Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello my wonderful family!

What a great day to be a missionary! The clouds have arrived, the air is cool, and boots have become my favorite thing to wear! :) It has definitely begun to feel like winter, but I'm loving every minute of it! Because with the cold comes the holidays! People are so much nicer and open to learning during the holidays! :) It is the best time to be a missionary! :) We already get to talk about the gospel all day, but then those that were closed off before become more open when they realize we celebrate this time of year too! No more confusing us for Jehovah Witnesses! :) 

It is beginning to hit me how little time I have left, but don't worry that isn't affecting me work ethic. This area is amazing and so many miracles are happening daily! Just barely as I was beginning the letter home, the lady next to me told me I sounded like I was writing a masterpiece and I told her it was a letter home. That then opened up the door to who I am and my purpose. I was able to invite her to the family history center and who knows what will come from that! Miracles are everywhere! :) 

This week has flown by and it concluded with a beautiful baptismal service for Randy Floyde Hannah Sr. :) It was amazing! But maybe I should start with Monday, right? ;)

Monday night we were able to go to the Hall's for dinner (Brother Hughes has gotten us a meal appointment every day!). While we were there we were able to teach Meme and Bella about Patriarchal Blessings! It was wonderful! I love the Halls and Meme and Bella! They are the first people I met here and some of my favorites!

On Tuesday we were able to see Pattie for a bit then we went and taught Randy with Brother Anderson and Randy was a changed man. His countenance has truly changed over the course of the time we've been meeting. He has a glow now! We then drove the Bria's for dinner and had a great time with them before heading over to the Cowboy church for Bible Study. Imagine this...7 people watching a "Duck Dynasty" version of a Bible Study. Apparently one of their congregation members owns 5 episodes of a Bible Study. We walked in and immediately realized this was their version of a Bible Study and luckily were able to have a great discussion after awkwardly trying to avoid the show about Prayer. The preacher loves us! haha They invited us back for next week and next week we will be inviting them to our church tour. They have become friends and if you are wondering what my mission is like, you can watch Duck Dynasty. That TV show is the West Virginia Charleston Mission, from the clips I heard. haha Such a funny situation! We then drove home and had a conference call with the leadership of the mission which President Salisbury is trying to make a weekly thing.

Wednesday: We did some time before heading to Brother Peter's for lunch. He is the cutest little African American man with great style! Holy cow that man can dress! He is always in 3-piece suits and has the best ties (which he gives to missionaries) Next time we go, I'm getting a picture with him! We then went and met with James. He is awesome! Definitely searching for truth and needs it desperately! When he gets out of jail, he will know where to look! WE then saw Mindy for a brief second who is just a friend for now, but then we went to the Campbells for dinner (biscuits and beef). We did some service for them and Willie told me that I had a special place in his heart. :) He is one of my favorite Virginians. I just wish he would come to church! We then met with Mary for a brief minute before the church tour. Gloria even came! She loved it! Hopefully this inspire a desire within her to continue acting and come to church! 

Thursday: We did some weekly planning, had lunch with the Hughes, and then saw Randy again! He was still doing amazing! He told me he's going to buy me an army jacket to remember him for Christmas. haha (Because he was in the army.) haha Funny man! We then tried to see a few people before heading over to see a less-active and while we were there, we ran into Brother Bria and woman named Tina! She invited us to come teach her and we then knew why all the previous appointments had fallen through. :) We then drove to Buena Vista for interviews and Stake Correlation. Both were wonderful! Sister Salisbury won't be at transfers because her daughter is getting married so we took farewell pictures. It was so sad! But thank goodness President will be there! We then drove to dinner with Amber Clark and Gabby. :) We ended the night practicing a song for Randy's baptism at Bishop's house before talking to Randy about his baptism. He had a few concerns which we were able to resolve. 

Friday: Exchanges! We went to a great district meeting about recognizing the spirit, then we drove to Buena Vista for an exchange. Every time I go there I think of Candace Patterson going to SVU and it makes me so happy! I know Kadee Avila is going there and I hoped to see her, but it didn't happen. :) Small world! I stayed in Buena Vista with Sister Williams and it was wonderful! We were able to see a lady named Susan and have a great discussion with her. It helped me realize how much I love the Book of Mormon! We then tried to see a few people before heading to dinner with Sister Hans. We ended the night playing basketball with some members which of course, I was terrible at, but I tried! There's a reason I was a cheerleader. :)

Saturday: We saw a lady named Bernice who has family who are Herring's and then exchanged back. Oddly enough when we exchanged back, the other sisters weren't there, but one of our investigators was at the church. So we gave her a church tour, then taught her the plan of salvation, and invited her to baptized on December 21st, which she was so excited for! She is awesome! She says she feels she belongs in this church. She does!!! We then had a quick lunch before heading to Randy's to invite him to the Elder's baptism on Saturday night. He agreed to come and then we hurried to dinner at the Kohls. They had a great roast beef dinner (I've had that 4 times this week :) not complaining, just laughing) and it was all delicious! We then hurried to the baptism in Buena Vista and Randy loved it! It calmed his nerves. He then passed his interview which took a load of stress off our backs and we headed home!

Sunday: Church was wonderful! Elizabeth came and the lesson in Sunday School was on baptism! How appropriate! :) We then prepared for Randy's big event after church and Elizabeth kept on talking about her baptism and how excited she was! Yay! It is going to happen! Randy's baptism worked out great! The pianist fell through, so I played, but other than that, it went off perfect! Even our duet turned out! The spirit was felt by each person there and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it! After the baptism we were able to go to dinner with Sister Kraut and Sister Parks. They are both converts and amazing! We then called and welcomed a new sister coming to the mission, a Sister Sorensen, and then headed to the Faulkner's and ended the night at Linda's. It ended up a being a fantastic week! I love being a missionary!

As you can see the work is truly being hastened! Great things are happening and each of us, full-time missionary or not, gets to be a part of it! Each of has an important part in the work of salvation! Whatever you can do right now, whether it be family history, inviting friends to activities, or feeding the missionaries, do it! You will see miracles! I promise you! Read the Book of Mormon! It is truly the book that will bring us closest to our Heavenly Father and our Savior! I love it!

I hope each of you have the best week ever! Remember someone in Virginia loves you! :)

Sister Herring

President and Sister Salisbury (It was cold!)
Randy's Baptism!

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