Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello my dear family!!!

How are you this beautiful Monday? Mike and Kim, I can just picture you being a bit excited for Friday. :) I don't know why?! heehee I'm so excited for your family!!! Ahh!!! I expect pictures next Preparation day! 

So, this week has been wonderful! We've been busy getting Randy ready for baptism, we are going to be moving his date to November 16th for a few reasons, but he will be ready on that date! He is such a sweet man! 

On Monday we were able to see Mary and talk to her about coming to church. She is still solid in her testimony, but she is struggling with coming to church. We are going to continue working with the ward to get her fellow-shippers because that seems to be the main problem. 

Tuesday: We had a district meeting with our new district leader, Elder Shelton. This is his first time being a district leader and he was a bit nervous, but he did great. We then went and saw Elizabeth who is absolutely ready for baptism once she gets married. She is already talking about going to the temple to seal her family together. She loves the gospel and is now working on getting her boyfriend to propose. Exciting! She is such an amazing person! We then tried to see a few people before meeting with James. He is about to go to jail in a month and he said the entire time he is in there he is going to be working to get his life in order. We gave him a Book of Mormon and will teach him a little before he goes. (No worries, we are not in danger.) :) We then taught Randy at the Bria's home about the Restoration and following the prophet. He loves the gospel and is so excited to get baptized! He has had a rough past and is working through some things right now, but he is wonderful! We then had a great dinner before heading to decorate the church building for the ward chili cook-off. We were so excited! 

Wednesday: We were able to do some time before trying to see a few people to invite them to the party. We also got to teach Pattie a bit about the Priesthood before heading to the Church Party. We were even given the privilege of being the costume judges (it was the hardest job!) There were some cute costumes as you will see from the pictures. I will send a few so you can see how hard that decision was. It turned out to be a success though and everyone had an enjoyable time. Randy even came! 

Thursday: We did our lovely weekly planning before meeting with Linda. We saw Linda a few times this week and we have now adopted her as a mission mom. She is so funny! We just need to get her to come to church! Soon hopefully! We had dinner with the Krauts and then ended the night by teaching Randy again. We taught him a few more of the commandments and blessings attached. He knows it is true! He is progressing and loving every minute of learning. Such a great man!

Now for the fun part! We were able to drive to Roanoke on Friday and see Elder and Sister Renlund. They were amazing! We learned all about how to respond to questions, how to help the missionaries we serve, and so much more! I was even privileged to say 2 prayers! haha (I think President Salisbury forgot I'd already said one, but I do as I'm told!) :) We got to meet with Elder and Sister Renlund as the leadership of the mission after the zone conference and get special instructions on leadership. I loved every minute of it! I had a few of the missionaries come up and ask what the mission was going to do after I left. hahaha they make me laugh. :) The mission will be just fine! But, it was a wonderful event and the spirit was felt by each person present. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to go. We ended the night by doing a bit of "Teach and Treating" haha We brought our investigators treats and shared a message with each. It was fun! We even got candy from it , so it was wonderful!

Saturday we were able to go to the Food Pantry, then to lunch with the Rockbridge Sisters. We are working on keeping in better contact with our sisters. We then went to contact some referrals before going to see Linda again and ended the night at Meme and Bella's. Meme hadn't been to church in a while and after this visit, she came to church! It is amazing what fellow-shipping does.

Sunday we had a beautiful Sacrament meeting where I gave my final testimony in church. Yikes! Elizabeth even came which was wonderful. We then ate at the Clubbs and then checked on Randy to see why he didn't make it to church. He had had a rough night and was really stressed, and so we talked to him about church being  the stress reliever. :) He needs to come! And he will from now on. He understands the importance now. :) We also were able to meet a guy named Tom who we are going to begin teaching with his girlfriend. (As you can see, it is rare to find a married couple.) People! Just get married!!! 

Today we are going to be going to do some sight-seeing. And tomorrow I get to go to the Mission Leader Council!!! I think this is my last one which is so sad! I love these meetings. Hopefully I'll get one more. :)

Sorry this is not as detailed a letter. We are running around today, but I hope you all know how much I love you! Kortlynn welcome home!!! Madisen you are now 17!!! Happy Birthday!!! 

I want you to know that I love being a missionary! I love this gospel!  I love the Book of Mormon! I love my life! I love you!

Have the best week!

Sister Herring

Pictures: Cute ward members!

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