Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello family!

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the stys are gone, and this is going to be a miraculous transfer! I ended up having 6 stys and let me tell you, I never want them again! Holy cow! Maybe stress was making them worse, even though I didn't feel very stressed I promise!

It has been an amazing few days with Sister Tobler. Truly the work is hastening even more it seems!

On Wednesday after I wrote, we went and were able to teach Mary before heading to the church tour. No one came to the tour, but Connie and Brandon both came to the family history center. Connie loves being at the church, but just hasn't come to church yet! We hope she will soon! We then ended the night by seeing Michelle for a bit to say goodbye. She took us to Sweet Things for ice cream! Yum! Sister Wahlin will definitely be missed. 

Thursday: We woke up at 3 and took Sister Wahlin to the church and I met up with Sister Nielsen and Combs to go work in their area. Their area is about 15 minutes away so not too bad. We had a crazy busy day! They are teaching many amazing people and I had the chance to meet many! I even met a Kevin Herring! Guess I need to do more family history! Speaking of family history, I don't know if you've been reading President Salisbury's letters, but we are to get 1-inch square pictures of our families. Of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents. I'll look on family search, but if you have any at home, please send them! Thank you for your help in this effort. Our mission is trying to use family history more in the work. Thursday night I was able to pick up my new companion, Sister Natalie Tobler, from the church! We stopped by Michelle's and grabbed my scriptures (I'd left in her car) and then came home. 

Friday: Miracle Day! We did some weekly planning before heading to the store for Sister Tobler. We then tried to see Connie who was busy so we stopped by a referral from Brother Wells. The referral was for a lady named Brenda who was very interested in the church. We called her and she said we could come by! Well, when we walk in, she says that she is very interested in learning more and wants to get her future husband, daughter, and sister interested as well! She thought we were there to interview her for baptism! So funny! But she is amazing! She already knows a lot about the church and loves everything she's heard so far. Coolest part is she grew up a Mennonite. Wow! She worked at SVU and loves the church. I'm excited to go and actually teach her on Wednesday! So exciting! If you thought that was a miracle, wait for the rest of the day! We then drove to dinner/correlation with our ward mission leader before heading to try and see Kirby. We went to simply invite her to the Relief Society activity, but when we got there she welcomed us in. She said that she'd been studying all about the church on and that she agreed that of course there would be a prophet on the earth today! She said that she'd read excerpts from the Book of Mormon and was very interested. We then gave her her own copy after convincing her that she didn't need to pay us. She said she was so excited to read it and learn more! She then asked about church and if she would feel comfortable coming as a divorced woman. Of course we said "yes!" We told her how the church has the largest women's organization in the world and she loved that! We are excited for when she comes to church! Wow! An elect lady! Truly I picture the next relief society president. She is so classy! She is one of my favorite women in Virginia! Kirby! :) Cute huh?

So that was day 1...It gets better... Saturday we went to the Stake Women's Conference which was amazing! Brenda came! Kirby wasn't able to and neither was Michelle, but both wanted to attend. It was so cool to see so many women united in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We then went and did some service at RARA and introduced Sister Tobler to Bob ;). We were then able to do some service at Kendal, a nursing home, by wheeling out the elderly people to look at antique cars. I met this adorable old lady named Virginia. She was spunky! I love working around elderly people. They are wonderful! They even had cloggers come and perform! So fun! We drove out to Glasgow next where we were able to see Rob and Heather for a split second! Yay! We then went to dinner at the Scottens. They are a funny couple. Their daughter, Petra, is gorgeous! We stopped  by Sheri Wilcox for a bit and we are excited to see her more. We then saw Michelle Hughes again and showed her the video about the temple in the Ukraine. She is working to help orphans in the Ukraine with special needs. She is wonderful!

Sunday! Brenda came to church! Yay! There is also a deaf woman in the ward who we were able to type for. We were the translators for the speakers in Relief Society and the computer would bring up the words for her to read on her computer screen. Pretty neat! It will definitely help my typing skills! We then tried to see a few people before heading home. On the way home we decided to try this one house and we met a young man named, Highland. He is interested in learning more so we will be teaching him next Sunday! And his 2 roommates! Sweet! We will most likely bring the YSA elders to teach them. We don't teach single young men. :) We then had dinner at Sister Christy's house. She made nachos and we did a little service by doing the dishes. She is a single mom of 5 daughters and is very busy all the time. We didn't do much, but we hope it helped! 

Today we plan to go sightseeing a bit and now that my eyes are finally better, I will be taking and sending pictures next week! haha 

Sister Tobler is 5'4" from Payson, Utah. She did soccer and track in high school so she is helping me run. She taught people how to run so she is giving me tips. She also loves to cook healthy meals and eats healthy! She is such a blessing! We are excited for this transfer and for all that we get to do as missionaries! I get to be a missionary all day! 

That was my week! Pretty exciting! I'm so grateful to be in Lexington. The ward is wonderful and we have one of the best bishops in the mission. I love being able to share the gospel all day! It is the best thing I could be doing! 

I want each of you to know that I love this gospel. I love the joy it brings and the way it truly transforms us. The Atonement is real. I've seen so many blessings in my life because of the restored gospel and I know have so many blessings coming! I know that when we keep our covenants with God, we are blessed! We have peace, joy, and are promised eternal happiness. We may have hard days but they are brief with the knowledge of Heavenly Father's eternal plan for us. He knows each of us individually and our needs. He loves each of His children...and guess are one of His children! I'm so grateful to know who I am. I am a beloved daughter of God! 

I hope all is well. Remember someone in Virginia loves you! :) Have the best week ever! The church is true!

Sister Herring

Picture 1 : The cloggers! Oddly this is the only picture I've taken in the last week!
Picture 2 : My companion! 

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