Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello you beautiful family!

Have I told you lately that I love you? Because I do! This week has been exciting! I'm starting to take more pictures to make sure I don't miss a moment! 

Monday after writing we went and got to take pictures in the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. That was exciting. It was freezing! We then ended the day by going to visit a lady named, Tina Beam. She is a bit crazy, but is searching for truth. She knows a lot about the church, but it wasn't to become ordained a Baptist Preacher. We got to know her and she had some great questions. The good thing I've learned is that when people have questions (that they are trying to bash with,) you simply need to know and testify of the restoration of the gospel. Do you know the Book of Mormon is true? Then this is Christ's church! It is very simple! The Book of Mormon is truly the keystone of our religion. I know without a doubt that it is! I know that Joseph Smith translated it by the Power of God! I know that the gospel has been restored in its fullness! Yay! I love the gospel! :)

Tuesday: We had a great district meeting where we learned about recognizing the spirit then we went on an exchange with Sister Packard and Lopp. Sister Packard came to Lexington with me. :) We got to work visiting people and she is a very bold missionary! We were able to visit a less-active family but then we went to teach Linda and Sister Packard committed her to give up coffee. Holy cow it was an intense but amazing lesson! I loved every minute! We were able to meet a nice man named Michael who was standing outside (rare with how cold it is). He told us to come back! We then had a quick dinner before the call-in conference with President Salisbury. It was a good thing for Sister Packard to be a part of. You always learn so much!

Wednesday: We drove to Lynchburg to exchange back and went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A with all the sisters. It was wonderful! It was also Sister Tobler's 20th birthday! Woohoo! We got the man that worked there to give her flowers! Just by telling him it was her birthday! So nice! I love Chick-Fil-A! We then did a mini-exchange with Sisters Sullivan and Freeland. They have had some interesting things happen so we needed to figure out how to help. Sister Freeland is such a sweetheart! I was glad to go and work with her for a bit. We then drove home and were able to have dinner with the Clubbs. They made Sister Tobler a scavenger hunt for her birthday using scriptures which finally led her to her birthday cake! It was the cutest idea ever! I'm totally doing it for missionary birthdays in the future! We then drove to the church and had a quick lesson with Mary before the church tour. Nobody came sadly, so Brother Hughes did my final interview. He posts it a private Facebook group for me to see when I get home. He is awesome! 

Thursday: We did weekly planning which was epic...We had a great discussion and I had a mini- realization that my mission is ending soon and it was awful! I'm excited to see my family,but I'm really not ready to end my mission. Yikes! I've never felt so many emotions in my life! We then had a cleaning inspection with the senior couple in the area and we passed! haha We weren't worried. :) After the cleaning check we went to contact a referral and we met a nice man named Patrick who told us to come teach him and we are going to begin teaching a family with 4 daughters! So fun! We are excited! We then met with Pattie before heading to dinner. We then had to end the night working on some things for the sisters.

Friday: time! One of my favorite things! If you haven't seen the video of the "Glorious" song on do it! It is amazing! I watched it 4 times! :) We then had a quick lunch before heading over to check on Randy. He'd been sick all week! We then decided that we didn't need to be in Glasgow so we went walking near Lexington and stopped at a Part-Member family's home and they welcomed us in! So exciting! We then went to correlation and had pancakes before heading to help clean up an Orchestra concert at the church where we met a lady named Lisa Clark, who might have us over for Thanksgiving! She loves Mormons and someday will be one! :) We then ended the night at Mae's house and had a great conversation with her! It was a great day!

Saturday: We went to the food pantry for service, but then they realized that was my last time, so Bob, Ellie, and Bob's wife took us out to a fancy restaurant called, "The Livery" for lunch. I got an all vegetable sandwich! Can you believe it mom?! I about died, but it was wonderful! So good! We then went and visited a few people before eating dinner at the Hingsons. They are an extremely wealthy family in the ward whose daughter went to BYU at 14. So cool! The mom is deaf, but that doesn't stop her from anything! They are truly amazing! We then were driving back from Glasgow when I ran over a possum!!! I went my entire mission without running anything over and my last bit I ran over a possum! Yuck! I screamed the whole time (just like that one time, Mom) and then we laughed hysterically. Fun times!

Sunday: Randy, although sick, came and was confirmed! What was neat was Elizabeth came too! She had just gotten off work and was not feeling well, but she came! I love her! She is so awesome! It was Ward conference so it was an especially neat Sunday and the spirit was so strong! After church they had a linger longer which was fun and then we went and visited a few people. We were able to see Pattie and bring Elizabeth some funeral potatoes (her new favorite food). For dinner we ate at Sister Arogyasami's and then ended the day with a nice walk in the rain. It was such a great week! 

Today we will be having a Turkey Bowl with the zone and on Thanksgiving we will be having 3 meals. Yikes! One of the meals, though will be at the head engineer's for X-Box home! We are so excited! This ward is so diverse. We have people who can't read all the way to people who are the New York Times best-sellers! I love it! So many different lives all touched and governed by the same gospel of Jesus Christ! There truly is a place for everyone in this church! 

Tomorrow I get to drive to Charleston for my last MLC (mission leader council) and then Wednesday and Friday are zone meetings. Fun times! This week is packed, but I look forward to every minute of it!

Well, I'd better get going, but remember next week is transfers (I wonder where I'll be going! :)), so I won't be emailing until Wednesday. Jared! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being one of the best brothers-in-law in the world! Rindy and Lane! Happy Anniversary!!! Hope it is wonderful! Keep on being amazing and know that I love each of you! The gospel is true! Share is with everyone! Thank you for all your love and support daily! I truly feel the strength that comes from each prayer! 

I love you!

Sister Herring

Amazing picture haha

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  1. Sorry sister I was not bashing you by asking you questions. Yes I am crazy according to the worlds standards but worldly truths are understood by worldly people & spirtiual truths are understood only by the Holy Spirit that indwells true believers in Christ, John 4:25. Galatians 1:6-9 & 3:1-14