Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello my cute family!

Another great day in the neighborhood! Have I told you lately that I love being a missionary?! Because I do! It truly is the most rewarding, difficult, but amazing experience I've ever had in my entire life! I've never felt so close to my Heavenly Father, and I've never seen so many daily miracles! Things are happening around us each day and sometimes we need to take a second to step back and reflect on those "tender mercies". (Thank you Stephanie!) Here is my tender mercy list/letter for the week!

First off, Wednesday after I finished writing the email for last week, we went and taught Brittany. She is struggling with her faith in Christ, but as I testified to her of what I knew to be true, it hit me how strongly I have come to know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and knows me by name, and I have a Savior who suffered and died for me! What strength and power comes from this simple declaration of truth! Wow! We have so much because of the gospel! We then had a lazy rest of our preparation day before heading to teach Randy the "Stop-Chewing Program". He has already thrown out his coffee, alcohol, and he threw away his chew that night as we handed him the cinnamon gum, juice, and other items he would need to quit. He wants to get baptized on November 9th that he is fighting every urge to chew. It is the hardest thing he's ever done (he's chewed for 51 years) but he is doing it with the help of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! He is such a great example! Wow!

Thursday: Tender Mercies were everywhere! We woke up at 4:00 and went and picked up Sister Nielsen while she waited for her companion. After sleeping for a little bit (until 6:30), we were able to meet with Linda's son, Robert. He is a major alcoholic and has lost his purpose of life. He doesn't realize it, but he is searching! We are teaching and he is changing! From the first time we met him, he started changing. He has cleaned up his garage and when we teach him, he won't smoke, drink, or cuss! Wow! The spirit is so essential to this work and does change lives! He has such potential and we are working hard to help him realize his! We then had a quick lunch before heading to see Willie and Karen. They are great people and are finally back into their new trailer. It looks great! We next met with this girl named Sara, who changed her name to Serafina. She has had a very rough past and has a beautiful array of every color of hair, but now is looking for a better relationship with God. She loves the Mormon church because she feels love and the spirit around them. The lesson with her was wonderful! She is so neat! We then had a great dinner with a family in Buena Vista and visited Larry (Sister Nielsen's investigator) before heading to pick up Sister Williams. She is Sister Nielsen's new companion! Fun times! We then came home and took it easy for the rest of the night because we were both a bit sick. Shhh...don't tell Sister Nielsen. :)

Friday: Sick day...I woke up with a massive cold and Sister Tobler was extremely nauseous so we weren't able to go out, but no worries, we got our area book updated, and were able to work that evening. We went to correlation with Brother Reynolds before heading home. It wore us out sadly! No worries, I'm all better now! Tender Mercy for the day was being able to make it correlation!

Saturday: We worked at the food pantry and got to see Bob!!! I love him! He is every missionary's favorite person. :) We then has a quick lunch before heading to see Pattie. She has some great questions. We then did a lot of walking before heading to see Linda. She had been studying the Restoration pamphlet and had questions about prophets. She knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this is Christ's church. She even said, "I can see the day when everyone is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!" Wow! I love her! She is totally going to be baptized in December! Yay! We then visited with Robert for a bit before heading to dinner. We ended the night with a little walking and reflected once again on the amazing miracles we've been blessed to see.

Sunday: We had some wonderful hours spent at church. Randy came and said that he hasn't had coffee, chew, or alcohol all week! He also was telling people that he was getting baptized next month. :) He is so excited! I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to teach him! We then had lunch with the Clubbs before heading to Glasgow. We did a lot of walking and talking to people but the best part was...the Cowboy Church! We got invited to go to their evening service and just picture this. The preacher was wearing a cowboy hat, boots, we began church with the pledge of allegiance, and then country songs had their words replaced with some words to a hymn and the preacher's wife sang to all 10 people there...oh wait, 12 including us. haha it was awesome! They invited us back anytime and during the sermon, the preacher kept on pointing at us and saying, "These are the Lord's servants! Spreading the good word of God! They've sacrificed to be here! We are all needed to share the word!" hahaha It was awesome! He was practically telling his congregation to listen to us! Wonderful! They gave us a copy of their Cowboy Bible which is now one of my favorite things I've gotten from the mission. I'll show it to you all someday. (Yes, I catch myself saying ya'll...I'm trying to quit). :) But it was just a fun time! The preacher's wife gave us her phone number if we ever needed anything! New friends! :) Let's teach them all! As we were walking around Glasgow we got asked on a date by this guy named Frankie....hmm...not happening, but it was a nice try. We ended the night with dinner and dessert at home where our landlord, Brother Davis, was having his cross-country team from SVU over for dessert. A bunch of young single adults who are Mormon! Yikes! I've never been so awkward! Needless to say, we didn't stay long. :) Awkward!

We are excited for this coming week and the future miracles and tender mercies that will be coming our way! What tender mercies did you see today? We get to go listen to Elder Renlund of the Seventy on Friday (Halloween) and we also get to be missionaries all day! Yay! Ooh! And I found out a lady I'd been teaching in Back Creek got baptized last weekend! Mary Henderson is now a member of the church! I"m so happy!!! Seeds planted aren't wasted! 

This week is full of birthdays! Happy Birthday Chandon!!! Happy Birthday Kortlynn!!! Happy Birthday Steven!!! I love each of you and I'm so grateful to be related to each of you! I hope your birthdays are as wonderful as you are!!! Have the best day ever!!! 

I want you all to know that I love you so much! I'm so grateful for the gospel! I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon! This morning during my studies I was giddy as I read about Zeezrom...I kept on reading and loved reading about Ammon! I love their examples to me! When Zeezrom was healed, he didn't just stand up, he leaped upon his feet! I want to do the same! Have the faith to leap! :) I hope each of you have the most wonderful week! 

Keep on being amazing!
Sister Herring

P.S. I don't know why pictures haven't been happening! I'm going to keep my camera with me all the time this week! There are going to be too many pictures to send next week! :) Sorry! 

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