stopping by the Henderson's and giving them a copy of the Vocal Point CD. Sister Henderson is quarantined because of her cancer and so we hope that brightens her day. We also got to see Mary with Sister Skinner. Mary is trying to move, her trailer is falling apart and is not safe for the family.

Saturday: We had a fantastic district meeting. Elder Livingston is a phenomenal district leader and we learned so much! There is a new missionary here named Elder Millard and he is just absolutely adorable. He reminds me of a Welch! Yup, when I meet an elder who reminds me of a family member, they are instantly a favorite. :) Elder Millard is being trained by Elder Livingston and they are great team! We then went to RARA and helped out there. Bob invited us to his Catholic church and of course we will go with him. We are going Saturday night. He is hoping we will convert, haha Sure love him! Oh and there were some Baptists working at RARA and he pulled us aside and said, "Go get em'!" haha Bob is hilarious! After lunch we went to Linda's lesson with Sister Bria and we invited Linda and her son's girlfriend, April to be baptized. They aren't 100% sure yet, but when we see them tonight, we hope to help them understand more fully the gospel and what it means to be baptized by the priesthood authority. So fun to be a missionary! We contacted a few referrals and then had a lesson over text with Elizabeth. She was at work (in her cop car) and was reading about salvation and baptism...she had some great questions and each time we answered, she would say, "That makes sense!" Wow! She is amazing! I can't wait to teach her tonight! Hopefully we can begin teaching her boyfriend too! We then had a delicious dinner and got to eat at Cook Out! I was strong and didn't get shake! haha

Sunday: Church was wonderful! We had the primary program and the children did great! I love the primary program! Oh and guess what...conference is in 2 weeks! Yay! It's the most wonderful time of the year! :) After church we went to contact a referral and she is interested in learning more! She is a 82 year old woman who is recovering from a broken hip, but she is living with her son and his wife and so we hope to start teaching all 3! We then had dinner at the bishop's house with a quick correlation meeting after. He is a fantastic bishop! Bishop Huntsman. :) We then quickly drove to see Highland. We were late for our appointment because the meeting went too long and we didn't realize how far he lived, but the good news was, he remembered our meeting! Yay! We have a lesson set up with him on Wednesday and Sunday, so we will never be late again! :) 

That was our week! Pretty cool huh? I love being a missionary! Great things are happening. The work is truly being hastened! I know that this is truly the Lord's work and I'm merely an instrument. I'm so grateful for the things I'm learning and for charity. I've come to gain a strong testimony of the importance of charity in the work. We need to love the people. We need to love our Savior. We need charity just as it states in the scriptures! It is the most important thing to gain! Without it, man is nothing. I testify to that!

I want each of you to know how much I love you. This gospel is true! We are so blessed to have a living prophet on the earth today! Begin preparing to hear his counsel on the 4th!

I hope you all have the most amazing week! 

Sister Herring

P.S. Happy 96th Birthday Grandma! :) I sure love you! Thank you for your example to me of faith, love, and kindness.

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