Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello my beautiful family!!!

How are you?! How are things in the West?! Life is wonderful here in the beautiful West Virginia Charleston Mission! Last week was truly another miraculous week!

We started off Monday by running night by finishing off our Preparation day due to not really having one. :) 

Tuesday: We drove to an exchange with the sisters in Lynchburg. Sister Freeland and I then drove  back to Lexington to get to work. Ooh and we got to eat lunch at Panera! Truly a bit of heaven. We then went and met up with Brother Wells who referred us to his friend, Randy. Randy is amazing! We then went and visited Linda and she started asking about baptism! Yay! She is beginning to understand authority! We then made a quick trip to Loleta who is developing dementia. We then tried to see a few more people before having to drive home. (We were going to go tracting, but we had no umbrella and a massive rainstorm hit!) It was crazy! We had a quick bite to eat before heading out (with our umbrellas) to do some tracting. We met one man named Josh, who wasn't interested, but he was super nice!

Wednesday: We did a little tracting in Glasgow and met a few nice people, including my Jehovah Witness friend, Maxine. She is a large African-American lady and I love her to death! We then exchanged back (we got Papa Johns) and then Sister Tobler and I drove back to Lexington to go see Randy. We had a lesson with him before the church tour and he is truly amazing! He is the kindest man, he's had a rough past, but he is working to get his life in order. I'm so excited for him. As he was leaving the church tour, in tears, he said "I feel like a weight of 100 pounds has been lifted." Wow! So neat! I love him already! He's working to get baptized on November 9th. We then exchanged with the Rockbridge sisters and Sister Combs came here with me.

Thursday: We were able to do our stake correlation reports before heading to lunch and then to work. We then spent the entire day street contacting and trying to see people. It was a good day to tract and the nice weather was a definite plus! We ended up getting to teach Robbie, who we hadn't seen in months, and we ended the night by teaching Mary. She is doing great still! We then exchanged back!

Friday: We did some mormon.org time, went to District Leader Council, ate lunch, painted Willie and Karen's closet, then drove out to heart attach a recent convert, Meme's, door, before heading over to contact a referral of this woman named Lois Curry who was going to be teaching her Methodist church about the Mormon faith. She was awesome! We then ended the day with some dinner and weekly planning! Good times! 

Saturday: We worked at the food pantry, ate some lunch, finished our weekly planning, then we were able to teach Linda before heading to the Evening session of Stake Conference. It was a wonderful meeting! The spirit was so strong! It ended up being a great day! Oh funny story, at the end of the conference, President Salisbury had to talk to Elder Degooyer's companion, so President asked us to be in a trio with him until he came back. haha Poor Elder Degooyer was so awkward! We were too! There is a reason we have companions. :) 

Sunday: We went to stake conference where we were also able to see President and Sister Salisbury. I love them! We then had a nice lunch of fish, rice, and Sister Tobler's Green Beans. She makes the best green beans! :) We then went and tracted in the rain (a common activity this week). We ate dinner with the Davis's. They always make delicious crepes. We then ended the night by teaching Randy! Have I told you, he looks just like Roger Heap. He is the sweetest man, and I can't wait for him to get baptized!

Today we were able to go as a district to see the Caverns. They are the deepest on the East Coast and were amazing! I'll attach some pictures. Just a wonderful week! Sorry this is not more detailed, but it was wonderful! We got to be missionaries all day! :) We all get to be instruments in the Lord's hands and to do His work at this time. I love it! I love seeing the gospel change lives! We get to teach Elizabeth this week and she is still progressing well. We saw her for a few minutes this week and she was expressing how much she has already seen the Word of Wisdom bless her life. She is amazing!

Well, I'd better be off, but I love you! I hope you all know how much I appreciate the prayers and support. I am so grateful daily for your examples to me. I know that this is the true church on the earth today! I know prayers are answered! I know that we have a prophet who speaks and acts for God. I know that as we put our faith in and follow the prophet, we WILL be blessed! I know my Savior lives!

I love you!

Sister Herring

Pictures: The Caverns!

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