Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello my beautiful family!!!

What a great week! I love being a missionary!

We started off the week by teaching Elizabeth with Sister Skinner. It was an amazing experience as we began teaching her in the church about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong! Each time we brought up a point that may have differed from Elizabeth's Baptist belief, she would say, "Wow, You are filling in all the gaps! I didn't even realize I was missing pieces!" I felt like I was reading from Preach My Gospel. It was wonderful! She is steadily reading through the Book of Mormon and would have come to church yesterday if she hadn't of worked the night shift before. She is one amazing person. We are going to meet with her tonight and teach about the Word of Wisdom while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Elizabeth also went to volleyball at the church and is making friends with many of the members. It is truly a blessing for us to get to teach her. The gospel "just makes sense!" as she would say. ;) 

Tuesday we were able to go rake hay for Olin Bare. He is a funny man. We did it with the other elders in the ward and it only took 45 minutes! Ya, pretty much amazing. I only got one blister! :) Goodness, I wish everyone could see the beautiful fields around Lexington. They are truly breathtaking! We then tried to see a few people before heading to see Brother Mason with Brother Larsen. Brother Mason has been inactive for most of his life and Brother Larsen is the most faithful home teacher. He is a great example of diligence. We then were able to meet with Gloria! We haven't been able to actually teach her since I've been here, but she is also amazing! She is married to a woman named Susan, yes you read that write. SHE is married to a WOMAN! That will be a small hurdle, but I know that as she comes to know this message is true, she will know what God would want her to do and act upon it. She had the best questions and is truly desiring to know where and what she should do. She is awesome! We hope to help her come to the church tour/church soon! The gospel truly changes lives by helping other come closer to Jesus Christ.

Wednesday: We did weekly planning early because of Specialized Training. We then got to teach Brenda. She is still desiring to come to church with her family, but is working on getting her family involved with the church as well. She is wonderful! We tried to see a few other people...ooh and we ran into our Jehovah Witness friend, Maxine. :) Before going to the Church Tour. I love this tour! I hope it gets started in each church building.

Thursday: Specialized Training!!! And guess what we got to do?! We watched the new movie, "Meet the Mormons"! Yay! It was such a treat! So! Just like the ice water challenge, I'm going to challenge Dad, Mom, Mike, Kim, Kortlynn, Chandon, Madisen, Alexa, Trace, Cody, Rhett, Alysia, Rex, Hannah, Seth, Jack, Sam, Grace, Jared, Bridget, Mason, Brigham, Steven, Kortney, Dallin, Adam, Stephanie, Adysen, Hollen, Lane, Orinda, Matt, Tammy, Gideon, Oliver, Maggie, and whoever else is reading this to see it and invite at least one other person to see it! Can you do that? I'm going to need you to email me back when you do! :) It is wonderful! Very inspiring! 
At the end of the meeting I sadly and oddly had to give my "Departing Testimony". This is something each missionary does before they leave. I guess this was my last Specialized Training before heading home so it was my turn. So sad! It was awful! Especially because I wasn't planning on having to do that until at least November. But now it is done and now I get to get back to work! :) Yay! We then went on exchanges with the sisters in Lynchburg. I went with Sister Lopp who is finishing up training. We met a lot of great people and had some amazing lessons. Sister Lopp is fantastic missionary! I learned so much from her! At the end of the night we had a lesson with a young man who was trying to bash, but we simply bore solemn testimony and at the end I invited him to keep an open mind as he met with the missionaries because otherwise he would never know the truth. heehee A bit bold, but hopefully it will open his mind more. :)

Friday we were able to do some service for this cute lady by washing her truck. We then watch the Restoration DVD and as always the spirit was so strong! Hopefully her heart will continue to soften. We then exchanged back and went to Correlation at the Reynolds before heading to dinner at the Scottens. My favorite part of correlation is when the pancakes come off the griddle. :) Immediately I think of our tradition at home and I love it! My family tradition has now continued to the mission! :) The Scottens dinner was a bit much after having pancakes, but we made it through...I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I hate double dinners! They kill missionaries! haha We are grateful for their kindness though in feeding us.

Saturday we were able to begin by serving at RARA and Bob began telling everyone that we were going to Mass with him. haha Oddly enough one woman then said she would watch conference with us because we were willing to go to church with him. We were able to go to Mass with Bob and his sweet wife Mary Ann. They are adorable! They then took us to dinner at Best Western and Bob is convinced he is converting us. :) We love him! He is an adorable 77 year old. (We talked about temples and eternal families on the way home.) 

We then saw Mary a bit before heading to the Women's Conference! I loved every minute of it! I love the spirit and sisterhood of the church. I love the spirit we feel each time we meet! I love this gospel! It was amazing to go to one church back to ours and the difference felt. I am so grateful for the time of year that it is and that we have a living prophet on the earth today! I'm so grateful for the Relief Society and to be a part of it!

Sunday was Fast Sunday and yet another wonderful day! We tried to see a few people after church with no success, but because we were in that area we met Randall and Uncle Pete. haha They are 2 cute old men who said we could come back and teach them. We also met two Hispanic men who said we could teach their family! Well, the one man's family and his friend said he might come. :) So neat! Next we went to Tanya Hardy's house and she introduced us to her guy friend and wants us to begin teaching him! He is nearly open to learning! It is so exciting! Sister Hardy is such a great example to me! We ended the night at the Markham's home and had a beautiful lesson with them where we talked about eternal families and the priesthood. I've had the theme of eternal families on my mind this past week as I received an email from Benita after she and Alan were sealed in the temple, and Brother and Sister Dorsey wrote me about taking temple classes to prepare to be sealed. The purpose of why we serve missions, why we share the gospel, and why we make these sacrifices has been seen throughout this week! If I hadn't had served this mission, I would never have met these people or had the opportunity to help them have an eternal family! I'm so grateful for this experience. I truly know this is the Lord's church on the earth today with all the restored priesthood power! We are blessed!

I hope you each know how much I love you! I want you to know this church is true! The fullness of the gospel is on the earth! We have a living prophet and get to listen to him and the apostles speak this weekend. Prepare this week to hear and follow their counsel. You will be blessed for each sacrifice and act of preparation! 

I love you! 

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - My cute companion in one of the shops in Lexington
Picture 2 - Sister Lopp and I on exchanges 

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