Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My beautiful family!!!

How are each of you?! I hope all is well wherever this email finds you! :) 

Just a recap of my eye situation...haha

So, the sty on my left eye has now pretty much disappeared, but I developed one on my right eye on Friday that has just about disappeared. This morning I woke up with two on the lower part of my right eye but after a good prayer, I've decided I'm done with styes. :) They may hurt like the dickens, but that doesn't mean I need to feel the pain. It makes me think of Mosiah 24 where the burden continued to be there, but the Lord made the burdens seem light! He may not take away the trial or burden, but He will provide a way for us to work through it. After that prayer this morning, honestly the sty problem hasn't been a problem! I feel great! I'm not lying! Prayers are answered and this is going to be a great week! I may scare small children, heehee, but I won't be in the pain I was in last week. I know it! haha Honestly, the eye doctor said to not wear makeup for 2 weeks and to continue to have heat compresses on my eyes twice a day. I'm going to follow doctor's orders and the rest of the time, go to work! By being exactly obedient, I can call down miracles and blessings! :)

Exciting news about transfers! I'm staying here! Sister Wahlin is being transferred to Dublin, VA with Sister Packard. She will be her greenie-breaker. My new companion will be Sister Tobler. Cool part is, I was with her when she gave her first Book of Mormon out! I took her out when she first came to the mission. She is hilarious and such a hard worker. She will be a blessing to this area. 

So about the week! 

Wednesday: We were able to go on exchanges with the Lynchburg sisters. I went to Lynchburg with Sister Christensen and Sister Lopp (her trainee) went with Sister Wahlin. It was a great day! We did some tracting, we talked to a lot of great people, and we set goals for both of our areas. I always learn so much from exchanges. I love it!

Thursday: We met up with Sister Wahlin and Lopp at the Lynchburg zone meeting where Sister Wahlin and I had the opportunity to teach about "Invitations to Learn" and having an "eye of faith". We taught about talking to everyone and the doctrine behind it. I love talking to people randomly and being able to bring up the gospel during the conversation. It is a thing I hope to continue to do the rest of my life! I love it! Sister Wahlin and I then drove to Buena Vista to plan the Buena Vista zone meeting with the other zone leaders and planned our teaching portion. Elders Degooyer and Blakely are great zone leaders! We were then able to go to the Hall's home and teach Meme and Bella after a delicious dinner. 

Friday: We had our last zone meeting of the week where Sister Wahlin and I taught a similar portion that we had done in Lynchburg. I love meetings and being able to be a part of them, but by the end, I was ready to go to work and apply all that had been learned! We then went and saw Connie. She is working towards baptism and we hope to help her reach her goal of November 2nd. We were able to teach Mary and she continues to be faith-filled. Truly she is one amazing woman! We then tried to see a few more people and although a few appointments fell through, we knew it was for a reason and we were able to finally contact a less-active man who we'd been trying to see for weeks! We had a great lesson with him about the importance of coming to church. We hope he will come back soon and feel the spirit there.

Saturday: We went to RARA and got to see Bob! He is our favorite! He is everyone's favorite and he saved us a bunch of delicious treats. Good thing we were able to give most of them away. We did our weekly planning (a bit late this week) before heading to the Relief Society activity where they were watching "Gone With the Wind". We weren't going to go because we wouldn't be able to participate, but Connie was going and so we decided to stop by. They had fried chicken and a bunch of southern food and we did our best to focus on helping Connie meet people while not paying attention to the film in the background. Ahh! It was awful! I've never memorized the holes in the wood floor so quickly! haha I must have looked silly trying to help Connie meet people while quoting a movie in my head. :) I was grateful to get out of there before the intermission. :) To end the day, we went to a delicious dinner at Sister Aroygosami's house. She is from India and made us a delicious Indian dinner and even said the next time we come that we could go through her Sari's and have one! She is amazing! It began pouring rain before we left, so the rest of the night we tried to see a few people with little success (and at this point my eye was at its worst).

Sunday: I had a few scared looks at church haha but as soon as I explained that it wasn't pink eye, the ward was soothed. Everyone except Bishop who is an anesthesiologist. He told me that he'd never had a sty look like that and so Monday he made sure to get me into his friend's doctor's office. His friend's name is Dr. Tim Harrison and what is funny is that one night a few weeks ago we'd been out walking and he had been running by and began talking to us. Little did I know that I would be in his eye doctor's office a few weeks later. haha Dr. Tim said that I had 2 stys and 1 cyst near my eye that would all go away within a few weeks and that I needed to have patience but it wasn't pink eye. Thank goodness! Again, I don't want anybody worried, I look worse than I feel! :) I'm loving no makeup and my glasses have become my best friend! :)

Church was wonderful. I always love attending and feeling the spirit there. After church we were able to go eat a late lunch at the Clubb's home and we had a spirit-filled lesson with them. They are wonderful! Oh and a few days ago we had also had an amazing experience with Brother Bria as he shared with us his recent missionary experiences. This ward is full of faith and loves missionary work. It makes being a missionary a blast! After our late lunch, we went to go to see some people but felt impressed to stop at this one house and knock. We met the girl named Elizabeth who lives there and she is very interested in learning more. She is a cop in Lexington and I already love her! She is amazing! She's heard so much anti about the church but knows it isn't true. Yay! We then saw Michelle for a brief second and then stopped by the Markham's. We are going to begin teaching Teresa Markham the "practice lessons". :) Her husband is a member, but she is not and so it will be a great experience for her and us! We then tried a few more people and ended the day on cloud nine! We love Sundays!

Monday: We stopped by the library but then went home because bishop was worried about my eyes. He was sure it wasn't a sty and Sister Wahlin knew I needed to close my eyes. They were pretty painful. We were able to get into the eye doctor and after resting in the morning and going to the eye doctor, I was ready to go to work! We had a few miracles happen Monday night as we went out. We were able to make contact with a couple people we'd been trying to see and we also were able to invite many people to learn! It was wonderful! We also got to eat at one of our favorite places, "Cook Out"! Yummy! It turned out to be a great day. 

Tuesday: We went to our lesson with Elizabeth and ended up teaching her while helping her pull weeds. We met her boyfriend and she said she would try to come to church on Sunday. So cool! We then stopped by Bob's to say goodbye and take pictures. I'll send one. We had a quick lunch before heading to go help Peggy Sheek with her lawn. She loves Sister Wahlin and wanted to have her mow her lawn before she left haha Peggy is hilarious! We love quoting her. We were next able to drive to Glasgow and see Willie and Karen. They are the one's whose trailer burned down. Willie is not a member of the church, but Karen is faithful. Willie has always been against the church and would only allow missionaries sometimes. But because of the fire, he has had a huge change of heart! He said he is going to come to church! He said he's been wrong and couldn't believe how much the church did for him and Karen. Service softens hearts! It was a huge testimony builder to me that as we keep our covenants, even if we have family who may be not in the church, Heavenly Father keeps His covenants to us. Miracles happen! Mom and Dad. When you come to Virginia in June, you will meet Willie and Karen and you will love them! Willie's biscuits have become one of my favorite things from my mission and you will love them too! Yum!

After seeing them we stopped by a few people and ended up going to Wendy's house. She is an interesting lady. Her husband has pioneer roots but has since left the church. They are both Pagan. Interesting right? We don't meet many of those in Virginia. Wendy loves us, but we won't be able to go by much because she is not interested at all in our message. We want to continue to be friends though because Heavenly Father loves them too! :)

There's our week! Interesting right? Meetings, stys, and miracles oh my! :) I love being a missionary. I love sharing the gospel. I love the things I get to learn each day. I love the Book of Mormon! I finished it again for the 5th time since I've been on the mission and my goal is to finish it one more time before I go home. I have plenty of time! :) I want to testify to each of  you that I know this is the true church. I know it is led by God. I know that we have a living prophet and that the Book of Mormon is evidence that God's promises are being fulfilled. I know the gospel changes lives and that hearts are being softened each day. I know my family is forever! I'm so grateful for each blessing in my life. I know prayers are answered daily. I testify that they are! I wish I could express more over an email, but just know this is true! 

I love each of you so much! I hope you have the best week ever! If you ever see a missionary in the store, say hi! It will make their day! ;) 

Sister Herring

Picture 1 - Sister Wahlin almost stepped on this lovely snake!

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